The RealReal Way To Buy and Sell Designer Luxury

Beginning from her kitchen table, to becoming the premier spot for online luxury consignment, CEO Julie Wainwright is an entrepreneur with not only strong business sense, but luxury sense as well. This combination has led to over 800 employees, along with multiple locations across the US that ship product worldwide.

Celebrating artists, designers and appreciating quality craftsmanship, The RealReal has become the industry leader in authenticated luxury consignment. Offering the largest selection of pre-owned luxury items from designers such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Rolex, Cartier, just to name a few, consignors receive 60% of the sale price to start, and have opportunity to increase from there. Believing in the lifecycle of luxury, understanding that sharing designer items is all about recognizing the beauty and giving someone else an opportunity to enjoy it, is what this company is all about.

Their dedication to their customers and consignors, their consistent strategic planning to grow and innovate truly shows how passionate they are about sharing the designer experience. Landing a phenomenal $50 million in growth funding afforded them the opportunity to open a brick and mortar store in New York, after seeing the success of a pop-up store in New York’s Soho neighborhood. The pop-up store generated over $2 million in revenue, and most of the customers were new to the company. Before the temporary store, some had never heard of The RealReal, and some of those that had, did not fully understand the true quality and authenticity of the product line. With the ability to physically see the designer luxury, and with the obvious customer success, a plan for a permanent brick and mortar was set in motion.

Attributing much of their success to focusing on the designer luxury market, there is a very large emphasis on authentication. Every customer can be assured they are walking in style with a genuine article whether purchased online, or within the physical, New York, brick and mortar store.

The RealReal is a genuine luxury leader. Their passion, their love for the luxury world along with the customers and cosigners has proven to be unsurpassable.

Sahm Adrangi: Investor and Activist

Sahm Adrangi keeps making headlines for investing against bad business with his company Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. The hedge funder is what is known as an activist or value investor, which is essentially an investor who uses his resources to make a difference and turn a profit. Read more at about Sahm Adrangi.

While very recently making waves by bringing to light 2 medications that were in development that he had anticipated would only be as effective as placebos in the latter part of 2017, Sahm Adrangi has also made news in 2011 for crippling Chinese companies that used reverse mergers to become listed in the United States. A reverse merger is considered dubious by many and is the practice of trading stocks with a failing company based in the United States to essentially force a foreign company onto the US stock exchange.

While Sahm Adrangi was not the only investor betting against these more than 400 companies in this morally ambiguous practice, he was one of the youngest at under 30 and he managed to make millions from it.

His actions also caused some of the companies to face enforcement action as well as the resignment of several top-level executives and auditors fearful of legal consequences. This included a Chinese education center with no desks for students and a website that supposedly brought in millions of revenue that was less than functional known as the China Education Alliance. After Sahm Adrangi sent his own investigators with Kerrisdale and made his findings public, their stock dropped from $150 million to $25 million. Follow Sahm Adrangi on

Sahm Adrangi was born in Iran to an Engineer father who immigrated to California when Sahm was only 5 years old. From there they relocated to Vancouver where his father founded a fencing company. While originally an avid protestor and aspiring journalist, the 2003 Yale University Graduate and columnist for the Yale Daily News became disappointed in the protest culture that surrounded him that tried to force their entire ideal set onto him and others with an essentially all or nothing attitude. Sahm Adrangi worked as an analyst before founding Kerrisdale Capital Mangement LLC in April of 2009.


How Jim Larkin Paved The Way For Workers’ Rights

The ability for workers to have any rights in the workplace was not always a reality. In fact, only a hundred years ago, workers could be expected to work long hours with low pay in dangerous conditions that could lead to death. Thanks to the work of one union organizer, people can now demand better pay and reasonable work hours without fear of losing their jobs. That union organizer, Jim Larkin, has helped hundreds of millions of people earn a better living in the 20th and 21st century.

Jim Larkin’s story began in the United Kingdom where he worked as a foreman in the Liverpool docks. Mr. Larkin was an active union organizer and a committed Socialist who wanted better conditions for himself and his workers.

However, his method of union organizing so disturbed his union bosses that he was transferred to Ireland so as to cause less trouble. Well, the exact opposite happened.

While in Dublin, Jim Larkin decided to organize a national union and in 1907, Mr. Larkin help create the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union.

Later on, Mr. Larkin created the Irish Labour Party with the goal of organizing every single worker in Ireland. With enough workers under one party, Jim Larkin was able to organize a number of national strikes, leading up to the 1913 Dublin Lockout which involved over 100,000 workers.

After the Dublin Lockout, Jim Larkin was able to win fair employment for all workers in Ireland. This groundbreaking deal helped propel Jim Larkin into the ranks of legends in the world of labor organizers. Today, Mr. Larkin is known as one of the great worker organizers in history.

Workers around the world enjoy many benefits from minimum wage to guaranteed overtime pay and even vacation and sick pay. None of these benefits would have been possible if it were not for the efforts of Jim Larkin.

As more and more people enter the global workforce, they all have a debt to pay for the hard work done by one early 20th-century dock worker who refused to work for the status quo.

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