Investor Milan Kordestani

Milan Kordestani is the founder of Milan farms. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Milan Farms. A resident of Bay area, he joined Sacred Heart Preparatory located in California. He graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory in 2017. At the moment Milan Kordestani is still undertaking studies at the college level. Milan is also a Huffing Post writer and a national competing equestrian.

As an equestrian, he is very competent. In the Worlds Championship, 17 and the Under Park Division, he was ranked number three in the year 2015. In the World Championship in the 5-Gaited Show Pleasure division, he was ranked second in the year two thousand and sixteen. Milan Kordestani has a passion for agriculture. This has made him write about it at the Huffington Post and also create an agricultural farm. Other fields that Milan writes about are mental health and politics.

Milan farms were created in 2015. One of the primary objectives of the farm was to create an organic and more humane condition for poultry farming. The end target is a 100 percent pure saffron. Apart from Saffron, Milan Kordestani, through his company, sells organic eggs and mint. To make their products pure, poultry is fed with selections of feeds that are purely organic. Milan Kordestani believes that farms that claim to be producing natural should be very transparent. This improves consumer confidence in the products that are offered by the company.

The ever-increasing demand for organic food is good news for the company. The population is concerned about their health especially in areas where lifestyle diseases are rampant. Eating foods that are entirely natural guarantees that the consumer will experience no side effects. In 2016, Milan Kordestani launched the company brand and logo. Milan Farms distributes eggs in West Coast. Large parts of Colorado also get products from the company. Saffron is exported overseas.

Innovation and research are inculcated in the company by the CEO, Mr. Milan Kordestani. The company is using hydroponic and aquaponic techniques to grow their saffron. Experiments at different saline levels are still being conducted, but results are hopeful.


David Giertz and His Practical Tips For You To Achieve Early Retirement

There are many issues today that challenge the discourse of how it is to succeed, to live life and to be a fantastic business leader. One of these issues would be the fact that the world right now is encouraging more to be employees, or in Nassim Taleb’s words, slaves. There’s less risk-taking. There’s less tinkering and entrepreneurial spirit. Fortunately, there are still remaining people who take the road less travelled and want to increase the financial independence of people through his expertise in finance.

One of these people right now is David Giertz. Right now, one of the things he’s passionate about is in telling people some of the easy ways to retire early and to enjoy life as a free man, a non-employee.

That said, his words and other advice on how to retire has an extra layer of credibility that can’t be easily seen in others. For starters, it is his advice to say that one good way to retire is to invest one’s money and diversify such investments. For early retirement to be achieved, there has to be a series of after-tax accounts under one’s name in order to get the maximum benefits of growth in the assets later on. This is essentially the essence of the article that you can read from News Version, which also included different investment tips, including how to handle health costs and retirement home arrangements.

Aboud David Giertz

One of the best things about the financial consultancy service that David Giertz offers is the fact that he’s a financial advisor with already over 30 years of progressive experience in the field of financial services. The industry is already churning a lot of sound business and finance advice, but what makes the experience of David stand out is the fact that he offers practical advice that brings the assets of his clients on top.

It may also have helped that he got his education at the University of Miami and Milikin University. In addition to that, David was also the president of Nationwide Financial’s distribution and sales panel, which gave him the added credentials to reach the kind of success that he has right now.

The Astonishing Accomplishments of Jason Hope

Age-related diseases have become quite common in the modern world. As a result, a lot of research is being conducted to find solutions. One primary concern is whether an adequate study is being carried out on diabetes and Alzheimer among other common diseases. One of the most notable investors who has invested in medical research is Jason Hope. Mr. Hope is based out of Arizona. Jason donates funds to organizations like the SENS Foundation which was founded in 2009. The organization was established to find solutions to age-linked diseases. Since the organization started operating, it has significantly transformed biotechnology in different ways.

However, Jason joined SENS Foundation in 2010. As soon as he joined the organization, he donated 500,000 million dollars. His contributions to the foundation helped in the construction of the SENS laboratory. The organization was also able to start new study initiatives. Since Jason joined the foundation, he has given over one million dollars to support its activities.

In a recent interview, Mr. Hope said that there were various reasons as to why he had dedicated himself to donate towards researching about age-linked illnesses. For Example, Jason felt that the experience and knowledge he had gathered over the years could help to improve medical research. SENS is one of the organizations that Jason Hope has donated a lot of money to due to his belief in the foundation’s ability. Apart from just making financial contributions towards the SENS Foundation, Hope takes part in its outreach programs.

Jason says that the fastest way to improve healthcare is to invest in enhancing the biotechnology industry. Strengthening this type of sector significantly helps in supporting advanced medical research. Mr. Hope says that to deal with anti-aging diseases, it is important to make large investments in treating and preventing other related diseases by also improving the quality of life. The human body is negatively affected by normal absorption with time. One way of preventing age-linked diseases in future is by taking preventive measures. SENS Foundation prevents damages before they lead to deadly diseases.

It is worth noting that several other people have found the need to invest in age-related diseases. Most investors spend millions of dollars supporting anti-aging research. Jason is one of the business consultants and accomplished entrepreneurs who support medical initiatives to benefit everyone. Jason has a great passion for supporting scientific research, curing different types of diseases, and supporting education. Jason says that one of his greatest accomplishments in life is being able to give back to the community.

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Adam Milstein Shares his Thoughts on the Future Jewish Leaders of the World

Adam Milstein is best known as a real estate investor and his involvement in Hager Pacific Properties. He is also a philanthropist, founding the Adam and Gil Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board at the Israeli-American Council, which he also played a part in founding. Adam Milstein is also a frequent writer, sharing his thoughts and ideas on Jewish life and culture.

Recently, Milstein shared an article on Times of Israel concerning how diaspora Jews and their commitment to Israel.

Milstein began by painting a short picture of Jewish history, talking about how Jewish leaders, David Ben-Gurion, Chaim Weizmann, Golda Meir, and Henrietta Szold created the necessary ground-work for the State of Israel. He then talked about Mordechai Anielewicz and Peter Bergson, who led the Jewish people against the Nazis during WWII.

Adam Milstein then moved on to modern subjects and the perils that the Jewish population faces today.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign is an effort to destroy the State of Israel. They are seeking to disrupt the relationship between the worldwide Jewish population and their home land. Adam Milstein believes that these efforts from the BDS campaign will ultimately be frivolous: the diaspora Jews will not agree with their extreme views.

Milstein mentioned the heroes of Jewish history because he believes it is time for a figurehead for the Jewish world to emerge now. The Jewish community needs a modern Mordechai Anielewicz or Henrietta Szold to lead the Jewish world through struggles such as the struggles with the BDS campaign.

“I have great hope and optimism,” Adam Milstein writes. “That these high-caliber leaders will emerge. This is because I meet them every day.”

Milstein then listed scenarios where he has encountered such individuals. As a philanthropists he has met these people. Some of them have just returned from pilgrimage, energized after first stepping foot in their home land. Some of them are his peers at the Israeli-American Council. A leader could even emerge from Jewish youth camps, Milstein explained.

Adam Milstein is a frequent contributor to Times of Israel.

Did Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group Save Capitalism?

Randal Nardone of Fortress Investment Group
Did Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group Save Capitalism?

Financial markets have been tied together like mountain climbers. The plan is to have all of them hold up one errant climber. Did Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group save Capitalism?

Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis

During the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis, the Captains of Industry were becoming very worried. They knew that the entire world depended on them for capital. Capital was needed by individuals, companies and governments.

Modern credit cards had made it so that individuals could finance their startups, themselves. Businesses had lines of credit and needed more funds to upgrade to the latest technology. Governments around the world were also becoming more capital intensive.

When Lehman Brothers failed, the capital markets seized up. Suddenly, the top financial institutions were afraid of lending to one another. They found it impossible to properly measure risk. What financial brand weathered this storm intact? The Fortress Investment Group.

Credit Crunch

Back in 1998, Randal Nardone had co-founded the Fortress Investment Group. He did not base its fortunes on Sub-Prime debtors. He purchased valuable assets, like railways, casinos and ski resorts.

He did not bundle useless mortgages together to create useless mortgage backed securities (MBS). Randal Nardone performed a valuable service in providing the capital that made the world productive. What was Randal Nardone’s secret?

He had learned the tools of the trade under the mountains of Switzerland. He ate Swiss chocolate and Swiss cheese while working for the global financial giant UBS. Founded in April 1862, UBS was figuring out how to provide more capital to Swiss watch makers while the Americans were fighting for the freedom of Blacks.

Randal Nardone learned about conservative banking in Switzerland. That is why his company survived the 2008 Credit Crunch. When his hedge fund went public, Randal Nardone was added to the Forbes 2007 Billionaire’s List at #557.

The British called 2008, the “Credit Crunch.” It kind of shows their focus. They did not really worry about the Sub-Prime borrowers, everyone knew they would go bankrupt, but the British were concerned about their bankers.

Keeping Capital Flowing

Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investment Group kept the capital flowing to the companies that produce. They made sure that necessary technological upgrades were made. Some of the assets were combined and re-packaged to create a more sustainable business model.

The best companies could be made public again. It was a little like a makeover. The ugly sides of the business were removed and the healthy parts were made better.

Productive factors are the foundation of society, not the repackaging of useless paper promises. Randal Nardone built up a “Fortress of Value.” That is why SoftBank purchased the Fortress Investment Group in 2017 as part of its Vision Fund Strategy.

Companies with real assets were able to keep the capital flowing. Randal Nardone should get a medal or street named after him, thanks to his efforts to save Capitalism. Now, Americans can buy all the Swiss chocolate, they want.

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Meet A Successful American Investor; Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a famous American investor who has featured on numerous news channels while sharing his advice and broad knowledge.

Paul Mampilly founded a successful investment newsletter. The newsletter has over ninety thousand subscribers thus helping millions of individuals gain confidence and the necessary knowledge that is required in making wise investment decisions. Mampilly is a citizen of India. He traveled to the United States while he was still a young man.

His interest was mainly in finances, investment and mostly Wall Street. He has an experience of over twenty-five years in his career. Paul began his career from a very humble background when he journeyed into the investment world as a portfolio manager at the well-known Banker’s Trust in nineteen ninety-one. He has held numerous prominent positions in international institutions such as the Royal Bank of Scotland,ING, and several private institutions.

Paul Mampilly is also known for providing wise investment advice to other individuals who have big dreams. Mr. Mampilly has an impressive record of the personal investments that he had done on his own. He once invested in a drug treatment that was developed by Sarepta Therapeutics which gained him a profit of twenty-five hundred percent. Paul had faith in the company’s history of providing modern and high-quality medication therapies, and he decided to invest in it while it was still under establishment and it ended up earning him a huge profit in the end. Paul has made a stream of similar investment choices over the years based on the current market trends. Paul uses his vast knowledge to advice individuals in the investment industry on the decisions to make based on his experience.

Mr. Mampilly has been a hedge fund manager and has managed to win numerous awards such as the Templeton Foundation Investment competition. Over the years, he has been on numerous television broadcasts such as Bloomberg, CNBC e.t.c. Paul founded Profits Unlimited, and as he works with the company, he offers guidance to individuals interested in learning more about stocks to invest in and when divert from the stock market. Paul Mampilly has been an asset for the Kinetics International Fund since it thrived under the leadership of Paul.

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Chris Burch: Why Marrying Technology and Fashion Is Beneficial

As years go by, people’s taste and preference keep on changing. The fashion and technology industries have not been exceptional. They have evolved together over the years as consumer preferences change. What is considered fashionable today may not hold the same position tomorrow. Likewise, a technology that is fashionable today will be faced out by another tomorrow. According to fashion and technology expert, Chris Burch, the past and the present day events can help us foresee the future.


Past and Present Relationships


From the 70s the fashion and technology industries have been showing some relationships. For instance, the boom boxes and two cassette decks were popular in the 70s. Coming into the 80s, they became even more popular after they were added to movie stories. In the 90s Walkman became popular only to be faced out ten years later by iPods. From this trend, it can be concluded that technology grows based on is considered fashionable.


Fashion designers of the 21st century have discovered that marrying technology with fashion is the only way to remain relevant in the market. Experts argue that technology has endless opportunities, which when explored can yield high-quality standards and functionality.


The future


The next frontier that synergism of technology and fashion can yield is protecting humans. For instance, firefighters find it difficult to communicate with each other while in their line of duty. Frontline gloves designed by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon present a great avenue for them to communicate with each other through hand gestures. Another advancement that is on the way is the development of prototype shoes that would produce kinetic energy enough to power mobile gadgets while the wearer is walking or running.


A Perfect Example of Synergism


Each of these industries requires assistance from each other. Wearing glasses was not accepted by many people until recently when an incredible fashion designer came to their help. She made her model catwalk while wearing the glasses and almost instantly the glasses gained popularity across the world.


Christopher Burch in Brief


Burch is the founder and principle of Burch Creative Capital. The Ithaca College alumnus has a unique investment philosophy owing to his excellent entrepreneurial skills and experience. Burch is also an investor having invested in technology, fashion, and real estate.


The fashion mogul has over 40 years of experience in investment. His company boasts of a rich investment portfolio including Blink Health, Chubbies, Little Duck and BaubleBar among others. Over his life, he has participated in establishment and prosperity of over 50 companies.