Whitney Wolfe, Exceptional APP Changing Social Connections

At 28years, Whitney Wolfe has made exceptional improvements in the communication industry. With the fast-growing bumble and helms app, Whitney Wolfe has been able to make a significant impact on the social platforms. Bumble is an app meant to foster meaningful and healthy connections among various individuals. Unlike other online systems that allow all manner of behavior, Bumble is grounded with exceptionally positive vibes. Bumble does not entertain abuse or bullying of members from other members in any way. It has been structured to fix a system that is broken and bring forth connections that are positive and genuine. Whitney Wolfe launched Bumble app in the year 2014. She had faced her fair share of both positive and negative criticism but that could not stop her either.

Bumble’s uniqueness is in the fact that in the platform, women are given the opportunity to make the first move. Bumble has grown rapidly over the years with over 10 million users and the growth is still being experienced. Bumble main users are women. While Bumble Bff is more of a connection and social platform where people are creating friendships and relationships, Bumble Bizz enables users to sell, buy, advertise or inquire about jobs. Bumble Bizz puts the user’s businesses in a better position of better performers and better place of making and closing business deals. The enthusiastic entrepreneur has gone beyond just dating with Bumble App which makes it the ideal App for almost anyone.Whitney Wolfe Herd has had other achievements that have placed her at the forefront of young tech women entrepreneurs.

These accomplishments include being a co-founder of the famous dating app Tinder. In 2014, she was named one of the most important entrepreneurial women less than 30 years by the Business Insider. She was also named as one of the women in Tech in Elle in 2016 and among the top 15 female entrepreneurs to watch for in 2017 by Inc. She has also been in the Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017 and in 2018. Whitney has also appeared on several covers of Forbes Magazine. She also appeared in the Time 100 list in April 2018.Born in Salt Lake City, Whitney Wolfe had a normal childhood, after high school at Judge Memorial Catholic, she joined Southern Methodist University where she started her entrepreneurial journey by selling Tote Bags for charity. Whitney Herd currently resides in Austin Texas and is married to Michael Herd. She is a true force to reckon with in the world of business today.

ClassDojo is the Interesting App that Makes Communication Easier

Everyone has a favorite app on their phone or tablet. This is where a large majority of people put information that they need to access frequently. In recent years ClassDojo has become the app that people are going to embrace if they have children in school. It is the application that teachers are going to look forward to when they are interested in building a better line of communication with their students. Lots of people are going to appreciate what this app can do for anyone that wants to share feedback.

ClassDojo has become the application that provides real-time feedback. That means that teachers and parents are able to discuss the progress of the children. Parents do not have to wait until their children received report cards. With the ClassDojo app parents have a chance to stay informed about things like classroom work and special homework assignments. This is good because it gives parents the chance to see the daily progress that their children are making. That guarantees that parents will not have to worry about being blindsided by bad grades. With the ClassDojo app the parents are always up to date on the progress that their children are making.

Another thing that has made this app work is the widespread appeal that it has had in different countries. Right now ClassDojo is an app that is being used in 60 different countries. There are more than 3 million teachers alone that are using this app. When students and teachers are included that will equate to millions of total users. That may be one of the reasons that ClassDojo has become the app that is even praised by Forbes. It has ranked number 99 as one time with Forbes. Everyone doesn’t know about the app yet, but the buzz has circulated quite well.

Coincidentally, there are teachers are going to communicate with other teachers through the app. This is where teachers may get ideas from other teachers about various teaching methods. That can be very helpful because it allows a teacher to use something innovative for their classes. A teacher can use the ClassDojo app to connect with educators at different schools. That is something that has been hard to do, but the app has made it easier. ClassDojo has become the app that is universally accepted. More than 60 countries are using this app to build parent-teacher communities.