Christopher Linkas: The Challenges That Young People Face In the Investment World

Some young people rely on their parents to manage the financial matters in some parts of their lives. Hence, they do not understand the basics of managing their finance. After college, the young generation can realize that they are now in charge and responsible for all their financial matters. You must understand various concepts on how you can overcome the multiple challenges involved in the financial management industry as an investor. The following are some of the problems which most youths face in the entire globe.


Financial Illiteracy


The needs for financial literacy among many people can never be underestimated. The act of managing is never an innate skill. That means that it is a skill that can be learned through math and writing. Besides, financial literacy will never be taught in schools thus the young people must take the initiative to understand the various elements of budgeting, saving and paying off loans, as well as managing credit cards.


Learning How to Take Risks and Invest


The economic performance in the entire globe has brought a significant impact on the Ge Yers who have never been lucky to find their career jobs. Additionally, many young people have a fear of not investing in the stock market due to this economic downturn. However, in the stock market, the earlier you start, the better your chances of getting incredible returns on any investment you have made.


According to Christopher, young investors have a very low tolerance for risks along with amazing conservative portfolios. It is also crazy that some companies get some youths who want their collections to be matched to a portfolio of a twice older client in the industry. The primary concern based on such new conservative young people who are mislead hence missing out on their future opportunities.


About Christopher Linkas


Christopher is known to be the head of credit in Europe. He is also the head of a 20 people European credit Group that is responsible for identifying opportunistic principal investments in Europe and its border regions. Some of the investment areas the organization specializes in include shipping, real estate, leases, non-performing loans, corporate loans, performing asset-backed investment as well as secondary LP interest.

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Financial Expert Chris Linkas Warns Millennials of Future Investment Obstacles

Why Stansberry Research Has Developed Strategies for Better Investing

Investments can be difficult for those who are new to the process. If you’ve never purchased stocks before and are wondering what you can do to gain more money through something that is practically guaranteed to grow. There are a variety of different investment options available to you, and understanding as well as learning about them all can be advantageous for when you want to be able to get your investments to grow well and within a short period of time. In fact, a lot of people who have made use of the skills and strategies taught by Stansberry Research have found that they have earned more money in four months than they have in an entire year in the past when it concerns their investments.


When you consider the benefits of choosing the proper investments, it’s all about getting the correct options for your needs and budget. You do not want to spend too much money on stocks and bonds and then find that you’re short elsewhere. Instead, you need to marry a happy medium between spending a decent amount on stocks while also having a decent amount of cash for after. You will then find that you make more money off of your stock investments than ever before.


Thanks to Stansberry Research, an investment research company, you can get helpful tips and strategies for any and all investing that you are planning to do. This encourages your investments to grow well and over the course of time, and this is the reason so many have chosen this as an option for their own needs. Stansberry Research has taken it upon themselves to understand the inner workings of the investment world, and this is why so many potential investors are choosing their company to help with their options and needs. You can check out the Stansberry Research site and blog to learn more and to get helpful tips and hints for when you would like to get your investments made right now and know you’re making the money that you both need and want without having to figure it out yourself.


Glen Wakeman’s Influence On Entrepreneurship

For a successful business career, one is supposed to have the knowledge required for running it.

Glen Wakeman is the right person to source information from on how to take your company. He has worked for General Electric for twenty years, an experience that has since made him a dependable man to be looked upon by most entrepreneurs. Glen was exposed to helpful information concerning the business and how to move it to more significant levels. While still at GE, Glen has delegated a duty in creating GE Money Latin America, which later on saw a growth in the assets by 12 billion dollars and the staff members from one to 17000.

Ever since then, Glen decided to take another angle in his career to enlighten people about all what he learned. He formed Launchpad Company with hopes in its expansion plans. Entrepreneurs who will be in need of monetary support will now have a chance to benefit from Launchpad as it has plans to share its profits.

Glen Wakeman is the founder of the five most sensitive steps required for running any company which includes marketing, operational, talent, financial and risk management.

For marketing, he defines it as the art of giving details and explaining a company’s product and its importance to the customers. This gives them a reason as to why they should purchase the product.

Looking at the operational perspective is defined by how the company will work to provide the customers with a product that is to their expectation. Once the customer is satisfied with the products, then this means there will be high chances to maintain the customer business relationship.

The third aspect about talent places the entrepreneur in a state where they are required to assess the ability of how well a person can do something or create a product with perfection and sell it. An entrepreneur with such kind of information can judge the fate of the goods to be produced.

For financial, one has to base on what amount of cash they have at hand and not forgetting how much will be needed to reach the set goals.

What more does one require to ensure the success of their business than what Glen has offered?

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Jeunesse Global continues expansion throughout lucrative East Asian markets

As well-known Sinophiles, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had worked and traveled extensively throughout the East Asia region for both business and pleasure. The entrepreneurial couple quickly fell in love with the place and its people, recognizing an enormous opportunity that was about to be unleashed on the world. The fact that so many people throughout the East Asia region had been stifled by the communist jackboot meant that with the ever-increasing free market reforms, soon, there would be a flood of high-grade entrepreneurial energy and talent onto the world stage.

It was this key insight that has helped Ray and Lewis, founders of Jeunesse Global, to grow their latest business venture with such stunning rapidity. From the beginning, Ray and Lewis knew that they wanted to focus on creating a company that would help to spread real economic opportunity across the globe. They especially wanted to help those from less-advantaged regions of the planet. But they were no starry-eyed neophytes. Decades of business experience and hands-on leadership had given Ray and Lewis an up-close look at some of the more dysfunctional regions of the planet. They knew that they were not going on any economic suicide missions to save Sierra Leone from itself or to quell unrest in Yemen.

But in East Asia, Ray and Lewis saw an opportunity to genuinely offer help to people who genuinely possessed huge reserves of human capital. This bet has proven to be spectacularly well placed. Jeunesse Global has experienced exponential growth in every year of its existence. For a company that was founded out of Ray and Lewis’ garage just eight years ago, the firm is now valued at more than $1 billion and counts tens of thousands of distributors across its ranks. Most of the company’s incredible growth has been driven by its East Asian operations.

What comes next for Jeunesse Global? Neither Ray or Lewis are willing to make hard predictions. But both entrepreneurs have stated unambiguously that East Asia will continue to be a central focus for the company into the future. Ray and Lewis say that Jeunesse’s real potential there hasn’t even started to be revealed.

George Soros Makes an 18 Billion Donation to Help Society

There are few people that can argue that the act of George Soros taking 18 billion of his wealth and donating it to his Open Foundations was a gift that will help places like Asia for a long time to come. As Forbes recently did an article that showcased the donation that he made and how it will be used to help countries that have been war torn as well as to help families and individuals that have been victims of these wars and read full article.

This is not something new for Soros, as he has been known in the past to give a sizeable amount of money to various political campaigns. These donations have helped a number of candidates that might not have otherwise had a chance in the political arena have a chance at winning their race for office. In addition to the political campaigns that he has donated to, there are also the large number of social causes he has given money to in order to help and make the world better.

Part of the money that he donated to his Open Society Foundations will be used to help improve conditions in parts of Asia, where things are not as good as in other parts. There have been places like Nepal that have seen their share of war and as a result, these countries are damaged and the people that live there are suffering on a regular basis. George Soros hopes that with this donation of 18 billion that these conditions will improve and this make the lives in the area a little better.

In addition to the 18 billion that he has already promised, he has said that there will be another 2 billion donated in the very near future. This will bring the total amount of his donation to 20 billion this equates to more than 85% of his wealth. This act according to Forbes knocked him down several spots on the Forbes list of the richest people in the world. While this would cause any other billionaire to be worried, to Soros, it is all a worthwhile act that helps the betterment of mankind and learn more about George  Soros.

According to an article done by Forbes, one of the things that the Open Foundations does is work with a local grassroots in Mongolia that helps those with disabilities to have equal access to the educational system as those that have disabilities are often excluded from the education system for that reason. Part of this money will go to help support the work that this grassroot organization does and hopefully help to give a few more students in this region a chance to go to school, and get a quality education. Without this donation many kids that would never have had a chance at quality education would lose out on a quality education. This is one of the reasons why George Soros is one of the most giving people in a long time and why his work will continue to help others for a great many years and Follow him

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Madison Street capitals path to global Reputation

In the modern market, the reputation of a business is significant for its survival. This is because the trust and confidence of the customers will have a huge impact on the sales and profits of a company. Institutions that ruin their reputation in any way end up with huge losses at the end of the year. Madison Street is an investment company that has the best reputations in the world. The Chicago based company has been in the market for some time now, and it has won the hearts of numerous clients because of its quality services and products. Madison Capital reputation has been on the rise because of several reasons. Here are some of them:


Helping businesses to make crucial investment decisions

Since it was established many years ago, the investment company has been working hard to help businesses in several industries to gain access to the credit they need to empower their businesses and at the end of the day navigate some of the complex transactions in the industry. This makes it easy for the company management to make insightful decisions in the investments.Vital Care Industries is one of the businesses that have received the assistance they needed from Madison Street Capital. The healthcare company is located in Illinois, and it has done well because of the investment advisory services it received from Madison Street Capital. The advice the healthcare firm received helped in acquiring a high-value commercial loan that has transformed the institution in so many ways.


Winning awards

Madison Street Capital has been given several awards due to its accomplishments in the financial world. Last year, the company played a fundamental role in the acquisition of an international company, and this made it be given the boutique investment firm of the year award. Getting this award is never a walk in the park for any company. The management of the institution has to work very hard to prove to the international community that they are the best.The institution has also been playing an important role to change the lives of the communities around them in the recent times.


Madison Street Capital has been in the competitive investment world for more than a decade now. The internationally recognized firm specializes in merger and acquisitions, investment advice and other related activities. The company has offices in Africa, America, and Asia. The wide ranges of services offered by the company have transformed the lives of so many people in the world. Learn more: