Matt Badiali Predicts the Scarcity and Increase in Value of Zinc

Matt Badiali gives a detailed description of what he thinks of zinc which is termed as the ’magic metal’. Matt says that the metal is not as precious as others such as platinum, silver or gold. Most people have not yet discovered the power of the metal because it rarely talked about. Some of the notable properties of the metal are, inflammability, it can be fully recycled, and it never rusts. These are some of the properties that make the metal stand out from the rest. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali adds that Zinc is found in different things such as automobiles, aeroplanes, computers, phones, turbines, and batteries among others. Interestingly, the metal has curative powers that most people do not know. Matt goes ahead and says that the metal is used by scientists to fight fatigue, diabetes, hair loss, and depression among others. The metal is also helpful in weight loss, protection against cancer, and improvement of vision. According to him, the metal should significantly increase in value. Some of the pharmaceutical companies that could need it desperately include Merck, Pfizer, and Bristol-Myers Squibb among others. It is these payments that Matt Badiali is referring to whenever he speaks of Freedom Checks a term he made popular in his recent viral video.

Most companies based in the United States have discovered the potential of the metal and are securing as much as possible. Matt Badiali says that the most challenging thing is that a shortage of the metal will arise in the near future. The disappearance of the metal is foreseen as big US companies scramble for it. Since 1990, major deposits of the metal have not yet been identified leaving a huge demand gap.


Matt Badiali says that the metal will be the most precious on earth. He predicts that in future, people will fight over it leading to loss of lives. He adds that the metal will be more valuable than oil or water. Matt says that the health benefits of zinc should not be overlooked. People who suffer from zinc deficiency do not get enough zinc-rich food such as whole grains, fish or meat. Matt says that the amount of Zinc available in warehouses has continued to decrease over the years.

Matt is a renowned investment advisor who focuses on natural resources like copper, oil, gold, uranium, silver, natural gas, and water among others. Mr. Matt serves at S & A Resource Report as its editor. Matt also contributes to the popular ‘Growth Stock Wire.’ Badiali is a highly experienced oil industry consultant, geologist and hydrologist. Matt attended the Florida Atlantic University where he pursued geology. Watch this video at Youtube.