Who Is Adam Milstein?

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor, community leader, and definitely a philanthropist who is inspired to create change. He earned his MBA from the USC, at which following a career in the world of commercial real estate ever since 1983. At the managing partner of the Hager Oacific Properties and working throughout this real estate investment firm, he lives quite the lifestyle on the go and constantly working.


Adam did not succeed right outside of college. He came to study and acquire his higher education. He says that most people came to the campus recruiting for new employees, but nobody appreciated him for what he was capable of. He decided to venture out on his own and start working in the world of real estate as a commercial broker. For three years he did exactly that, and then right after became an investor in real estate for his own. As a successful business man, he says that his job is really about being productive and knowing what to do to complete all the tasks in the day. The key, as he says, is to know how to map out your day so you can estimate what you’re capable of accomplishing. His work ethic is what helps him consistently grow in the right direction.


Adam Milstein says his love for real estate and the way business changes and fluctuates is what helps and makes this a business he loves being part of. Just a quick look at his interviews will show that he is a hard working individual who truly does know how the business works and what it takes to succeed. HIs inspiring work ethic can be quite a good way to lead your own future in business.


Adam finds that his productivity stems from enjoying the world of working. He never had a job that he didn’t enjoy simply because he loves the idea of working and putting in the effort to serve others. His love for the real estate industry helps him thrive in the world and does everything he can to provide only the best services to his clientele.

Developer Roberto Santiago And His Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago grew up in the Brazilian city of Joao Pessoa. He started his entrepreneurial career when he started a cartonage company at a young age, designing and manufacturing cardboard folding cartons that were used by a host of companies he supplied them to. Roberto Santiago has since moved on to real estate as he bought a large plot of land in Joao Pessoa and in 1989 developed one of the crown jewels of the city, Manaira Shopping Mall. For his education, Santiago attended Pio X Marist College and received a degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa.

Roberto Santiago has developed Manaira Mall into the largest mall in his Brazilian state, Paraiba, and one of the largest in all of Brazil. The construction of the mall started in 1987 and took two years until its completion. Manaira Mall features tons of shopping options, a theater, a large food court, a rooftop concert hall, a huge gaming area, a fitness center, banks, and even a college. The mall has become a daily place to visit for many residents of the city.

Domus Hall is an air-conditioned space on agenciaoglobo.com situated on the roof of the mall that was completed in 2009. There is enough space inside to host concerts, fairs, exhibits, and large conferences. Domus Hall can fit up to 10,000 people in its two-story structure; a mezzanine level that has individual cabins for lounge music as well as private affairs, and a ground floor for larger public events. It is specially equipped for concerts and theatrical productions due to its advanced sound equipment and acoustics.

The entertainment options available at Santiago’s mall includes a movie theater with features the latest shows and a large gaming area. The gaming area has a bowling alley as well as a fully equipped electronic amusement park on Wikipedia.org. The food court was expanded in 2008, 2012, and 2014 into providing restaurants that fit every type of budget and appetite. The food offered ranges from fast food fare to high-end dining at restaurants such as Capital Steakhouse, Espaço Gourmet, and Waynes.

The shopping at Manaira Shopping Mall includes something for everyone. At the mall you can find furniture, clothing, jewelry, sports gear, books and everything in between. Along with the banks and fitness center, the mall houses the college Higher Education of Paraiba so there will often be students and faculty around the rest of the mall.

Roberto Santiago has over the last 20 years developed the Manaira Mall into an attraction that brings in people throughout the region for a day of shopping, entertainment, and great food choices. With his construction of Domus Hall the city has been able to attract talented music groups to it, both Brazilian as well as international talent, that otherwise my not have come. Robertos Santiago has given back to his community and provided cultural experiences they otherwise would never have obtained.

Christopher Burch Continues to Inject Millions of Dollars into the Technologically Fashionable Realm

Technology continues to permeate all aspects of modern day living. Today, technology is being infused in the fashion industry. People have even coined the term, ‘technologically fashionable.’ The future of this new industry looks exciting and lucrative. But how did we get here so fast? Well, here’s a brief rundown of the changes and advances rocking this niche.


Boom Box


The narrative sometimes begins in the 1970’s. It was in this era that the boom box got invented. With it, users could walk around listening and enjoying their favorite tracks and radio stations. The device was capable of recording music from any of the in-built twin decks.


Walkman & iPods


A decade later, Hollywood played a crucial role in popularizing the boom box. People were filmed walking around having tons of fun with their gadgets. In the 90’s things got a little bit fancy and the Walkman got released. This device paved the way for the development and the release of the iPod. Each of the other innovations was deemed more fashionable and appealing than the previous ones.


Come the 21st century and fashion and technology are interconnected. Two inventors, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, came up with the Airbag for Cyclists. This is how it works. In the event of an impact, the airbags inflate and cushion the rider from injury. Additionally, the airbag has the advantage of giving the rider an unobstructed view of their premises.


Airbags for Cyclists


Another compelling innovation is the Frontline Gloves. This is designed to be used by the firemen when they go to put out fires. The creators are Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon. It helps the firefighters keep track of each other inside burning towers. The industries help each other to grow. For instance, Google Glasses would never have been as famous as they are today had it not been for the fashion designers who took them to the catwalks in the fashion week galas.


About Christopher Burch


Christopher, 63, is the current CEO and President of Burch Creative Capital. The American entrepreneur has interests in a wide range of businesses. Fashion is one of his passions. Mr.Chris Burch is the co-founder of the Tory Burch, a high-end boutique. He’s a highly revered branding specialist who has helped numerous start-ups make it to the next level of success. To-date, he has sunk well over $50 million in seed money to various companies in the U.S.


Christopher is a published writer. He focuses on technology and fashion and how they relate to each other. He is also involved in charity work. He has worked extensively with the Langone NYU Medical Center to foster empathy, caring, and compassion to those in need.