OneLogin: Migrating To The Cloud

The growth in technology has brought significant changes in how people store data. More companies are opting for the use of cloud environment instead of on-premises to store their information because of the security it presents. However, this transition is not as smooth as people might think. It presents some challenges and companies have to work around these issues.

One major problem affecting businesses is the failure to adhere to security measures when making their cloud transition. Creating a secure transition process will go a long way in keeping any organization’s data safe from online hackers.

In a typical on-premises set up, IT specialists are responsible for managing hardware and not users. Moving to cloud environment robs the IT department any control of the endpoint user. That is why it is necessary for companies to manage their employees’ identity. Doing this will go a long way in helping the IT department.

Organizations need to ensure that they keep track of vital infrastructure during the cloud move. They should ensure that they invest more in employee identification. Being in control of the employees’ identity will allow the firm to keep track of the people using their systems. As a result, it is easier for them to sustain a more secure system.

About OneLogin

Founded in 2009, OneLogin is a cloud-based IAM provider. They seek to provide these services to organizations that are transitioning to the cloud environment. The company founders Thomas Pedersen and Christian Pedersen had experience on the on-demand help desk application, Zendesk. They decided to use this knowledge to start the company in San Francisco.

During their work with Zendesk, the brothers realized that many companies were facing major security issues during their cloud transition. They, therefore, came up with an identity and access management solution. They engineered this solution to help solve the security concerns. It is also user-friendly making it a favorite for many.

The company has managed to go beyond borders and break into the international market. Brad Brooks is the acting Chief Executive Officer, a position he attained in 2017.

Adam Milstein Speaks to Ideamensch on Entrepreneurship

Adam Milstein is an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is an admirable leader who has set himself apart by listening to the needs of those he leads. Among other ventures, philanthropy is close to his heart. He has taken part in many projects geared towards making an influence on the lives of the needy.

Adam Milstein is of Israel-American origin and has had the opportunity to interact with diverse cultures. He is particularly interested in the relationship between Israel and America and has advocated for partnerships in providing aid to the poor. The managing director of Hager Pacific Properties does not shy away from his responsibilities. He executes his duties as a strong believer of creating change and enhancing cohesion among teams he leads.

Adam Milstein believes in being proactive to develop lasting solutions to problems. He does not subscribe to the idea of waiting for fast movers to introduce change but is dedicated to being part of the solution to problems facing businesses and the community. He has invested time and money to developing innovative solutions to problems.

While speaking to Ideamensch, Adam Milstein talks about his principles in running a successful business. Adam Milstein believes in constantly searching for solutions to business challenges. He points out that being in the know is important for businesses to remain afloat. Unlike many managers who believe in setting goals and working towards achieving them, Adam Milstein believes otherwise. He views goal setting as limiting to peak performance. He ascertain that setting goals and objectives can bar great success. Adam also talks about being careful not to adhere to constant criticism since it may discourage one from achieving their dreams.

Born and raised in Israel, Adam went to the United States to pursue his masters and further his education. He got an opportunity to work in the country after graduation and proceeding to start his company. He shares his experience managing a start-up and gives advice to entrepreneurs on what to expect in a new business. Adam has been in the centre of many business challenges which has been a learning experience.

ClassDojo’s Communication Platform Makes School a True Community

While edtech companies aren’t having a bad year like it was in 2016, most of the companies are yet to figure out what exactly works for the education system. That is not to say they are not trying hard to bring forth innovative products. The issue is that most haven’t just had the desire to consult extensively with stakeholders. The consultations which should then inform the companies on the most appropriate technological product to introduce.

Companies like ClassDojo, however, owe their fast growth rate to intensive consultation with all stakeholders. ClassDojo’s co-founders Mr. Sam Chaudhary spent a huge amount of time during the development of the communication platform having logical conversations with teachers, parents, and students. Having listened from the start, ClassDojo has now succeeded in establishing a community of connected persons whose activities are related.

ClassDojo’s communication platform allows teachers to schedule daily activities as part of their teaching plan. The schedule is made known to the parent and the student via the communication platform. Teachers can also opt to update parents on the exact progress of the student by taking photos or videos detailing the participation of students in activities. This allows the parent to be part of the activities at school.

ClassDojo literally allows the parents to guide the development of their child, provide the necessary support for activities kids are engaged and take note of the progress of student as it occurs. The creation of a positive culture in the school environment has seen many schools adopt the technology as soon as they can.

ClassDojo’s communication platform is now in use in more than eighty-five thousand schools across the United States. To be precise 90% of K-8 school districts are using the platform. The communication platform has also transcended boundaries and is now being used in more than hundred and eight other countries. That is as much as all countries recognized by the United Nations.

ClassDojo now has shifted focus to ensure that as many teachers as possible are using the platform to communicate the progress of students to their parents. Ensuring the safety of data is also of paramount concern since privacy is major when children are concerned.

Benefits of Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water is changing the game in the bottled water industry. This article explains how most plastic bottles end up in our waters and how countries like China and Thailand are some of the biggest contributors to the problem. Over millions of plastic bottles are being dumped in our oceans all year. The author even joked about how they do not want to fight through millions of plastic bottles when they go swimming in the ocean and would rather stick to fighting sharks and jellyfish because they belong there. Even though the article listed Asian countries for dumping around 60% of plastic bottles in the ocean, the author also explained that the United States is not off the hook. Through a study they found that the U.S only recycled 23% of their plastic bottles last year and the rest is sitting in a landfill somewhere. But what did any of this have to do with the Waiakea Water company? The article was glad to explain that this fairly new bottled water company is providing us with water bottles that can help the environment and not hurt it. The article goes on to explain about the many traits that set Waiakea Water apart from other companies. Visit to know more.

The Waiakea Water is a bottled water company which introduced a new water filtering technique to the world. Since, they are based in Hawaii, they use a volcanic rock filtering system with thousands of porous rocks that filter the water. The water bottles are completely biodegradable and can return to the Earth within 15 years where other bottles takes centuries. They use environment friendly vehicle to transport their bottles of water which emits less fumes in the air. They have been name one of the fastest growing companies in America.

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The founder of Waiakea Waters was only 22 years old when he came up with the idea of a newly filtered water company. His family has access to one of the longest running volcanoes in history, the Mauna Loa volcano. The water comes from rain or snow water the accumulates at the top of the volcano and passes through around 14,000 feet of volcanic rock and through this process gets combined with different types of minerals that are beneficial to humans. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.

Creativity of the TechStyle has kept them to always be in fashion

Three things are expanding on a daily basis, and that’s technology, e-commerce, and fashion. In 2016, it reached a total of $72 billion, and that’s the retail e-commerce, and it’s believed that by the time 2021 reaches it will have totaled to $116 billion. Legacy and startup have tried there level best to change the trend, and they have been attempting to market their products on social media. One company that has worked its level best to be successful when it comes to the online marketing is the TechStyle fashion group, that’s run by the co-CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.

In 2010, that’s was when the JustFab launched the footwear, and those people that had subscribed to the VIP monthly subscription got a 30 percent discount. Also, they received exclusive access to some of the products, and they could have the free shipping. The discount and the free things made the company attract more than six million more new members. In the quarter of 2012, they had sold more than 2.5 million of shoes. In the next four years, it expanded to more than six countries, and that’s when it launched the Fabletics with the help of Kate Hudson. In 206, it had to rename the company so that the name could say more about the company and it was renamed to TechStyle.

Don Ressler is recognized as the co-founder and also the co-CEO of the TechStyle. He has been in business for long, and he has been responsible for the success of so many companies. In 1997, he sold his own business the FitnessHeaven to the MySpace. He was the CEO of the FitnessHeaven before he joined intermix, where he served as the spearhead for some of the essential ventures of the company, and it leads to the increase of the shareholder value. That helped the company so much to sell to News Corp, to a total of more than $670 million.

By the age of 13, that’s when it was the start of a 20-year career of Adam Goldenberg. He is the co-CEO and co-founder of the TechStyle too. The first job that he managed was the one that he started an online bulletin board that he could later change to a gaming website. By the time he was 17 years he had sold the gamer’s alliance to the MySpace. Despite being young he was offered a full- time job at intermix, and by the time he was 19 years he was given the position of the COO. And that has made him be the youngest COO in history.

Gaining Financial Independence with Logan Stout’s IDLife

The recent economic downtime has sent people nuts as to whether they should consider the traditional employment as the main source of living or seek advanced techniques in the end. This is a question that has been answered by most people where they go forward to seek advanced tools to create an economic capability for their individual needs. Most people have now left their comfort zones to seek better education towards making ends meet in the industry. One of the few things people have realized that working for forty hours a week at a company will never give you the best source of financial freedom in this era.

While there are more opportunities available today than any other day in the past, the population is also increasingly growing at an alarming rate. This means that the increasing population takes the opportunities growing at the same rate. It is also growing difficult to navigate through the sea of numerous opportunities that require adequate learning and professionalism to qualify. One of the easiest and most effective ways to motivate people is to make them run through the stability forum created by IDLife Company.

IDLife Company is a firm that was created to help its clients achieve the highest levels of nutrition to assist them to advance into better business platforms. For you to succeed in business, you must always be of sound mind. This means that you are in the best health condition to achieve financial stability. People who engage in physical work to create money must also seek to make their bodies fit for the work. A healthy body has the capability of creating three times the amount of effort generated from a weak body. This is one of the few fundamentals elevated by IDLife for the past few years.

IDLife is a company that has always worked towards helping its clients generate a greater health and nutritional capability. This action provides actionable provisions that will achieve the most sophisticated business entity. IDLife also makes it easier to supplement your eating choices so that your body can acquire enough nutrition for proper functioning. If you are looking towards better nutrition, you will never end up in dismay if you don’t actuate your physical value. IDLife also understands that two people are never the same when it comes to health issues. For this reason, they will develop a calculated supplement fit for your situation.

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