George Soros Comeback

History of the Philanthropist-George Soros

George Soros is an investor, author, philanthropist, and self-made billionaire. The 87 year old Hungarian is the head of Soros Fund Management, and Forbes listed him as the 21st richest person globally, with a net worth of 26$ billion.

Soros is a survivor of the Nazi regime in the 40s, and hails from a humble background, such that he financed his education at the London School of Economics. Having pursued economics provided a foundation for his career in finance. Like other self- made billionaires, Soros success journey started when serving as an analyst of European securities. His hard work raised him to the capacity of vice president at the Arnhold and S Bleichroeder, among others.

Soros Philanthropy Work

Having grown in a humble background, George Soros appreciates giving back to the society. This generous cause has led to the establishment of Soros Fund Management, known as the Quantum Fund Endowment. Initially, this charitable organization started as an Open Society Foundation that made billions of donations. The organization has a net worth of over 25 million, according to Forbes. Being the most popular philanthropist, Soros aids regions experiencing natural catastrophe, he puts up after-school programs in New York, and pushes for justice of the unlawfully arrested. His charity program started by issuing scholarship program for the South Africans during the apartheid regime. His background in Hungary, being from the minority (anti-Semite) laid a platform for him to consider the minority, as he believes educating the persecuted is an effective way to handle prejudice.

Soros Rising Again

After making amicable charity to the society, Soros has been silent or rather less actively involved in financing politics and specifically presidential campaigns. One of such instances to remember is his involvement in shaping the democratic system in the Eastern Europe. However the good news, according Politico Magazine is that Soros has made a comeback. His return is culminated by his support of the US presidential campaign, for Hillary Clinton and fellow democratic aspirants. These claims have been proven by the Federal Electoral Commission (FEC), having carried out interviews with Soros’s associates. Read more about George at The New York Times.

Moreover, Soros political advisor confirms his engagement in making donations to Democratic causes. These donations are at times made through other organizations like the Priorities USA Action that received $7 million in support of Clinton. Further FEC indicates Soros involvement in donating $2 million to an opposition research against Trump’s win.

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The Ferguson Protest

It’s common for prominent entrepreneurs in the business world to support political campaigns or get politically affiliated. This is not any different from Soros, who according to the Washington Times, was behind the funding of the Ferguson Protest Movement where he made a donation of $33 million in one year. The funds were involved in coordinating the groups in Ferguson. Soros believes that citizens have a right in exercising their democratic rights, in state affairs. Learn more about his profile at

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund: Defending Human Rights

‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ So said civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’ written in 1963. Today, there are groups and organizations all over the United States and worldwide that agree with this statement and are working night and day to advocate for, secure and defend people’s human, civil and migrant rights from a wide range of challenges.

Their goal is to empower people, promote a civil society and help to reinforce the rule of just laws. They also investigate and expose countless human right violations. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Amnesty International is one organization that conducts research and takes action aimed at preventing individuals, institutions and governments from disregarding people’s human, civil and migrant rights. When people are forced to live in deplorable conditions, suffer injury or lose their lives due to injustice, Amnesty International takes action to shine a light on the abuses, advocate for a solution and fight for justice for those people being wronged all around the globe.

Another organization deeply involved in the fight for human, civil and migrant rights is Global Rights. The organization is globally recognized for their work in helping marginalized communities by promoting and protecting their rights. They do this through capacity building work with local activists in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Global Rights provides training and technical assistance that helps activists document and expose the violations of people’s human rights. The organization also fights to get legal and policy reforms enacted to promote and protect human rights for all. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Phoenix New Time

Human Right Watch is an organization that works throughout Africa, the America’s, Asia and the Middle East in support of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The organization focuses its resources on opposing any act that goes against the universal declarations. It is steadfast and consistent in its opposition to discrimination of any type and the right to free expression.

In Arizona, Justice That Works, Center for Neighborhood Leadership and the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund are on the front line of the battle to ensure people’s human, civil and migrant rights are protected. They are standing up for people who are being racially profiled, unjustly incarcerated, suffering oppression and are having their human rights abused. Michael and Larkin own the Phoenix New Times.

They were unjustly arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and won a $3.75 million award. They created the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and use the settlement money to support numerous organizations fighting for human, civil and migrant rights.

US attorney Heather Hamel and many other people globally have created non-profit, grassroots organizations to fight for human rights and against oppression, discrimination, brutality and mass incarceration of select populations. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

They have created solutions like the Redefining Safety Initiative which seeks restorative justice and actions to improve people’s lives and prevent nefarious forces from separating their families. It’s all part of a worldwide movement towards shifting resources away from oppression and incarceration to education, health care and community development.