Michel Terpins: Turning from a Motorcyclist to a Car Rally Driver

The 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally went down as one of the longest off-track competition covering three states in Brazil and spanning slightly more than 3300 kilometers. The event attracted more than 50 competitors and of the teams that caught the eye of most rally fans was the Bull Sertoes Team that comprises Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo. More than any other team, they exuded a lot of confidence terming it their ‘second luck edition’ where they were meant to shine. With their T-Rex model having undergone a lot of modifications such as injecting a V8 engine running on ethanol, it became much convincing to cruise challenging terrains. Banking on these deliverables, they were better placed in winning the event more than any other team participating in the T1 prototype category of the event.

Competing in the 25th Edition of the Sertoes

Finishing in the 7th position for this event was no mean feat for Michel Terpins having participated in these competitions for the 10th time. He cited their experience and well-conditioned car as the motivating factors behind their confident finish in this event. The position, therefore, places them well in competing favorably in the Brazilian Cross Country Championship which proves more sophisticated to the Sertoes Rally. In fact, he opined that the competition was an eye opener to the extra amount of effort that he together with Justo need to put in place to be the overall best rally drivers in Brazil.

Venturing into Professional Car Rally

Since making his debut in this competition in 2002 as a mere junior motorcyclist competing in the motorcycle category, he was attracted to car rallying. Michel Terpins got the conviction to join car rallying through his elder brother Rodrigo Terpins who also competed in the same event. They then teamed up with his brother, and in the following year, they competed in the same event where he was the navigator as his brother was the pilot. Together they won four titles in all the competitions they had participated, until 2006 when Michel Terpins teamed up with Maykel Justo forming the Bull Sertoes Team.