Brown Modeling Agency & How It’s Setting New Standards in The Modeling Industry

The world of professional modeling is more than just posing in front of the camera. This business is an actual industry that brings in billions on an annual basis. Just about every major American city has at least one modeling agency. The state of Texas is no exception to the rule as it hosts one of the hottest agencies in the South. Brown Agency has put the city of Austin, Texas, on the map. In more ways than one, it has brought a bit of glitz-and-glamour to Central Texas. For expanding the business, Founder Justin Brown has been able to open another office under the (BMA) label in the city of Dallas.

Brown Modeling Agency can cater to your every need if you’re in need of supreme talent. Being a full-service agency, the company can produce talent that works all across the board. Runway, catalogue, print, conventions, corporate events, industrial video, fashion, film, voiceover, television and other fields are all being covered here. One of the agency’s best attributes is its diversity. Brown Modeling Agency is definitely a 21st century agency to the highest degree. There are up to 450 well-groomed individuals that represents the agency and many of the talent has scored projects with numerous high-level brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Bing, L’Oréal, Landshark Beer, Dodge, HBO, Bing, TNT Network, Holiday Inn and many more. The sky is literally the limit with this eclectic mix of people. Justin Brown has laid the blueprint of success for modern-day modeling, and his resume displays this notion to the fullest.


The company’s website is loaded with a ton of informative information. Aspiring professionals will also get tips and techniques on how to navigate the modeling world in general. Aspiring individuals will also have a chance to send in their photos for evaluation. It doesn’t get any better than this, and it doesn’t get much easier than this. Brown Modeling Agency is setting the trends of today’s contemporary world despite being in a smaller market and that speaks volumes. You can visit their Instagram page.




Passion Fashion: Academy of Art University

Founded as the Academy of Advertising Art by Richard S. Stephens in 1929, The Academy of Art University is a privately owned for-profit art school, located in San Francisco, California. Having 283 full-time instructors, 1154 part-time teaching staff, and approximately 12,600 students, it is claimed to be the largest privately owned art and design school in the country.

On September 9, 2017 at Skylight Clarkson Square, the School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University held it’s much anticipated, 21st runway showcase. Every season is different- this season, with two collaborations amongst them, BFA and MFA graduates debuted five womenswear and two menswear collections.

From mainland China, all the way to coastal Maine, the ideas, creativity, and craftsmanship techniques most definitely kept the audience’s attention, including Ms. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model. Sara Kozlowski, Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA, was also there.

One of the fashionist’s, from Qing Dao, China and MFA Fashion Design, Hailun Zhou took photographs for a creative concept class, which lead to inspire her for the fashion show. She implemented vinyl, PVC, and fabrics she created, into her showcase. Hailun was selected for the CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase.

Eden Slezin, who is in MFA Fashion Design, was influenced by his “life and loves” admiration for vintage denim. In his fashion, he implemented extra fabrics from Amour Vert and recycled rubber bike tubes to support sustainability in fashion, extra fabrics from Amour Vert, and organic denim that was donated from Cone Denim.

The Academy of Art University are firm believers in students who are interested in studying art and design, should have every possibility to, and it’s no-barrier admissions policy allows just that. The well proclaimed University welcomes students from all over the world for their 30 programs and multiple degree levels.


Dr. Mark Holterman And His Support Of The Global Medical World

Dr. Mark Holterman is a well know pediatric professor and surgeon in the Chicago area. He is well versed in many different forms of surgery and is a big supporter of innovative technology including stem cell research. Holterman also has a strong passion for charity work and helping kids that otherwise may live in pain and have a host of medical problems.


Who Is Mark Holterman?

Mark Holterman is a surgeon who grew up in Wisconsin. He grew up on a farm and when he was a teenager, he worked for his father in his father’s construction business. He graduated from high school in 1976 and went on to Yale. After four years, he graduated from Yale and went to the Virginia School of Medicine. While he was at school, romance bloomed, and he met his wife. She decided to go on to the same career path. A move to Seattle, allowed Dr. Holterman to finish his pediatric surgery fellowship. The family then moved to Canada where Dr. Mark Holterman studied immunology research. They later moved to Chicago and began their work there.


Improving Pediatric Care

Dr. Mark Holterman has a strong passion to help children. He works hard to ensure that every child he treats is healthy and he wants to spread that health to all over the world. He believes that children should receive the best care possible and one of those treatments is stem cells. Stem cells are shown to help the body heal quickly and can be a great treatment for many different diseases. Holterman hopes to make stem cells available for every single child everywhere in the world.

Dr. Mark Holterman has helped make stem cell research on the forefront by helping to fund the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies. He co-founded this nonprofit organization and has helped to get doctors all over the world to help. He also helped to form the IPSAC-VN. This is a group of pediatric doctors who go to Vietnam and help the children there that are suffering from various ailments. The surgeries provided by this organization are free of charge. They also help to bring Vietnamese doctors over to the United States to help train them better.

Dr. Holterman also helped to create Mariam Global Health. This business helps to help businesses in the medical technology world to get off their feet. He helps a business by seeing if the technology will help the world. If it does, Holterman will recommend it to Mariam Global Health which will them help to build the technology if they think it is feasible (

Dr. Mark Holterman is helping change the world as we know it. The medical field will be vastly improved by these few companies and Holterman.


Motivational Speaker Vijay Eswaran Asserts that Some Matters of Life Should Never Change

Inspirational motivational speaker and entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran asserts that some matters of life should never change in spite of the environment or circumstances that exist. Vijay Eswaran has established a high level of success as Founder and Executive Chairman of QI Group of Companies that specialize in direct selling, retail, real estate, education, and hospitality industries in more than 30 countries around the world.

He is also a best-selling author of the book and titled ‘In the Sphere of Silence’. Vijay Eswaran has developed over an illustrious career the intellectual prowess to articulately express some of the deeper thoughts of society and business. In fact, he asserts that in life some matters should never be changed from one’s youth into adulthood. The love one has in the heart that is expressed in goodwill traits that are universally found in kids and adults should never change.

Doing the right thing just because it’s good in spite of the opposition requires strength of character and a willingness to avoid negative changes. Change is a good thing if the change is made to bring about a positive result or accomplishment of one’s goals. However, some changes that lead to dishonesty and a disrespect for others should be avoided at all costs. In business, dishonesty and other negative character flaws can perpetuate a disrespectful environment with dishonesty disloyalty and a lack of trust.

By adhering to the basics of honesty and decency most learned from youth from those childlike lessons of doing the right thing and dealing in a positive and right way success can be achieved. In fact, today’s society has become very pessimistic and disloyal in a lot of ways. Vijay Eswaran has established himself as an inspirational motivational speaker and entrepreneur in his life by doing the right thing because it’s good and asserts that those matters in life should never be changed.

Malcolm Casselle Believes that Gaming Will Drive Innovation in Cryptocurrency

OPSkins, a leader in the sales of “skins,” a form of virtual assets within games, is already heavily involved in cryptocurrency. Today it is the bitcoin merchant with the largest sales in the world.

There is good reason for this. The customers of OPSkins can be anywhere on the globe and frequently trade with other customers across borders. Doing this with traditional centralized currencies is not very efficient or convenient.

But OPSkins is going further than that. It’s launched a new cryptocurrency, known as WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange) that is intended to solve two big problems that markets in virtual assets have.

One problem is fragmentation. Much asset trading is done on local and regional marketplaces, with these marketplaces restricted to their own areas because of difficulties caused by language, security, and payment processing issues. These issues require a blockchain solution.

The other problem is fraud, which is endemic with virtual assets. Problems such as the incomplete receipt of assets also require a blockchain solution.

CasSelle’s launch of the WAX blockchain virtual currency will solve both of these problems, with the needs of gaming for blockchain’s capabilities driving innovation in these kinds of currencies.

WAX is a decentralized platform that provides the capability of payment processing with high security. It makes use of “WAX Tokens,” that allow virtual assets to be exchanged for cryptocurrency.

Malcolm CasSelle is President of WAX, and the CIO of OPSkins. He was formerly CTO and President of New Ventures of tronc (previously Tribune Publishing), and has been involved in leading many startups in the digital media, social media, and e-commerce industries. He has invested in Facebook and Zynga as well as blockchain and big data companies. Mr. CasSelle has degrees in Computer Science from Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

CasSelle became CEO in 2012 of Xfire, an instant messaging network for game players that was also a game server browser.


Agora Financial, Teaching The Essentials of Retirement Planning

Agora Financial uses the example of Bob, a dentist to illustrate the benefits of learning how to build and maintain financial resources for retirement. The company is a financial publishing innovator, which has helped over 1 million readers learn critical investing skills. Skills are taught using free newsletters and other publications. Subject titles include: how to create a 42 day retirement plan, hot money trader, weekly wealth alert, and family wealth circle, dollar trade club and how to create infinite income. As the video points out, Bob wants to retire, but isn’t sure if he’ll have enough income for a comfortable lifestyle. This is where Agora Financial comes in; they offer online publications that can help Bob and others like him prosper in retirement with investment planning. Those new to investing can become members and choose from ample publication topics or they can attend webinars, conferences, investment symposiums and featured seminars with reports such as, “The Seven Figure Formula.”

These are members only events taught by trained, experienced financial experts. With a series of dedicated newsletters and other written material, Agora Financial introduces readers to investing by deepening their knowledge. Knowledge is provided with an in-depth explanation about how to take advantage of hidden markets. The Agora Financial analysts often predict fast growing stock first. When mass media was steadfast in their coverage of falling gold prices and suggesting that investors dump their investments, Agora Financial analysts said, not so fast. The advice turned out to be invaluable as gold rebounded, despite economic decline and a weakening dollar. Analysts go beyond the typical talk and offer fascinating investment and trading information.The dedicated publication topics, give members needed direction, so that may tap into hidden financial markets.

These markets are a good way to increase the assets and resources needed for retirement. The stock market can be savage to those who are unprepared. However, reading Agora Financial publications provides a stronghold, a proven advantage, because there’s a great deal of serious discussion about ways to achieve the greatest stock gains. Access to publications is designed to provide anytime learning, and the free newsletters are packed with vital information, based on real world stocks. In addition to the publications, Agora Financial’s Twitter page provides daily tips via posts. Reading the feed can help those who want to build a nest egg for the future. And on the website, there’s an assembled team of editors, each writes multiple newsletters, based on their area of expertise. Members can simply click on an editor’s name to see which publications they have written. The editors discuss various aspects of investing. Each online publication provides invaluable investment strategies, all without the inconvenience of homework or tests.

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Glen Wakeman, A Highly Experienced Executive, CEO, and Mentor

Glen Wakeman is a man with an impressive resume. He has traveled the world, working in 32 international locations during his 20+ year career with GE Capital. Aside from being the co-founder and CEO of Launchpad Holdings, LLC, Glen Wakeman is also a writer, mentor, and entrepreneur.

Mr. Wakeman attended The University of Scraton where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance. He went on to earn an MBA from The University of Chicago. After graduation, Mr. Wakeman held a position with GE Capital for over 20 years where he was responsible for business and leadership development, mergers and acquisitions, international growth and more (Blogwebpedia). During this time, he held several positions with the company. Some of his titles have included General Director of GE Capital, Global Insurance Ventures and Director of Business Development at GE Money. His last position with GE Capital was as CEO of GE Money Latin America. Glen Wakeman had an impressive run during this time. He expanded the division to a nine-country operation. Mr. Wakeman created numerous profitable partnerships and secured contracts that lead the company to over $2 billion in revenue.


Successful Career of Glen Wakeman

After a successful career with GE Capital, Glen Wakeman returned to the United States to launch a new company, Launchpad Holdings LLC. This is a sort of online incubator for new start ups. Mr. Wakeman is a man that is inspired by ideas, and wanted to be able to give budding entrepreneurs a chance at turning their ideas into reality. Through his company, he developed Launchpad Toolkit, an online interactive software that allows new entrepreneurs to organize their ideas into solid, workable plans. He is also the founder and President of Nova Four, a company that compliments the Launchpad Toolkit. Nova Four provides business advice and access to capital for budding entrepreneurs. Glen Wakeman’s two companies, together, is a great platform to enable new entrepreneurs to put their ideas into action.


Chris Linkas – Investments Done Right

Chris Linkas 2Chris Linkas can be considered a role model to those young people who are ready to plan for their future by investing their money to receive a great return over the years. While many young people may not think it is time to start investing now, it is the best time because it gives them more years for their money to increase over their lifespan. Of Course, money compounded for 20 years would yield a significantly greater return than money compounded over 10 years. Many people may not know where to start when it comes to investing but there are various places and ways to invest. For example, Chris Linkas has been a major investor in the UK and Euro regions to include Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, and so many more. Several areas that he works in include corporate loans and securities, real estate, asset-backed investments and commercial investments.


Investment at a Young  Age

Like Chris, young people today especially those in the 20 somethings should start thinking of ways to make money for their easy retirement. Some of the best ways to invest with very little risk include bonds and CDs. Many of today’s society is tech savvy and can easily learn to invest and actually do investments in the palm of their hands. There are countless apps and trading platforms, and even social media sites that can help any young person gain experience and learn as they start a small investment portfolio. Now, some may be a little weary when it comes to investing as they may feel like they do not know what they are doing. However, starting at such a young age, gives each person time to make some mistakes, learn from them and over time they can increase their bottom line with either dividend, stocks or bonds, real estate or any other form of investment (Spoke).

While everyone won’t become the head of investment firms like Chris Linkas, they can all still find ways to increase money by investing and planning for their future rather than just taking whatever life throws at you.


The RealReal Way To Buy and Sell Designer Luxury

Beginning from her kitchen table, to becoming the premier spot for online luxury consignment, CEO Julie Wainwright is an entrepreneur with not only strong business sense, but luxury sense as well. This combination has led to over 800 employees, along with multiple locations across the US that ship product worldwide.

Celebrating artists, designers and appreciating quality craftsmanship, The RealReal has become the industry leader in authenticated luxury consignment. Offering the largest selection of pre-owned luxury items from designers such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Rolex, Cartier, just to name a few, consignors receive 60% of the sale price to start, and have opportunity to increase from there. Believing in the lifecycle of luxury, understanding that sharing designer items is all about recognizing the beauty and giving someone else an opportunity to enjoy it, is what this company is all about.

Their dedication to their customers and consignors, their consistent strategic planning to grow and innovate truly shows how passionate they are about sharing the designer experience. Landing a phenomenal $50 million in growth funding afforded them the opportunity to open a brick and mortar store in New York, after seeing the success of a pop-up store in New York’s Soho neighborhood. The pop-up store generated over $2 million in revenue, and most of the customers were new to the company. Before the temporary store, some had never heard of The RealReal, and some of those that had, did not fully understand the true quality and authenticity of the product line. With the ability to physically see the designer luxury, and with the obvious customer success, a plan for a permanent brick and mortar was set in motion.

Attributing much of their success to focusing on the designer luxury market, there is a very large emphasis on authentication. Every customer can be assured they are walking in style with a genuine article whether purchased online, or within the physical, New York, brick and mortar store.

The RealReal is a genuine luxury leader. Their passion, their love for the luxury world along with the customers and cosigners has proven to be unsurpassable.

Sahm Adrangi: Investor and Activist

Sahm Adrangi keeps making headlines for investing against bad business with his company Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. The hedge funder is what is known as an activist or value investor, which is essentially an investor who uses his resources to make a difference and turn a profit. Read more at about Sahm Adrangi.

While very recently making waves by bringing to light 2 medications that were in development that he had anticipated would only be as effective as placebos in the latter part of 2017, Sahm Adrangi has also made news in 2011 for crippling Chinese companies that used reverse mergers to become listed in the United States. A reverse merger is considered dubious by many and is the practice of trading stocks with a failing company based in the United States to essentially force a foreign company onto the US stock exchange.

While Sahm Adrangi was not the only investor betting against these more than 400 companies in this morally ambiguous practice, he was one of the youngest at under 30 and he managed to make millions from it.

His actions also caused some of the companies to face enforcement action as well as the resignment of several top-level executives and auditors fearful of legal consequences. This included a Chinese education center with no desks for students and a website that supposedly brought in millions of revenue that was less than functional known as the China Education Alliance. After Sahm Adrangi sent his own investigators with Kerrisdale and made his findings public, their stock dropped from $150 million to $25 million. Follow Sahm Adrangi on

Sahm Adrangi was born in Iran to an Engineer father who immigrated to California when Sahm was only 5 years old. From there they relocated to Vancouver where his father founded a fencing company. While originally an avid protestor and aspiring journalist, the 2003 Yale University Graduate and columnist for the Yale Daily News became disappointed in the protest culture that surrounded him that tried to force their entire ideal set onto him and others with an essentially all or nothing attitude. Sahm Adrangi worked as an analyst before founding Kerrisdale Capital Mangement LLC in April of 2009.