The Genius of Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is a tour rigger and sound engineer for live performances. Originally trained in theatre design, Hutson launched his career in the live music industry working as a project manager. After gaining substantial experience, he decided to open a firm that specializes in management services for production, logistics, stage, and production design.




Over the span of his career, Clay has worked with a host of talented artists such as Guns N’ Roses, Kelly Clarkson, and Pink where he handled technical and managerial aspects. In the early days of his career, Hutson toured with Billy Graham and played a significant role in the sound team. He also served as the monitor engineer for Garbage during their Bleed Like Me tour of North America, Europe, and Australia. Rigging is yet another specialty that he provides as he did for the Honda Civic Tour by OneRepublic in 2017. With such an impressive resume, Clay has set high sights on working with big-name artists locally and abroad.




Interestingly, Clay launched his business after his former employer’s business suffered due to the economic recession. This decision took a lot of guts but Clay was confident that his talent and skills would attract clients in a highly competitive industry. He credits his vast experience working for different concerts for expanding his creativity and exploring new ideas. However, Clay notes that it is imperative to be realistic as not all ideas work out as well as imagined. Aside from his exceptional talent and breadth of knowledge, he surmises that artists appreciate devotion and professionalism. Working long hours comes with the territory which calls for endurance and paying attention to even seemingly mundane details.




Clay’s new assignment will be the Soul2Soul: The World Tour by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. The duo already completed the first round of touring that commenced in April 2017 through December 2017 which was received remarkably well. As a result, the tour was extended and Clay Hutson was hired to deliver a riveting live production. This co-headlining tour will start in Richmond, Virginia on Thursday, May 31st with notable opening acts such as Caitlyn Smith, NEEDTOBREATHE, and Margo Price. The choice to enlist Clay was not by fluke; this audio engineer is heralded for his excellent sound engineering, tour production, and stage management for various live performances. This latest gig joins a long list of similar work done by Hutson for renowned artists on sold-out tours. Fans can expect enthralling performances during this tour. Learn more:


Paul Herdsman

12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman:


Every individual desire to be their boss and own their company and have their brands. By co-founding a successful global company, Paul Herdsman has learned significant things that separates successful entrepreneurs and those who fail.


Risk Taking

If you need to succeed, you must not fear to fail. If you have an idea, you must try to put into action by risking. Some of the most successful companies had to risk by introducing a new brand. There are various risks that entrepreneurs encounter. Paul Herdsman states that, this begins from starting a new business and creating a new brand. It is intelligent to gather the necessary information and to assess the risk carefully before proceeding with any actions. A good entrepreneur assesses the kind of threat and decides whether it’s a risk worth to take.


Positive Attitude

As an entrepreneur, it is crucial to have a positive attitude in anything you partake. Research indicates that positive thinkers are excellent problem solvers since they have more energy and more resilient. The easiest way to develop a positive attitude is to express your gratitude. If you are grateful for what you do, this helps to reduce negativity. You can also establish this by listing the achievements that you are thankful for by the end of the day.



An ideal entrepreneur is concise with the path they want to venture their businesses. First, you need to have a clear plan on what you need your business to look like for the next years. Here, you need to ask yourself about the goals and what you need to do to attain your goals. Paul Herdsman claims that vision helps to keep an entrepreneur on track as they transact everyday business.


Learning from Mistake

Every entrepreneur has made mistakes in running their enterprises. According to the statistics. 50% if small and medium-sized business fall after four years. Those who succeed have learned from their previous mistakes and are not willing to repeat them.


About Paul Herdsman

Paul Herdsman is a co-founder of NICE Global living in Boca Raton, Florida. Herdsman is one of the most successful entrepreneurs who has created their brand. Paul Herdsman and his company focus on employee satisfaction, skills, and professional growth. Paul Herdsman is also a co-founder of Inbound Call Experts LLC that has headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. His primary areas of interest are entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.


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The Untold Secrets Of Gregory Aziz

Have you ever heard of the man Gregory James Aziz? You are out of luck if you do not know him. Aziz is one of the most decorated corporate president and CEO of all time. Interestingly enough, Mr. James Aziz only became a top manager less than three decades ago but his accomplishments are something worth boasting about.


Gregory J Aziz, just like anyone else was right for the picking shortly after college. However, as they say, things do not always go as we would expect them to. James, after searching for employment, found solace in the family-owned Affiliated Foods.


Affiliated Foods, fortunately, did a magnificent job in nurturing Greg Aziz into a leader. Today, Greg is not only the President and CEO of National Steel Car but also its owner. Mr. Gregory, ever since purchasing the company in 1994 has worked hard to ensure that the corporation becomes the best of the best in the world.


Hard work pays, and Greg James Aziz is reaping big from his investment. National Steel Car, a manufacturing entity established in 1912 was struggling before Aziz’s arrival but not anymore. Gregory, thanks for his love for innovation and technology has been able to re-engineer production and in so doing created products that resonate with the consumers. See This Page for more information.


Mr. Aziz has also re-invented the company by increasing the number of employment slots over the years. James’s well thought of moves have led to a series of events that have seen National Steel Car grow overnight. James Gregory, a people person, has invested in his workforce. Greg, in his time at Affiliated Foods, was able to learn the importance of giving back and that is why he gets referred to as the greatest manager of all time.


James Aziz has been influential in the affairs of National Steel Car to the extent that the company has emerged to be a superpower in the railroad car manufacturing industry in South America. Indeed, it has been a long time coming and Gregory James Aziz is now eating the fruits of his labor.


The alumnus of the Western University, despite his advanced age, still has a lot of gas left in the tank. Mr. Aziz’s dream has been to see that National Steel Car outlives him and so he will never rest until that happens. As they say, a journey of thousand miles begins with one step and that is what Greg has done from the beginning.

Vigorous Efforts Of End Citizens United In Restoring Sanity In U.S Elections

In the recent news of the end citizens united, Emily Cain a politician who was also endorsed by the End Citizens United comes out mobilizing more people to vote for Katie Porter. She urges voters especially the women to vote for Katie Porter a candidate they believe can serve better in the position. Katie Porter, the End Citizens United endorsee is a professor in the field of law and has successfully won many cases of her clients over the last years of service in her profession. She is a fearless and brave attorney who can stand out in the presence of any officials to represent the interests of the American citizens. Her courageousness also entails speaking her mind on how to handle matters even if it means disputing from ideas of the topmost officials in the government.

As a mother and a professor, Katie Porter is much aware of the essence of eliminating assault armaments out of the learning institutions and also off the city streets. She centers her campaigns in eradicating the issue of big money in American political affairs which have always impacted in service delivery for the people. Getting rid of big money is the most significant issue End Citizens United concentrates on and hence Katie is believed as the champion for the position. Katie also aims at serving the interests of the citizens first before indulging in other political matters.

Katie was recommended by two senators, namely Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Kamala Harris for the 45th District elections in strong believe for her ability to run the position successfully. She is determined in guarding the Affordable care act for the benefit of the Americans and also fighting for the women’s rights as well as their parenting.

End citizens united launched a publicity program on the internet to enhance civic education to the voters about Katie porter on her unmatched capabilities for the position. The platform is aimed at familiarizing Katie porter to the voters and informing them more about her capabilities of improving services of the former politician, Mimi Walters in her new role.

Additionally, her advertisements will be posted on Facebook pages and also in the Google search engine for more popularity. End Citizens United intents to reach approximately 200,000 voters in the whole mobilization activity. Women voters however are the main focus for this practice since they tend to always offer full support for their fellow women on such matters.

End Citizens United’s Facebook Page:

Alex Pall Comments on Halsey and his Musical Beginnings

Together, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart make up The Chainsmokers, a band that creates a unique sound, a mixture of dance, EDM, and pop.

The duo is known for their production style, but have recently branched out to include vocalization in their resume.

With the release of “Closer,” which also features popular singer Halsey, Andrew Taggart stepped behind the microphone for the very first time. This marked the transformation of The Chainsmokers from production duo to band. With a lead singer, The Chainsmokers intend to expand their brand, creating further recognition for the group.

During the promotional tour for the new song, Alex Pall had an interview with Interview Magazine. The interviewer asked Pall about a variety of questions, and Pall told all. They discussed topics ranging from the groups beginnings to where the group is currently.

“I was a DJ Growing up,” Pall began, as he started to describe how the group got together. “I was DJing around New York Citiy and had a little career going.” After Pall’s previous band mate bailed on him, Pall’s manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart, a producer from up further north.

Taggart made the long drive from Maine to New York in order to meet with Pall. Each member of the group instantly realized each others potential.

“I think we both initially knew what we brought to the table,” Pall explained. Pall told the interviewer about the process of The Chainsmokers during their early days. They talked about the things they were interested in and the type of music they wanted to make. Eventually, the duo went to work officially, spending long hour in the studio adjusting and perfecting their sound.

During the interview, the topic of Halsey was eventually brought up. Alex Pall told the interviewer that Halsey was an anticipated collaboration for The Chainsmokers. Pall was very complimentary of Halsey saying she was “cool,” “a unique artist,” and she has a “strong voice.”

Going forward, fans of The Chainsmokers should look out for even more changes to the way the band operates.

Whitney Wolfe, Exceptional APP Changing Social Connections

At 28years, Whitney Wolfe has made exceptional improvements in the communication industry. With the fast-growing bumble and helms app, Whitney Wolfe has been able to make a significant impact on the social platforms. Bumble is an app meant to foster meaningful and healthy connections among various individuals. Unlike other online systems that allow all manner of behavior, Bumble is grounded with exceptionally positive vibes. Bumble does not entertain abuse or bullying of members from other members in any way. It has been structured to fix a system that is broken and bring forth connections that are positive and genuine. Whitney Wolfe launched Bumble app in the year 2014. She had faced her fair share of both positive and negative criticism but that could not stop her either.

Bumble’s uniqueness is in the fact that in the platform, women are given the opportunity to make the first move. Bumble has grown rapidly over the years with over 10 million users and the growth is still being experienced. Bumble main users are women. While Bumble Bff is more of a connection and social platform where people are creating friendships and relationships, Bumble Bizz enables users to sell, buy, advertise or inquire about jobs. Bumble Bizz puts the user’s businesses in a better position of better performers and better place of making and closing business deals. The enthusiastic entrepreneur has gone beyond just dating with Bumble App which makes it the ideal App for almost anyone.Whitney Wolfe Herd has had other achievements that have placed her at the forefront of young tech women entrepreneurs.

These accomplishments include being a co-founder of the famous dating app Tinder. In 2014, she was named one of the most important entrepreneurial women less than 30 years by the Business Insider. She was also named as one of the women in Tech in Elle in 2016 and among the top 15 female entrepreneurs to watch for in 2017 by Inc. She has also been in the Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017 and in 2018. Whitney has also appeared on several covers of Forbes Magazine. She also appeared in the Time 100 list in April 2018.Born in Salt Lake City, Whitney Wolfe had a normal childhood, after high school at Judge Memorial Catholic, she joined Southern Methodist University where she started her entrepreneurial journey by selling Tote Bags for charity. Whitney Herd currently resides in Austin Texas and is married to Michael Herd. She is a true force to reckon with in the world of business today.

Upwork How to Make Your To-Do List Work for You

Freelancing has become quite a trend, and more people are leaving their jobs to work as a freelancer. The Internet has made it easier for freelancers to be connected with companies and individuals looking for certain skills. One such platform is Upwork that allow freelancers to work remotely on different jobs posted by clients from all around the world. Freelancers have to be good with time management if they want to increase their productivity. To help accomplish it, most freelancers create a to-do list. It is a list of all the tasks that they plan to complete in a day, week or even a month. But, it is not all as easy as it sounds.


Using a few simple tips will help you make your to-do list productive than ever before. You need to take a few minutes the night before to create your to-do list. It will leave you with much time to start working on the tasks from the moment you get up and are charged up. When writing down the tasks, you need to ensure that you qualify all the tasks that need to be completed. Just write down the most important tasks for the day and not stuff the list of tasks that are not be done on that particular day. Write down the time estimate for every task so that you know exactly how much you will be able to fit in on a particular day. Even though you can postpone some of the unimportant tasks for the next day, you need to re-evaluate them at a later date to ensure that they too are completed.


It is quite possible for freelancers to become overwhelmed with all the work that they need to complete. It is the reason why it is necessary for them to have a bigger picture in mind if they want to be successful as a freelancer. Upwork offers excellent opportunities for freelancers, but it is up to them how they manage their work to increase their productivity. Using the top tips will surely make them improve their efficiency to an exceptional level.

Whitney Wolfe’s Business Life & Romantic Interests

Whitney Wolfe is known for her contributions towards the creation of the dating app, Tinder, but she also created a similar dating app called Bumble. These two companies are now at war, due to what Tinder calls a clear breech of trade mark. Tinder opened up litigation against Bumble for reasons they describe as ‘misuse of trade secrets.’Bumble responded with a public letter, acknowledging the claims from Tinder. Bumble declared themselves un-phased by Tinder’s attack and stated that Tinder will never own them, despite attempts to purchase then destroy Bumble.

Bumble later counter-sued, claiming that Tinder was attempting to trick Bumble into revealing confidential information by offering to purchase the company.Bumble is also claiming that the original lawsuit filed by Tinder is nothing more than an attempt to discourage other potential buyers. Tinder is trying to make sure no one can purchase Bumble except them, according to Bumble. Whitney Wolfe originally left Tinder because of sexual harassment among management. The problems between Whitney Wolfe and Tinder date back way before the initial lawsuit was filed by Tinder. Whitney Wolfe was married to Michael Herd near the end of 2017. The two have been romantically involved since 2013.

They were introduced to each other by a mutual friend during a vacation in Aspen. Wolfe described their first data as a teaching session. Herd was vacationing at a ski resort, but didn’t know how to ski, which Wolfe fond extremely odd. Herd asked Wolfe to teach him to ski, and the two instantly hit it off.The entire amateur act from Herd ended up being a ruse. Upon latching up their straps and heading down the mountain, Wolfe was shown exactly how good of a skier Herd was when he passed her down the slope going backwards.Herd and Wolfe officially began dating on the following Valentine’s Day. They were married in Italy two years later.

David Zalik grows GreenSky Credit into lending powerhouse

David Zalik may be one of the most publicity-averse CEOs of any major corporation in the country. It may seem strange, then, that he has made the decision to go against Silicon Valley conventional wisdom and take the plunge of bringing his fintech company, GreenSky Credit, through the IPO process. But Zalik has calculated that he now has far more to gain than to lose by making GreenSky Credit into a public company, which will no doubt instantly place it among the largest publicly traded fintech firms in the country.

Zalik is a true entrepreneur. A former child prodigy, he began attending college at age 12 but dropped out shortly thereafter in order to found his own computer assembly business. Called MicroTech, the company did well. 10 years later, Zalik was able to sell the company for around $5 million. He then took his profits and reinvested them into Atlanta-area commercial real estate. Again, this proved to be a good investment as real estate prices appreciated considerably.

By the time he was 32, Zalik was worth around $10 million. He had dabbled in a number of other enterprises. Some of his experience in working with home remodeling businesses led him to believe that there was a strong opportunity for providing instant loans to contractors who were facing customers without the means to immediately complete home remodeling jobs. With this in mind, he founded GreenSky Credit in 2006.

But Zalik quickly realized that he had undertaken a seriously demanding project. He was eventually forced to mortgage all of his own commercial real estate, effectively betting everything he had on the future success of the company. While there were some rough times at the start, his bet would eventually prove to be a good one.

Today, GreenSky Credit is estimated to be worth more than $4.5 billion. It is partnered with 14 of the largest lenders in the United States, including Fifth Third, Sun Trust and Region’s bank. It has also signed up more than 17,000 merchants, representing everything from window installers to plastic surgeons. The planned IPO of GreenSky Credit may be the largest fintech IPO in history.

Dr. Johanan Rand Leads The Pack On Geriatrics

When it comes to those who are involved in the developing field of anti-aging, there are certain names that stand above the rest. These individuals gain that high level of respect for their leading roles in the conducting of competent research and the implementation of comprehensive solutions. Dr. Johanan Rand is the subject of this article, and is definitely one of those who fit in this category.

Through his groundbreaking methods, Dr. Johanan Rand has pushed the boundaries of the human lifespan. His trademark is bioidentical hormone replacement. The basic gist of it is that many of the effects of aging are connected with the natural drop in hormone production that occurs in the bodies of older people. Apparently, that drop in the hormones is one of the things that triggers the body to begin what is, in effect, a self-destruct process. By replacing those hormones with bioidentical replacement hormones, Dr. Johanan Rand has shown that this kind of therapy can slow down and even reverse the negative effects of aging (Yourbeautycraze).

To complement these revolutionary hormone treatments, Dr. Rand has designed a program of exercise, dieting, and physical therapy designed to rejuvenate the body in every way possible. Two things that are greatly helped by this program are menopausal issues and erectile dysfunction. Since both of these conditions are tied to hormonal changes, it isn’t really too surprising.

Based on his reviews, Dr. Johanan Rand is a very courteous and pleasant individual. Nobody likes dealing with one of those doctors who has a nasty attitude. They come in the room with a scowl, they talk very little and chide a lot, and in the end they often don’t even help you. Sound like your doctor? Sounds like you need a new one. More than once, I have seen a person suffering with chronic problems because they didn’t want to admit that they needed to switch doctors. Don’t be one of those people! Give the best a try and you will be pleased at the difference.

Dr. Rand is president of the Healthy Aging Medical Center in West Orange, New Jersey. If you are in the NJ area, and you want to explore some possibilities, I recommend this one.