Bob Reina: Good Intentions Lead To Good Results

When someone talks about Bob Reina, they always talk about the fact he has good intentions. That is hard to deny and it is true all of the time. He is always looking to do something positive and he is always looking to make sure the world is a better place. It is something he talks about at great length and it is something he is committed to along with his team at Talk Fusion. They are a great team and everyone pitches in to make sure that Talk Fusion is doing all it can for the world out there.


When it comes to charity work, Bob Reina is legendary in this field. He has really set the standard when it comes to charity work. He has shown people how to do it the right way and how to get people’s attention. When he gets people’s attention, it makes them stop and think for a second. In turn, a lot of times, they pay it forward as well and they will do something to help out someone in need. There are a lot of people in need, but sometimes they are too proud to ask. Bob Reina is not afraid to seek them out and offer his help. It is one of the many benefits of being the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion.


This is a company that is now in its eleventh year, which is quite a feat. They have been around for over a decade, and they have advanced so much in the field of video technology. It is a source of pride for them, especially with the IT team. Talk Fusion is a dependable, reliable, and groundbreaking product that allows people to communicate using video and really get their business up and running. Before long, they are making a tremendous profit from it and they can quit their day job. Learn more:


One of the many perks about working from home is the chance to be in your PJ’s and still get work done and make a difference. Talk Fusion wants all of their customers to feel comfortable in life and in business.

Robert Deignan’s Creation of ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan founded ATS Digital Services in 2011, and much to his surprise the company grew quickly and it became stronger as the result of the digital age. Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Deignan was used to a faced paced way of life. It was no surprise to him that the world of technology was catching everyone up to speed in just about every area of business. Although Deignan had a short relationship with the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets, he wanted to settle into a different way of life. Having worked in technology before, he came up with an idea for a business that would aid in the growth and use of technology for years to come.

Deignan’s first experience with software was acquired while working with an Anti-Malware Software company. After having technical issues getting software installed on a user’s machine, he considered that there was an opportunity here for a business. He created a trial software strategy, giving it a chance to get in front of more users. Those who wanted to try it out could sign up for a few weeks. When users struggled to make the software work, they decided to create a page where users could contact them by phone and walk them through the process to determine where the problem was.

Deignan knew that he was onto something, even more so due to the fact that it was simple for the user to contact them, and walking them through the entire process made it easy to identify the problem areas. Once they discovered that the issuers of malware were blocking their download, they knew they were up against a strong force. Deignan and his team continued to work on the software and the opportunity to make it great.

Enhancing the remote connection in order to help customers was a great way to not only build relationships, but to acquire lifelong customers and give them the very best care available. Problem solving and troubleshooting quickly and easily would lead Deignan and his team down the right path for long-term success.

Bob Reina: Change Does Not Scare Him

When it comes to change, it is part of life. People either need to accept it, deal with it, and move on, or they will never adapt to the times. Bob Reina has always been big on adapting to the times and rolling with the punches. He knows change is coming, and he knows it is on the horizon, and it is also happening as we speak. Change comes in many forms. He has embraced it and learned to live with it, especially as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. He knows it is part of the company and it is also part of life.


It is why Bob Reina has made it his mission to change lives and he has made it his mission to make as many dreams come true as possible. He knows that won’t happen if he sitting on the sidelines and afraid of what is around the corner. Instead, he says, “Alright, this has changed. How do we change with it?” People might have a hard time overcoming their fears, but they will find out they are stronger for having overcome it in the long run. It will work out to their benefit. They will be better people because of it.


Bob Reina is a better person because of change. He has gone from being a police officer into being the CEO and founder of a video communications company. Bob Reina has even acknowledged that video is the wave of the future. He likes video. It is very personalized, and it allows people to really see the person they are talking to on the other end of the line. That is important. It really tells the story of what they are about and what they stand for as an individual. They can see the passion in the other person for their business.


It is important to see that and it needs to come across on screen if they are unable to meet them in person. They need to know this person is for real and they have come ready to play. This is not just a hobby for them. It is a way of life. Bob Reina wants people to have the best life they can have, each and every day they get up and start their day. They should not be simply going through the motions and feeling trapped because of their situation. Learn more: