Rocketship Education is bringing a revolution in American public charter schools learning. The Rocketship Education program aims at providing quality education to children from underprivileged homes who are attending schools which are not performing well. The education program has been supported by many personalities who support quality education. Some of them include Andre Agassi who is a renowned tennis player.

The star recently opened the new Rocketship Rise Academy in the Woodland Terrace in the southeast area of Washington D.C. Agassi thought of developing charter schools after an unproductive phase in his life. That is when he felt that unfortunate children lack the choice of developing in life because of the type of background they come from.

So far the talented tennis player has managed to build twelve charter schools in the Las Vegas area alone. Agassi collaborated with Robert Turner who is his partner, and together they formed the Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund. It is through this fund that they are able to pay for the charter schools across America. The new school is the 69th school that they have constructed through this fund and they plan to make many other schools.

The Rocketship Education Fund is also present in the San Jose area. The non-profit establishment has led to the construction of up to twenty-five public charter schools in the area. These schools are all performing well, and they are designed to prepare the child from the low-income communities with an equal opportunity in life. Some public schools in the area are even partnering with the Rocketship Education schools in order to boost the performance of their students.

Influential people in the San Jose society are also lending a hand in educating the local children. Reed Hastings has a hundred million dollars education fund that support education in the area. Mark Zuckerberg who is Facebook’s CEO and his spouse Priscilla Chan are also committed to supporting education funds.

About Rocketship Education:

The Rocketship Education is a public charter school based program based in California. The program operates within key values which enable them to be the shining example of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.These key values include empathy, respect, persistence, gratitude, and responsibility. These values provide the children with a vision of not only being better in school but also outside within their respective communities. The successful schools are run by an efficient curriculum that enhances each child’s experience.