The Wessex Conferences Well Let You Stay In Touch With the Latest Research

The Wessex Institute of Technology prides itself in it’s international conferences. These conferences are aimed at providing an overview of the state of the art with in a specific field. The end goal of which is to encourage inter-disciplinary research. As well, they aim to help professionals keep in touch with the latest academic progress. They are a great resource to aid the spread of knowledge and cutting edge techniques.


The conference program takes several forms. There are the main courses held at Ashurst Lodge, where Wessex Institute is headquartered. Beyond that a variety of seminars and presentations are held throughout the world. The conference itself is usually held over several days with one or a few specialists giving a series of short courses. The topics covered include science and engineering, as well as some newer topics such as finance and ecology. The papers covered are usually available electronically or in print format in advance of the conference.  Based on