ClassDojo is the Interesting App that Makes Communication Easier

Everyone has a favorite app on their phone or tablet. This is where a large majority of people put information that they need to access frequently. In recent years ClassDojo has become the app that people are going to embrace if they have children in school. It is the application that teachers are going to look forward to when they are interested in building a better line of communication with their students. Lots of people are going to appreciate what this app can do for anyone that wants to share feedback.

ClassDojo has become the application that provides real-time feedback. That means that teachers and parents are able to discuss the progress of the children. Parents do not have to wait until their children received report cards. With the ClassDojo app parents have a chance to stay informed about things like classroom work and special homework assignments. This is good because it gives parents the chance to see the daily progress that their children are making.

Another thing that has made this app work is the widespread appeal that it has had in different countries. Right now ClassDojo is an app that is being used in 60 different countries. There are more than 3 million teachers alone that are using this app. When students and teachers are included that will equate to millions of total users. That may be one of the reasons that ClassDojo has become the app that is even praised by Forbes. It has ranked number 99 as one time with Forbes. Everyone doesn’t know about the app yet, but the buzz has circulated quite well.

Coincidentally, there are teachers are going to communicate with other teachers through the app. This is where teachers may get ideas from other teachers about various teaching methods. That can be very helpful because it allows a teacher to use something innovative for their classes. A teacher can use the ClassDojo app to connect with educators at different schools. That is something that has been hard to do, but the app has made it easier. ClassDojo has become the app that is universally accepted. More than 60 countries are using this app to build parent-teacher communities.

The Positive Classroom Innovation of ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an application which has focused on connecting teachers and parents, teachers, and students. While before communication between the parent and teacher during parent-teacher conferences, now it is able to be on a constant, daily basis. Before the things posted have been entirely by the teacher and the responding parents. Now students are being given a voice by ClassDojo. In July, ClassDojo added a feature called Student Stories which allows students to added images and videos to their ClassDojo to be shared with their families.

This means they will be able to enter anything that is class related such as a poem, story, classwork, or an essay; or even a video of a some class project or play. The possibilities are almost endless. To do this, the students don’t haven’t to know any personal login specifics. They just have to scan the class QR code.

Teachers who use ClassDojo love the idea because it makes the class more student-centric and it will increase family involvement in their child’s education. Liam Don, cofounder and chief product officer at ClassDojo, says his company was inspired with this idea after extensive research in which they interviewed a wide range of teachers and parents. Teachers have already been allowed to show videos and photos of their class and class projects. This will allow parents to see stuff specifically about their child with the material actually chosen and posted by their child.

Many teachers love ClassDojo so much that they loudly proclaim that it is going to be drastically revolutionizing education in the future. It is giving an unprecedented meeting ground for teachers, parents, and students. It is bringing these three groups into a community of shared conviction and passion for education. ClassDojo is so popular worldwide that it has become the fastest growing educational technology company in the world. The ClassDojo team is made up of a network of engineers, designers, and educators from all over the world.


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