Nick Vertucci Shares His Investment Secrets through NVREA

Nick Vertucci started from humility to one of the most illustrious entrepreneurs the world has seen yet. He is the founder of the famed NV Real Estate Academy. It is reported that Nick Vertucci came from a family that could not make ends meet; at least not easily. His father died when he was still a boy of 10 years. Luckily for Nick, he was born with a strong will. Soon after he completed his basic education, he started a computer business which picked up until the computer crash of the year 2000 came calling. He lost most of his investments in the crisis. He still never gave up though.

How NV Real Estate Was Born

Nick says that he joined a Real Estate training program. Prior to that, he recalls losing his tech business which he had invested a significant amount of money in. He says it started with an invitation to attend a class about Real Estate. It was a 3-day class. He says that he picked useful ideas from the class and was encouraged to quit his tech industry ventures. He points out that he had fallen into debt by the millions. It is reported that he nearly lost his own house to his lenders. Vertucci was encouraged to join a real estate academy amidst efforts to recover from the downturn. He says he began investing in real estate in bits. He observes that he moved away from debt to being a stable businessman within 10 years. He says he started by investing in single units of the family residence. He also went for foreclosures which he could get at deal prices. He rehabbed or rented them out depending on the circumstances. Mr. Nick Vertucci even started his own radio show to market his real estate properties. Vertucci says that he decided to take what he calls “perfected investing strategies” to the common people by starting an investment academy he called NIVREA.

NIVREA Activities

The NIVREA Real Estate Academy was started by Nick Vertucci. It offers a wide range of online training in real estate investing and how to save to get started not only in real estate but in other ventures as well. The academy provides services to people from across the globe. It offers free registration; after which one gets a CD for free. According to the founder, it is a 3 step journey that could easily lead one to an immense fortune. The other two steps include attending a free workshop organized by the academy and finally moving to the field and purchasing one’s own first house.

Drew Madden: The Complexities of Medical Technology

As medicine relies on technology in almost all aspects, questions come to mind regarding electronic medical records. With more data being generated each day, the possibility of a security breach becomes a greater possibility. Because of this risk, the news that pharmacy chain CVS is preparing to add health insurer Aetna to its corporate family, and that Amazon is coming closer to acquiring pharmacy licensing that would allow it to possibly offer next-day delivery of prescription medications, make many in the medical and IT industries nervous about the safety of patient data. To work on solutions to this possible crisis, these and other companies and healthcare facilities are turning to IT consulting firms such as Nordic Consulting Partners, which is led by noted entrepreneur Drew Madden. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Possessing more than a decade of healthcare IT experience, Drew Madden has helped companies and organizations around the world solve their most complex problems involving electronic medical records. With an extensive background in industrial engineering, Drew is capable of analyzing systems to determine the best course of action to take. In many situations. Because of this, Drew and his team of IT experts at Nordic Consulting Partners focus much of their efforts on software development, cloud technology, and data networking.

Thanks to the excellent results Drew Madden has achieved with clients over the years, Nordic Consulting Partners has grown from a small company to become one of the world’s leading authorities on electronic medical records systems. Now employing nearly 800 employees, the company has also seen its client list quickly grow to include almost 200 companies, facilities, and organizations. And perhaps most impressively, Nordic Consulting Partners has witnessed its annual revenues grow to more than $130 million in the past several years, demonstrating the commitment Drew has made to his clients. With even more complex problems ahead, there’s no doubt Drew and his IT team will be up to the challenges they will face. You can follow their Twitter page.

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Looking Into The Future Of Video Email With Talk Fusion

More and more, people today are striving for face to face communication but want to do it through email. Wait, we know what you are thinking, is that even possiable? According to the global video communications company Talk Fusion, it is. Many people love to use email and we think that is great. When we think of email, we need to start thinking outside the box. What if there was a way that people could send a video message to someone else by using their email, wouldn’t that be great? Learn more:


Talk Fusion is changing the way we use email and video communication. This direct marketing company introduced an app that is using an advanced software called WebRTC. Talk Fusion has made an name for themselves by offering what they call an all in one video marketing solution. This platform is easy to use and features drap and drop templates. With their platform you can get the most of video calling, create and distribute video newsletters, make forms for your website to collect emails, host group meetings and so much more.


One thing that makes Talk Fusion awesome is that it is a direct marketing company which means that everyday people like you and me can make a business offering their products to others. Having a product that helps people like the products that Talk Fusion offer is a great way to build an amazing business and feel great about it along the way. The great part is that they just launched Talk Fusion University. With this endless supply of knowledge, anyone can go watch some videos and read the materials at the university to gain a greater knowledge of anything that is needed to run the business. Talk Fusion University and having a great product that people need and want makes it much easier to run your business successfully.


With the newly added WebRTC, real time communications is going to help a lot of people to organize online meetings. Using this software you can have up to 15 hosts and 500 people who attend. The best part is that everything is still simple to use and enjoy. The great news with Talk Fusion is that there is no agreements to sign and no separate downloads to hassle with. There are not many companies out there offering what Talk Fusion does and none have the latest technology like Talk Fusion and that is great news for everyone.

Paul Mampilly Says He Can Spot Bitcoin Crash Coming Very Soon

Paul Mampilly says that he first found out about the dotcom bubble when he was talking with his friend. She told him that she was rich. He wondered how that was possible. This was in 1999. She said that her stocks went up by one thousand percent. At that point, Paul knew that if they went up so high so quickly, they will probably fall down pretty quickly too. Paul explains that something similar is going on today. This time, it is not happening in the stock market but in the so called cryptocurrency market. People are buying Bitcoin, hoping to get rich. There is no doubt that some people got rich. However, some people got rich in 1999, and it was still a bubble.

In 1991, when Paul Mampilly saw the big crash coming, he knew that he had to sell his stocks. The stocks continued going up, and at first, he wondered whether it was a mistake to sell them so quickly. However, when they started dropping, he knew that he had made the right decision. At the time, he reached out to his friend and tried to warn her that the boom might soon be coming to an end. She did not want to listen to him, for whatever reason. In the end, she did not become rich. Instead, she lost all her money when the market crashed. The same goes for Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as any other altcoins that are out there. For more info about us: click here.

It is true that people who got in early made a lot of money. However, they would be wise to sell it and cash in on their profits. If they continue holding on to their Bitcoin, like his friend continued to hold on to her stocks, then it is very likely that they will lose out in the end. You will start hearing tales of people getting rich, but you will start hearing tales of people losing all their money. The second kind of tale will come from people who did not sell their Bitcoin.

Paul Mampilly knows what he is talking about. He has twenty five years of experience and has seen many bubbles during his time on Wall Street. He knows how to spot on, and he can see one coming right now.

Adam Milstein Speaks to Ideamensch on Entrepreneurship

Adam Milstein is an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is an admirable leader who has set himself apart by listening to the needs of those he leads. Among other ventures, philanthropy is close to his heart. He has taken part in many projects geared towards making an influence on the lives of the needy.

Adam Milstein is of Israel-American origin and has had the opportunity to interact with diverse cultures. He is particularly interested in the relationship between Israel and America and has advocated for partnerships in providing aid to the poor. The managing director of Hager Pacific Properties does not shy away from his responsibilities. He executes his duties as a strong believer of creating change and enhancing cohesion among teams he leads.

Adam Milstein believes in being proactive to develop lasting solutions to problems. He does not subscribe to the idea of waiting for fast movers to introduce change but is dedicated to being part of the solution to problems facing businesses and the community. He has invested time and money to developing innovative solutions to problems.

While speaking to Ideamensch, Adam Milstein talks about his principles in running a successful business. Adam Milstein believes in constantly searching for solutions to business challenges. He points out that being in the know is important for businesses to remain afloat. Unlike many managers who believe in setting goals and working towards achieving them, Adam Milstein believes otherwise. He views goal setting as limiting to peak performance. He ascertain that setting goals and objectives can bar great success. Adam also talks about being careful not to adhere to constant criticism since it may discourage one from achieving their dreams.

Born and raised in Israel, Adam went to the United States to pursue his masters and further his education. He got an opportunity to work in the country after graduation and proceeding to start his company. He shares his experience managing a start-up and gives advice to entrepreneurs on what to expect in a new business. Adam has been in the centre of many business challenges which has been a learning experience.