Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: The New Political Era Revealed

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is an incredible novel written by Sean Penn. It is one of its kind; from the characters involved, the storyline, the unfolding of issues, and finally the conclusion. Sean introduces quite a big pattern in the use of satire in the novel. It requires a lot of keenness so as to discover the truths and the surprises hidden in the satires. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” was released for the first time in the form of an audiobook back in the year 2016. For those who have taken a close look and keep reading through the book, the fact that comes out is that it features the current president in a huge way. It features a meeting held by Bob and Fletcher. Bob is the character who works on various small jobs which includes being a part-time assassin.

Sean Penn uses a unique language to deliver his points home. His style is catchy to the eyes of the readers. It is clear from the reading that Penn is angry. It is not difficult to notice the angry tone, which is so loud. According to the narration, Bob considers America to be no longer that beautiful country that gave birth to him. He continues to refer to America as a ghost girl that he never knew about. Towards the end of the book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” Bob writes a letter to the United States president book that is called “landlord.” Most of the political messaging from Bob is similar to that of Penn and that is why it is easy to identify the two closely. Penn has incorporated a lot of his views about himself through the book. He is a famous celebrity and out of that, he has been able to write and publish his book that touches on the things that are wrong in the current world in America. He is an expressive soul and he wants to be felt by everyone who reads it.


Sean has been in so many engagements throughout his career life. Publishing the novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is an illustration of what is happening in the Trump era. Sean has tackled hard stuff in the book that few could be able to address without fear. He has brought in very many real-world issues into the satire in the book. It has something that everyone would want to read and discover.

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