Freedom Pop’s Economical Cell and Internet Plans

Freedom Pop is a cell service provider that offers virtually free phone, text, and data options. Frequent data users may not like their plans, but those people on a budget will love their economical options to phone, text, and data plans.


The main plan, and most popular, is Freedom Pop’s “Free Cell Phone Service.” They offer 500MB of 4G data, 200 minutes, and unlimited texting. Warning with sending and receiving texts, they go through your data plan. Freedom Pop does warn customers that this plan is for light data users only. The “free” plan functions like a prepaid plan with no contracts and no cancellation fees. One major perk is that Freedom Pop uses the reliable Sprint network.


People can go over their data allowance and that has hidden fees. $10 is an automatic top-up but it can be turned off through settings. This top up will go towards the extra data. It is 2 cents per additional MB, which can help those who may need a little extra that month. You can also earn free data through inviting friends and taking surveys. Also, it is only free for one year. After the free year, the service is still an affordable $10.99/year.


Freedom Pop offers paid cell phone options. There is the $5 Wifi calling option. For those who live near major metro areas with hot spots, this plan is ideal. There is a $20 a month unlimited with 1GB of data for the heavy users. Once you consume the 4G data, then your speed will drop to 3G.


Freedom Pop also offers internet service options. After purchasing a device that ranged from 39-129 per month, you have the choice of three plans. The plans ranged from 500 MB to 2GB of data per month. These internet plans can be an affordable alternative to the often expensive cable internet.


FreedomPop Has Great Plans As Well As More Great Plans

One of the biggest complaints that many people will have about their wireless carrier is the cost of the services. While FreedomPop is bringing great services to their customers at very reasonable prices, some wireless carriers are raising their prices, which is very unusual, based on the market today. Most people are going for services that are lower in cost, and if a cell phone service provider raises their rates, they may lose their customers. A 2016 review not only is giving all the information about FreedomPop’s great services but their low prices as well.


Since FreedomPop still has the free cell phone service, it’s important to notate that it’s changed a little bit and has a limit of 200 MB of data but unlimited text messages. The data and text message limits have changed recently but has mostly changed for the better. Even with the low data limit of 200 MB, many are still able to stay within this limit each month because they use Wi-Fi service.


Since the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop is usable on any phone, those who want to extend their data usage should utilize FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service, especially since it only costs five dollars per month. FreedomPop has even added a Wi-Fi service plan that only costs five dollars per month, which means calls, text messages, and data can all be sent over Wi-Fi. Another plan that FreedomPop has only costs $10.99 every month and has unlimited phone calls and text messages, and 500 MB of data is also included with the plan. Earning extra data is possible as well when offers are completed for FreedomPop partners.


Anyone who adds a FreedomPop friend can also find themselves getting additional data each month as long as the friend stays a part of the FreedomPop family. There is even an unlimited plan that has everything, including unlimited data for only $19.99, which blows away any competition out there with the same service. Even the Internet service plan that FreedomPop has is great, and not just the five-dollar a month Wi-Fi service plan, but also the portable hotspots that receive 500 MB of free data each month. FreedomPop is always trying to improve their services, which has only gained them more customers.