Jeunesse Global continues expansion throughout lucrative East Asian markets

As well-known Sinophiles, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had worked and traveled extensively throughout the East Asia region for both business and pleasure. The entrepreneurial couple quickly fell in love with the place and its people, recognizing an enormous opportunity that was about to be unleashed on the world. The fact that so many people throughout the East Asia region had been stifled by the communist jackboot meant that with the ever-increasing free market reforms, soon, there would be a flood of high-grade entrepreneurial energy and talent onto the world stage.

It was this key insight that has helped Ray and Lewis, founders of Jeunesse Global, to grow their latest business venture with such stunning rapidity. From the beginning, Ray and Lewis knew that they wanted to focus on creating a company that would help to spread real economic opportunity across the globe. They especially wanted to help those from less-advantaged regions of the planet. But they were no starry-eyed neophytes. Decades of business experience and hands-on leadership had given Ray and Lewis an up-close look at some of the more dysfunctional regions of the planet. They knew that they were not going on any economic suicide missions to save Sierra Leone from itself or to quell unrest in Yemen.

But in East Asia, Ray and Lewis saw an opportunity to genuinely offer help to people who genuinely possessed huge reserves of human capital. This bet has proven to be spectacularly well placed. Jeunesse Global has experienced exponential growth in every year of its existence. For a company that was founded out of Ray and Lewis’ garage just eight years ago, the firm is now valued at more than $1 billion and counts tens of thousands of distributors across its ranks. Most of the company’s incredible growth has been driven by its East Asian operations.

What comes next for Jeunesse Global? Neither Ray or Lewis are willing to make hard predictions. But both entrepreneurs have stated unambiguously that East Asia will continue to be a central focus for the company into the future. Ray and Lewis say that Jeunesse’s real potential there hasn’t even started to be revealed.

What Are The Awesome Rewards Drinking Organo Gold Coffee Brings?

Coffee drinking has become a trending habit worldwide. Recently, two experimental studies concluded that the habit is actually beneficial to health. Both studies found that coffee contained proprietary compounds proven to inhibit the development of certain terminal health conditions. The publications released by Annals of Internal Medicine listed stroke, cancer, kidney/heart disease and diabetes as examples. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

In one study, researchers examined some 185,000 American coffee drinkers committed to a daily ritual. The research findings revealed that subjects consuming the beverage decaffeinated or caffeinated benefited from drinking coffee. The study’s chief author and a distinguished professor of USC’s (University of Southern California)-Keck School of Medicine, Dr. Veronica W. Setiawan; raised a logical argument that the subject’s ethnicity didn’t influence the biological response. Organo Gold is also available at

Those that kept to a daily ritual of 2 to 3 cups experienced a significant drop in mortality by 18 percent. The 16-year-long study reported that subjects that avoided coffee had increased risks of developing certain diseases. This reduced the life expectancy of these individuals. Another study involving some 10 European countries surveyed 520,000 candidates. Researchers learned that regular coffee drinkers also had a higher life expectancy than those who casually drank the beverage.

One company that’s particularly big on coffee brewing is Organo Gold. The global chain franchise established by the MLM (Multilevel Marketing) guru, Bernardo Chua uses Ganoderma as its main ingredient. The brand offers a diverse selection of Ganoderma-activated personal care items, nutraceuticals, and beverages. Today, Organo Gold remains committed as a sponsor to nonprofits like OG Cares Foundation. The organization has made meaningful towards youth enrichment endeavors with its series of community development projects.

Organo also supports the NHF (Napoleon Hill Foundation), which focuses its resources on educational opportunities to positively shape future professionals. Its best practices included in a bestseller called “Think and Grow Rich,” has set many (entrepreneurs) on the path to success. The brand continues to expand its reach through its distribution channels and marketing networks. It’s providing jobs for professional independent network marketers globally.