Rick Smith: Innovations In Prison Communications

Richard “Rick” Smith is the CEO, or Cheif Executive Officer, of the company Securus Technologies. He is one of the biggest titans when it comes to the prison technology industry. He has extensive experience when it comes to the engineering field, increasing how effective he is in the technology sector.

Rick Smith’s Education and Accomplishments

Rick Smith earned an Associate’s Degree while attending the Rochester Institute of Technology and his Bachelor’s in Engineering while attending the State University of New York at Buffalo. He then earned his Master’s Degree in Mathematics while at the State University of New York at Brockport, and another Master’s Degree in Engineering while attending the University of Rochester.

Past and Current Positions Held By Rick Smith

He is committed to his various businesses through his positions at several companies. He served as the President of Eschelon Telecom and Securus Technologies. He has also had many other positions in Global Crossing North Americ Inc. and Securus Technologies. He has served on Eschelon Telecom’s board and currently serves on Integra Telecom Company’s Board.

Success in Prison Technologies

Rick Smith helped to achieve great success with Securus Technologies which is an innovator when it comes to prison technologies. This company specializes in communications technology allowing inmates to interact with people in the outside world. They provide prisons with audio communication technology and technologically advanced video systems.

Rick Smith’s Future Plans For His Company

The technology that Securus has provided is already used in many jails. Rick Smith plans to have his companies products in all of the prisons in the United States. He states that he not only wants success for his business but wants to allow detainees to have access to better communication options. Rick Smith shares his innovations with those who need his products showing empathy toward those incarcerated. It is easy to see why he has had such success in this industry. Rick Smith is one of the most influential people when it comes to the prison communications world. His products are available in many prisons all over the country, and he plans on spreading them to every inmate that he can. His education and extensive experience in the field has allowed him to make huge changes in many prisoner’s lives.

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