Did Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group Save Capitalism?

Randal Nardone of Fortress Investment Group
Did Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group Save Capitalism?

Financial markets have been tied together like mountain climbers. The plan is to have all of them hold up one errant climber. Did Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group save Capitalism?

Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis

During the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis, the Captains of Industry were becoming very worried. They knew that the entire world depended on them for capital. Capital was needed by individuals, companies and governments.

Modern credit cards had made it so that individuals could finance their startups, themselves. Businesses had lines of credit and needed more funds to upgrade to the latest technology. Governments around the world were also becoming more capital intensive.

When Lehman Brothers failed, the capital markets seized up. Suddenly, the top financial institutions were afraid of lending to one another. They found it impossible to properly measure risk. What financial brand weathered this storm intact? The Fortress Investment Group.

Credit Crunch

Back in 1998, Randal Nardone had co-founded the Fortress Investment Group. He did not base its fortunes on Sub-Prime debtors. He purchased valuable assets, like railways, casinos and ski resorts.

He did not bundle useless mortgages together to create useless mortgage backed securities (MBS). Randal Nardone performed a valuable service in providing the capital that made the world productive. What was Randal Nardone’s secret?

He had learned the tools of the trade under the mountains of Switzerland. He ate Swiss chocolate and Swiss cheese while working for the global financial giant UBS. Founded in April 1862, UBS was figuring out how to provide more capital to Swiss watch makers while the Americans were fighting for the freedom of Blacks.

Randal Nardone learned about conservative banking in Switzerland. That is why his company survived the 2008 Credit Crunch. When his hedge fund went public, Randal Nardone was added to the Forbes 2007 Billionaire’s List at #557.

The British called 2008, the “Credit Crunch.” It kind of shows their focus. They did not really worry about the Sub-Prime borrowers, everyone knew they would go bankrupt, but the British were concerned about their bankers.

Keeping Capital Flowing

Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group kept the capital flowing to the companies that produce. They made sure that necessary technological upgrades were made. Some of the assets were combined and re-packaged to create a more sustainable business model.

The best companies could be made public again. It was a little like a makeover. The ugly sides of the business were removed and the healthy parts were made better.

Productive factors are the foundation of society, not the repackaging of useless paper promises. Randal Nardone built up a “Fortress of Value.” That is why SoftBank purchased the Fortress Investment Group in 2017 as part of its Vision Fund Strategy.

Companies with real assets were able to keep the capital flowing. Randal Nardone should get a medal or street named after him, thanks to his efforts to save Capitalism. Now, Americans can buy all the Swiss chocolate, they want.

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The way GoBuySide works

GoBuySide is a company that works to make people have a good time working toward the career that people want to get into.

GoBuySide is a company that is made out of New York City. They promote the technology that the other company’s around the world are trying to promote as well. They are trying to keep things up with the technology that the world is using. GoBuySide is a company that is working on getting people hired for short term they make sure the people that are being hired have the skills that is needed to do the job they are being hired to do. This company is on getting people hired and the employees are the ones who get to see the way the company works. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

They are using the online sources to make sure that there is jobs that are hiring and are being filled with the right people in the right jobs. They get people from social media sites be hosts. They also use other software to get people into the jobs and become part of the solution for the jobs that are short term and that need people to be part of their team when needs people. There is also people who talk about working from home in the year of 2015 on the internet. They closely monitor the job trends on the internet. They are filling the requirements for the jobs that are having wants on the internet. Read this article at Accesswire.

There was a point where working 90 plus hours a week there was time online when looking for a job was hard but thanks to this company things got easier and easier. There is assets that are well over $12 billion dollars. The new roads have been untried and are new to the industry that we as people have been trying to create. The search engine has been set up to make the job search easier not only on you but the people who are behind the job as well.

If there was ever a job that you needed help with this company might be the best to fit for you.

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Agora Financial Gives Back to Clients Who Need Help

Agora Financial tries to give their clients a chance at the right investments. The company knows how to invest and knows the changing tides of the market. They also know it requires a lot of work to ensure they’re doing things right. For Agora Financial, a big part of the company is how hard they work. If they take their time and work hard on helping clients, they know they can make things easier for them. They also know there will be chances they can rely on different opportunities. For Agora Financial, this is a big part of the business. As long as they’re doing this, they’re prepared to give people just what they need. By asking for everything that comes from the investments, Agora Financial can learn more about them before they pass them along to their clients.

The company is set on giving attention to the best investment firms in the industry. They want their clients to know they have a chance to be successful. They also want their clients to know they do no take money or gifts from companies they advise their customers to work with. The investments are 100 percent above board so clients don’t have to worry about issues associated with bribery.The company knows what people are looking for. They know most people just want success and to feel like they’ve done something right.As long as Agora Financial is giving people what they want, the company will thrive.

Agora Financial is set on helping customers have a clear idea of the right business practices. They are also sure people will get a positive experience as a result of hard work in the industry. For Agora Financial to focus on how they can actually continue helping, they know what it takes. Agora even tries to publish information on investing and the best investments. The things they recently published are all about how to choose the best investment firm. They want their clients to see what a good investment firm looks like. Nowhere in the publication do their advertise for their own business. Instead, they give clients advice to look for the best firm. This is the same approach they take in every area of their business. Agora Financial tries to show clients the right choices to make so clients will have a better chance of making the right decisions later on. They win by doing this and helping them out.

Agora Financial, Teaching The Essentials of Retirement Planning

Agora Financial uses the example of Bob, a dentist to illustrate the benefits of learning how to build and maintain financial resources for retirement. The company is a financial publishing innovator, which has helped over 1 million readers learn critical investing skills. Skills are taught using free newsletters and other publications. Subject titles include: how to create a 42 day retirement plan, hot money trader, weekly wealth alert, and family wealth circle, dollar trade club and how to create infinite income. As the video points out, Bob wants to retire, but isn’t sure if he’ll have enough income for a comfortable lifestyle. This is where Agora Financial comes in; they offer online publications that can help Bob and others like him prosper in retirement with investment planning. Those new to investing can become members and choose from ample publication topics or they can attend webinars, conferences, investment symposiums and featured seminars with reports such as, “The Seven Figure Formula.”

These are members only events taught by trained, experienced financial experts. With a series of dedicated newsletters and other written material, Agora Financial introduces readers to investing by deepening their knowledge. Knowledge is provided with an in-depth explanation about how to take advantage of hidden markets. The Agora Financial analysts often predict fast growing stock first. When mass media was steadfast in their coverage of falling gold prices and suggesting that investors dump their investments, Agora Financial analysts said, not so fast. The advice turned out to be invaluable as gold rebounded, despite economic decline and a weakening dollar. Analysts go beyond the typical talk and offer fascinating investment and trading information.The dedicated publication topics, give members needed direction, so that may tap into hidden financial markets.

These markets are a good way to increase the assets and resources needed for retirement. The stock market can be savage to those who are unprepared. However, reading Agora Financial publications provides a stronghold, a proven advantage, because there’s a great deal of serious discussion about ways to achieve the greatest stock gains. Access to publications is designed to provide anytime learning, and the free newsletters are packed with vital information, based on real world stocks. In addition to the publications, Agora Financial’s Twitter page provides daily tips via posts. Reading the feed can help those who want to build a nest egg for the future. And on the website, there’s an assembled team of editors, each writes multiple newsletters, based on their area of expertise. Members can simply click on an editor’s name to see which publications they have written. The editors discuss various aspects of investing. Each online publication provides invaluable investment strategies, all without the inconvenience of homework or tests.

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Matthew Autterson’s Background in Business

Matthew Autterson began working within the financial services industry in 1980.  Currently, Autterson is the President and CEO of the drug-development company CNS Biosciences, Inc. The company was founded in 2013 by Scott Falci, M.D. CNS is a clinical-stage drug development company focused on neuropathic pain drug discovery.


Mr. Autterson graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Finance in 1979. He attended the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. He began his career at First Trust Corporation, a subsidiary of Fiserv. He left in 1982 and joined a small team to establish a new Colorado state-chartered trust company as a subsidiary of New York-based financial services company Integrated Resources, Inc. In 1986 he became president of Resources Trust Company.  In 1989, Resources Trust Company along with other assets owned by Integrated Resources, Inc. was acquired by Broad Inc, which subsequently became SunAmerica, Inc. SunAmerica was acquired by AIG in 1998 for $18 billion.


In May, 2001 Resources Trust Company was acquired by Fiserv from AIG. Prior to completing the sale, Resources Trust Company was one of the largest state-chartered, FDIC-insured depository trust companies in the country. It provided depository and investment custodial services to more than 200,000 clients, brought to the company by more than 15,000 registered independent financial advisors. Resources Trust Company held more than $20 billion in assets and over $1.0 billion in deposits and 700 employees.


Matthew Autterson is a member of the Board of Directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB). As a leader in Colorado’s business community, FAB represents Mr. Autterson’s current philanthropic interests following many years of leadership roles with the Board of the Denver Zoo, and Denver Zoological Foundation, the Webb-Waring Foundation and as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Denver Hospice. Mr. Autterson is a former officer and member of the Young Presidents Organization and World Presidents Organization.