Greg Aziz, The Technocrat Of Steel Car Innovations

Greg Aziz is the President, the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the National Steels Car. It is one of the leading railroad’s freight cars manufacturing and engineering companies based in Hamilton, Ontario. National Steels Car boosts of up to 100 years of engineering, the manufacturing and the commitments to qualities. It was founded in 1912, as Imperial Steel Car; and it has manufactured and designed the freight cars that have met and exceeded the standard and customers need and the railroad’s industry at large.


Greg Aziz was born in London, Ontario on the 30th April 1949. He pursued his college education in Ridley College , St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada. He after that joined the University of Western Ontario (UWO), London, Ontario, Canada.


Due to its relentless pursuits in manufacturing and engineering excellence, National Steel Cars leads the manufacturing industry in the new cars innovation. It has built thousands of new railroads freight cars within each year. National Steel Cars Company is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. It has held this honor for the past 18 years through many sequences of recertification. The company has been honored with some of the highest qualities awards from 1996.


Greg Aziz, in the late 1980s and the early 1990s, worked on numerous investment bank opportunities based in New York. In 1994, Mr. Greg organized to purchase the National Steels Car from the Dofasco. The goal was to transform the once Canadian Companies into the North Americas leading railroads freight cars manufacturers. The National Steels Car emphasized on building stronger engineering abilities, team-building and the substantial capital and human investment. National Steels Car Company has been able to expand the manufacturing capability. It also grew its employment rate from 600 employees to 3,000 employees.


One can depend on the National Steels Car for any rails car components and car parts. The National Steels Car provides quality, value, selection and the services that you require in ensuring your car keeps rolling. If they don’t have the needed rails car components they do everything in helping you to get it. Find More Information Here.


National Steel Car main focus is having and maintaining the customer loyalty. They aim at building a solid foundation of trust, understanding, and partnership. For a content customer that is looking in expanding their fleets or forming a new partnership, National Steel is ready to adapt to the challenges and build the railcars that one needs so as to succeed.


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The Untold Secrets Of Gregory Aziz

Have you ever heard of the man Gregory James Aziz? You are out of luck if you do not know him. Aziz is one of the most decorated corporate president and CEO of all time. Interestingly enough, Mr. James Aziz only became a top manager less than three decades ago but his accomplishments are something worth boasting about.


Gregory J Aziz, just like anyone else was right for the picking shortly after college. However, as they say, things do not always go as we would expect them to. James, after searching for employment, found solace in the family-owned Affiliated Foods.


Affiliated Foods, fortunately, did a magnificent job in nurturing Greg Aziz into a leader. Today, Greg is not only the President and CEO of National Steel Car but also its owner. Mr. Gregory, ever since purchasing the company in 1994 has worked hard to ensure that the corporation becomes the best of the best in the world.


Hard work pays, and Greg James Aziz is reaping big from his investment. National Steel Car, a manufacturing entity established in 1912 was struggling before Aziz’s arrival but not anymore. Gregory, thanks for his love for innovation and technology has been able to re-engineer production and in so doing created products that resonate with the consumers. See This Page for more information.


Mr. Aziz has also re-invented the company by increasing the number of employment slots over the years. James’s well thought of moves have led to a series of events that have seen National Steel Car grow overnight. James Gregory, a people person, has invested in his workforce. Greg, in his time at Affiliated Foods, was able to learn the importance of giving back and that is why he gets referred to as the greatest manager of all time.


James Aziz has been influential in the affairs of National Steel Car to the extent that the company has emerged to be a superpower in the railroad car manufacturing industry in South America. Indeed, it has been a long time coming and Gregory James Aziz is now eating the fruits of his labor.


The alumnus of the Western University, despite his advanced age, still has a lot of gas left in the tank. Mr. Aziz’s dream has been to see that National Steel Car outlives him and so he will never rest until that happens. As they say, a journey of thousand miles begins with one step and that is what Greg has done from the beginning.