Adam Milstein is Building Bridges in Jewish Communities Through Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is dedicated to forging relationships between various Jewish leaders and building a strong coalition of philanthropists and activists who embrace Jewish traditions. Milstein is a real estate professional that spends most of hit time now running the Milstein Foundation, a charity and active philanthropy non-profit that he and his wife started. This foundation has backed certain traditions such as teaching Hebrew, Jewish culture studies, and other path life impact programs. The Milstein Foundation’s pillars are active philanthropy, path life impact, and philanthropic synergy. Recently, Milstein was listed in the Jerusalem Post’s list of top 50 most influential Jews.

Adam Milstein was raised in Israel by two devoted Jewish patriots. His parents had moved to Israel from Latin America back when it first became a recognized nation-state, and Adam’s father even fought in the first war of independence. His father retired from the military and became a building framer by the time Adam was born, and the job often had young Adam and his family moving. Adam helped in the business when he became older, and then completed his mandatory military duties in the Yom Kippur War, serving in then field commander Ariel Sharon’s unit. After completing his service, he returned home and married Gila Elgrably.

Adam enrolled at the Israeli Institute of Technology, or Technion as it’s known as and completed studies in business and real estate. He worked with his father for several years buying and developing properties around the country. He then decided to get his MBA, so he relocated to the US and completed grad school at USC. He then entered the US real estate market and started working for Hager Pacific Companies. He is now Managing Partner at that company.

Adam and Gila started the family foundation in the year 2000, and Adam has also spoken at many forums and political conferences. Various groups that Adam is involved with include AIPAC, the Israeli-American Council, Stand With Us, Hasbara Fellowships and Israel on Campus Coalition. Adam is also the father of three, and now grandfather of three.

ClassDojo is the Interesting App that Makes Communication Easier

Everyone has a favorite app on their phone or tablet. This is where a large majority of people put information that they need to access frequently. In recent years ClassDojo has become the app that people are going to embrace if they have children in school. It is the application that teachers are going to look forward to when they are interested in building a better line of communication with their students. Lots of people are going to appreciate what this app can do for anyone that wants to share feedback.

ClassDojo has become the application that provides real-time feedback. That means that teachers and parents are able to discuss the progress of the children. Parents do not have to wait until their children received report cards. With the ClassDojo app parents have a chance to stay informed about things like classroom work and special homework assignments. This is good because it gives parents the chance to see the daily progress that their children are making. That guarantees that parents will not have to worry about being blindsided by bad grades. With the ClassDojo app the parents are always up to date on the progress that their children are making.

Another thing that has made this app work is the widespread appeal that it has had in different countries. Right now ClassDojo is an app that is being used in 60 different countries. There are more than 3 million teachers alone that are using this app. When students and teachers are included that will equate to millions of total users. That may be one of the reasons that ClassDojo has become the app that is even praised by Forbes. It has ranked number 99 as one time with Forbes. Everyone doesn’t know about the app yet, but the buzz has circulated quite well.

Coincidentally, there are teachers are going to communicate with other teachers through the app. This is where teachers may get ideas from other teachers about various teaching methods. That can be very helpful because it allows a teacher to use something innovative for their classes. A teacher can use the ClassDojo app to connect with educators at different schools. That is something that has been hard to do, but the app has made it easier. ClassDojo has become the app that is universally accepted. More than 60 countries are using this app to build parent-teacher communities.

Christopher Burch Continues to Inject Millions of Dollars into the Technologically Fashionable Realm

Technology continues to permeate all aspects of modern day living. Today, technology is being infused in the fashion industry. People have even coined the term, ‘technologically fashionable.’ The future of this new industry looks exciting and lucrative. But how did we get here so fast? Well, here’s a brief rundown of the changes and advances rocking this niche.


Boom Box


The narrative sometimes begins in the 1970’s. It was in this era that the boom box got invented. With it, users could walk around listening and enjoying their favorite tracks and radio stations. The device was capable of recording music from any of the in-built twin decks.


Walkman & iPods


A decade later, Hollywood played a crucial role in popularizing the boom box. People were filmed walking around having tons of fun with their gadgets. In the 90’s things got a little bit fancy and the Walkman got released. This device paved the way for the development and the release of the iPod. Each of the other innovations was deemed more fashionable and appealing than the previous ones.


Come the 21st century and fashion and technology are interconnected. Two inventors, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, came up with the Airbag for Cyclists. This is how it works. In the event of an impact, the airbags inflate and cushion the rider from injury. Additionally, the airbag has the advantage of giving the rider an unobstructed view of their premises.


Airbags for Cyclists


Another compelling innovation is the Frontline Gloves. This is designed to be used by the firemen when they go to put out fires. The creators are Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon. It helps the firefighters keep track of each other inside burning towers. The industries help each other to grow. For instance, Google Glasses would never have been as famous as they are today had it not been for the fashion designers who took them to the catwalks in the fashion week galas.


About Christopher Burch


Christopher, 63, is the current CEO and President of Burch Creative Capital. The American entrepreneur has interests in a wide range of businesses. Fashion is one of his passions. Mr.Chris Burch is the co-founder of the Tory Burch, a high-end boutique. He’s a highly revered branding specialist who has helped numerous start-ups make it to the next level of success. To-date, he has sunk well over $50 million in seed money to various companies in the U.S.


Christopher is a published writer. He focuses on technology and fashion and how they relate to each other. He is also involved in charity work. He has worked extensively with the Langone NYU Medical Center to foster empathy, caring, and compassion to those in need.

George Street Photo and Video in Atlanta Makes Your Dreams Come True

Weddings can be some of the most exciting and unforgettable moments of a person’s life. Almost at every wedding, you will find a photographer capturing every special moment. George Street Photo and Video in Atlanta is a great choice for all your video and photography needs on your wedding day. You will have a consultation with the professionals at the George Street team so they can learn all about your wedding day as well as your expectations. You will have the ability to choose your own photographer, which shots you want and upload a Pinterest page of an image of your choice. This is a part of one of the many packages they offer. The George Street Team supports you every step of the way and ensures your day is the most memorable day ever.

Jason Hope: The Transformative Entrepreneur from Arizona

Jason Hope PhilanthropyPassionate about technology and the art of giving back to the society are some of the things that can be used to describe Jason Hope. Jason Hope is a hard worker who has a keen interest in technology and the future.

Jason Hope believes that technology is the future of this world. He takes great pleasure learning about technology and using this knowledge to advise business and the communities about its advantages. This information is relevant and useful to business entrepreneurs on how they can adopt it for their benefits. His keen interest for technology makes him a person who looks into the future and devise ways that which we can make the future look good for us.

Jason Hope’s passion for technology has acted as a platform for his business ventures. Hope works alongside technology oriented companies and individuals giving them insights on how they can tap and maximize profits on the technology. Hope is a great investor and believes in supporting individuals and start up companies who share his dream and passion for technology.

Jason Hope has a huge commitment to the community. He believes in helping the community grow and excel in whatever they do. Mr Hope knows the challenges that young people face in the world of business. With this knowledge, he strives to support them not only financially but also by offering them information and counsel that they can use to develop their ideas and brands.

His philanthropic activities have been experienced and been well received. Having been born and raised in Arizona, Jason believes in giving back to his community. He has participated in several events and pledged millions of money for the well being of the communities. Some of his interests include providing funds that will help the elderly as a way of supporting healthy living. He also provides funds for the local entrepreneurs and businesses who are stuck and need financial help.

Jason Hope (@jasonhope) is a role model to thousands of young people. His ambition and devotion for his businesses and community are admirable. Both the young and the elderly can borrow a leaf from his life. We need more people in the world who want to see change and can actually use their resources and influence to make it happen.

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Kevin Seawright Understands the Sytem

Government plays an intricate role in every community. There are many elements of government that go into the flow of human life. A civilized society has rules and regulations to follow. There are many aspects to having a strong government. Its power can seem overwhelming at times. However, it often takes the strength of an organized system to solve crucial problems.

All government organizations need funding. Managing these funds is a tedious task. Government agencies must ensure that the money entrusted to them is used efficiently and for the purpose intended. Kevin Seawright is a skilled and experienced leader when it comes to managing government agencies.

According to  Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright spent 13 years working in various communities on the East Coast. He was the Fiscal Officer of Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement. While in this position Kevin displayed the expertise needed to lead this organization to a place of financial stability.

He moved on to become Payroll Director of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City, Finance Director of the Homeless Services Division within the Department of Housing and Chief Financial Facilities Officer for the Department of Recreation and Parks. His streak of success with the City of Baltimore would culminate with the appointment to Deputy Chief Operating Officer in the Education Sector.

Kevin held this position for six years. He eventually branched out to Washington DC. Working with Finance and Human Capital at Tito Contractors provided Kevin with new insight about real estate and small business Development.

Kevin Seawright is currently focusing on an exciting new challenge. He has been recently appointed to the leadership team of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. The agency is focused on developing and retaining businesses within the city. They use experience and insight to attract new markets. The organization was founded in 2007.

Kevin continues to inspire with his professionalism and diligent work ethic. He has been committed to community service his entire career. His position at Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is a perfect fit for someone who believes that the government should empower its people.

Mike Baur Is Holding Down Small Business

Mike Baur is a businessman from Switzerland. Mike Baur is a very known well-known entrepreneur, because he is the cofounder and CEO of the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur is an individual that worked in banking for 20 years before starting the company. Baur worked in very known banks such as UBS, and later Baur began investing in different start up companies. He finally decided to invest in his own start up company in 2014. Mike Baur got together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, and they started the Swiss Startup Company in 2004.


Mike Baur is an individual that has a lot of drive, and he is always searching for more in life. Mike Baur was able to go from an apprentice at UBS to an executive board member, and he didn’t stop there. Baur was able to cofound the Swiss Startup Factory when he was only 39 years old. Baur, together with his partners, was able to make the Swiss Startup Factory the number one independent and privately owned early-stage ICT startup accelerator in all of the country.


The Swiss Startup Factory is a company that offers accounting and finance assistance for start up companies and Soul Proprietorship. This company also assists when it comes to financial planning and other financial information for their clients. The Swiss Startup Factory has a team of experts and a large array of services that they can provide. Their services mostly consists of the following: cash flow management, payroll, invoice management, taxes, bookkeeping, and financial reporting. The Swiss Startup Company is an innovative company when it comes to their accelerated financial program for start up companies. They are able to offer their clients coaching, mentoring, and a huge entrepreneurial network that they can use to advance their business.


Mike Baur is not only an individual that excels when it comes to business, but he is also an individual that gives back to his community. Baur invest much of his time with youths in entrepreneurship programs, and he still works to financially support many startup companies in the country of Switzerland. Apart from being the cofounder of the Swiss Startup company, Baur is also the director and cofounder of the Swiss Startup Association. Baur is an individual that has traveled around the world; he was able to get his MBA from the University of Rochester and his executive MBA from the University of Berne.

How Don Ressler is making a Tangible Impact in the Fashion Arena

Don Ressler is a world’s leading fashion entrepreneur, behind numerous successful startups like Intelligent Beauty and its subsidiaries. After selling his first entrepreneurial venture, FitnessHeaven.Com, Ressler entered a partnership deal with Adam Goldenberg, which led to the formation of Alena Media. Ressler’s breakthrough in the fashion world came after the acquisition of Intermix by News Corp. He teamed up with Goldenberg to create and launch a series of prosperous firms.

TechStyle Fashion Group (previously known as JustFab)

TechStyle is an established online subscription fashion store, which stocks selections of handbags, jewelry, denim, handbags, and shoes. Its products and services address the need and fashion preferences of members. Techstyle Fashion Group is the umbrella firm of five service brands, ranging from JustFab, ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, FabKids, to Fab Shoes.

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The funding history of JustFab

In 2011, Matrix Partners, a leading US venture capital company, issued $33 million to TechStyle (formerly called JustFab). In 2012, the online subscription retailer received a record $76 million from a series of other companies such as Rho Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Matrix Partners. The firm managed to recruit new members in Germany, UK, and Canada. In 2013, the Co-CEO and Co-founders of TechStyle (then JustFab), Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, announced that the firm had collected $40 million in its series three of funding to boost its already-fast global growth and venture into new product categories.

In 2014, JustFab closed another major round of financing for $85 million that was headed by Passport Special Opportunity Fund. It comprised of participation from investors such as Shining Capital, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Matrix Partners.

History of Techstyle

TechStyle is a company established on a solid basis of radical objective and communal spirit. Its primary mission is to reshape international fashion business such that it meets the fashion preferences of each client. The firm achieves its mission by incorporating passion and innovation in the design, supply chain, process engineering, culture, personalization, and service. Ressler and Goldenberg launched Techstyle in 2010 under the name, JustFab. Kimora Lee became the Creative Director and President of the firm back in September 2011.

Don Ressler’s contributions to the fashion world

He has yielded more than $1 billion in sales and has helped Internet companies to generate over $100 million in capital. At Intermix, Ressler played a leading role in the creation of core ventures that boosted shareholder value including co-establishing Alena Media and Hydroderm, the recognized skin care brand.

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FreedomPop Has Great Plans As Well As More Great Plans

One of the biggest complaints that many people will have about their wireless carrier is the cost of the services. While FreedomPop is bringing great services to their customers at very reasonable prices, some wireless carriers are raising their prices, which is very unusual, based on the market today. Most people are going for services that are lower in cost, and if a cell phone service provider raises their rates, they may lose their customers. A 2016 review not only is giving all the information about FreedomPop’s great services but their low prices as well.


Since FreedomPop still has the free cell phone service, it’s important to notate that it’s changed a little bit and has a limit of 200 MB of data but unlimited text messages. The data and text message limits have changed recently but has mostly changed for the better. Even with the low data limit of 200 MB, many are still able to stay within this limit each month because they use Wi-Fi service.


Since the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop is usable on any phone, those who want to extend their data usage should utilize FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service, especially since it only costs five dollars per month. FreedomPop has even added a Wi-Fi service plan that only costs five dollars per month, which means calls, text messages, and data can all be sent over Wi-Fi. Another plan that FreedomPop has only costs $10.99 every month and has unlimited phone calls and text messages, and 500 MB of data is also included with the plan. Earning extra data is possible as well when offers are completed for FreedomPop partners.


Anyone who adds a FreedomPop friend can also find themselves getting additional data each month as long as the friend stays a part of the FreedomPop family. There is even an unlimited plan that has everything, including unlimited data for only $19.99, which blows away any competition out there with the same service. Even the Internet service plan that FreedomPop has is great, and not just the five-dollar a month Wi-Fi service plan, but also the portable hotspots that receive 500 MB of free data each month. FreedomPop is always trying to improve their services, which has only gained them more customers.