The Chainsmokers Comment On Their New Hit Record And The Evolution Of Their Music

The Chainsmokers are an American DJ and production duo. The Chainsmokers make music that is commonly labeled as EDM, Pop, and Electro-Pop. The duo is made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Pall and Taggart have cited Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams, and Deadmau5 as musical influences. The Chainsmokers first reached The Billboard Hot 100 with their hit song Roses. They also won a Grammy Award for their song Don’t Let Me Down. The Chainsmokers have also won multiple American Music Awards and iHeartRadio Music Awards.

The Chainsmokers’ latest hit is Sick Boy, a dance rock track. Sick Boy has reached the top of the charts in The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and multiple countries throughout Europe. Pall says that the song deals with the identity crisis that many people face due to the emphasis on social media in today’s society. Pall says that having a large social media platform can be a gift and a curse.

Taggart says that Sick Boy is the start of a new chapter for The Chainsmokers. Taggart says that The Chainsmokers have evolved as artists, as well as people. Taggart says that most of the new music is a little darker, which he feels is a reflection of the current state of society.

Pall says that The Chainsmokers hold themselves to a high standard. They are excited to take their music in another direction. Pall says that the primary goal is to embrace the challenge. Taggart notes that The Chainsmokers have pushed themselves to new levels through the creation of their recent music. Taggart believes that people have to be willing to step outside of their comfort zone. While the process can be scary, it is also exciting.

Taggart says that The Chainsmokers are committed to their EDM roots, despite incorporating more pop sounds into their music. Taggart mentions that The Chainsmokers are working with some new producers. They are also creating some dance tracks for an upcoming festival.

Perez Determined to Make Tidal Succeed

Tidal is a company that has spent a lot of money in the past. Owning a music streaming business can be tricky because you have to pay the artists their royalties. Tidal is a company that recognizes growing talents, and as such it pays the musicians well. If your music streaming company does not make a profit, you can be forced to pay them from your pocket and it is easy to count losses if there are not customers willing to subscribe. Leadership is crucial when it comes to ensuring the success of music streaming company. It requires someone who is determined and ready to offer services that are unique so that the company can stand out.


According to, Jay-Z was determined to build Tidal, and that is the reason he decided to come up with strong leadership. The company had faced problems in the past with leaders stepping down from their position. What Jay-Z did is to hire the services of the businesswoman and manager Desiree Perez. Jay-Z knows the ability of the lady because they have worked together for many years. He has seen the great projects that the lady has been able to negotiate and win. Desiree Perez has helped Jay-Z to clinch some of the best deals in the music entertainment world.


She is now on Tidal, and she is working to put the brand on the right track. It is clear that Tidal will be reeling huge profits considering the many deals that are rumored to be underway. Perez knows to stir things up and get the competition working to her advantage. Though many companies are offering the same services and some of them are established, there are hopes that the corporation is now recovering from the previous mismanagement.


Regarding negotiating skills, she is the best. She has established herself in the business world, and those who have worked with her know that she is good at getting things working. With the lady on board, Jay-Z is relaxed and knows that everything will go on well with the business. The company is making a comeback, and soon it will be at the top because of the competitive advantage of having quality music to their fans.

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