Securus Technologies Helping Build Modern and Safer Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a leading firm in the corrections space that focuses on innovation, research, and technology. The correctional technology that the company has is the envy of its rivals, and Securus Technologies continues to develop new technologies that would help build modern and safer correctional facilities in the United States.


The wireless containment system is just the system that the correctional facilities were looking for the last couple of years. Even when the law enforcement agencies have put up so many security measures, the inmates have been able to get the contraband phones somehow. From the many in-house raids that have been conducted in the cabins of inmates, many contraband phones are found from time to time. It showcases the fact that the criminal network is highly operational and active in ensuring that the inmates get the contraband phones. The corruptions in some of the prison facilities can also be blamed for the contraband phones making its way inside the prison.


The wireless containment system by Securus Technologies would ensure that irrespective of how the contraband phones have made its way inside, they would not be useful to the inmates. It is because the wireless containment system would completely block these phones from being connected to the commercial network it is subscribed to. Any phone that is not registered with the correctional facility would not be able to make or receive a call from the prison premise. Such a system would ensure that illegal communication doesn’t happen from inside the prison. Securus Technologies believe that such technology is what the correctional facilities need to keep the crime rate low and officers and inmates safe.


The inmates use the contraband phones for making illegal communications while still being incarcerated. Such unlawful contact can be dangerous as it can put the lives of inmates and their families as well as that of the officers in danger. Many of the officers have been assaulted and even attacked due to the activities that were conducted on the order of inmates, which was coordinated using the contraband phones. One of the ex-corrections officers, Robert Johnson, who currently works as a consultant with Securus Technologies, was shot six times in his home. It was a hit that was ordered by one of the inmates using the contraband phones.


Robert Johnson had dedicated his entire life starting from when he was a correctional officer to now as a consultant at Securus Technologies, to ensure that the contraband phones are not used inside the prison. He believes that by ending the use of contraband phones inside the jail altogether, the crime rate would decrease drastically. It would also put many people out of danger, and the officers would be able to work without fear.

Securus Technologies Develops Wireless Containment System to Prevent Dangerous Criminals from Communicating with the Outside World

Prisons today are safer today than they were ever before. In the past, it was easy for the inmates to get contraband and to make calls outside to other criminals and plan their moves. But, new technologies are making it impossible. The Wireless Containment System introduced by Securus Technologies helps prevent the use of cell phones inside the prison. While many can say that it is the right of the inmates to call their loved ones, but the new system is just used to prevent making illegal calls. The system allows the correctional officers and officers to enable specific calls and all other calls are blocked or disconnected. Using the system, a local cellular network is created for the prison using which all incoming and outgoing calls need to be approved. The inmates can still use the landlines inside the prison to make calls to their family members and do not interfere with their ability to stay in touch with their loved ones.


The illegal use of contraband has taken the lives of many officers and their family members. Among the many of them, the story of Robert Johnson stands out. He was a member of the SERT team in prison and was responsible for the confiscation of contraband inside the prison where he worked. His team once confiscated $50,000 worth of drug package even before it could reach its recipient inside the prison. The inmate behind the illegal drug usage was enraged and decided to take action against him so that other guards and officers would be afraid of him. He used an illegal phone and hired someone to kill Robert. He was shot six times in the chest and stomach in his house before he was about to leave for work. But, he lived to tell the tale and currently is an employee of Securus Technologies. After going through 24 surgeries, Robert aims to work with the company to help find better solutions for the contraband problems in prisons.


Securus Technologies cares about the lives of the correctional officers and their loved ones. For this, it aims to make the prisons secure. The company’s Wireless Containment System has helped save thousands of lives over the past years. The system has been installed in almost all of the prison that the service so that the guards can easily prevent the inmates from making calls from contraband and running their operations while inside the prison. Manu gang leaders have used contraband cell phones to contact their members and peddle drugs or get rivals killed. Many have also used to make breakout attempts and to kidnap officers. But, Securus Technologies have made it difficult to carry out their heinous acts from inside the prison by installing the most advanced Wireless Containment System in prisons.

Securus Technologies Keeping Our Prison on Lock-Down

Each day that I get in my uniform to head to the prison to start my shift as a corrections officer, I need to be on my game because in the blink of an eye things can go very bad. The inmates in the prison that I am assigned to have a very bad record of violence, and lashing out at officers is just becoming part of the norm these days. To reduce the incidents of violence with inmates, my team has made use of some very intriguing technology to turn the tables and get back a degree of security in our facility.


Perhaps the biggest change in how we conduct business in the jail has to do with our new deal with Securus Technologies. This company has changed the way that officers can listen to how the inmates are talking on the jail phones. In the older days, my team would need to be sitting in a small call center while we monitored what inmates were saying to those on the outside. The LBS software scans the calls and can easily identify certain chatter about drugs, violence, or contraband.


Securus Technologies to date has this same phone call monitor in over 2,500 different jails around this country, and the one objective of the company is making sure the world is a little safer as a result of their hard work. Now me and my team are a full force again on the grounds and we jump when the LBS software sends out any alerts. If an inmate thinks they can get someone to sneak drugs to the visitor center, we make sure that doesn’t happen. If the inmates are planning an attack, we get the jump and make sure that all the active participants never get out of their cells that day to fight.

Securus Technologies Believes In Innovation

The first name that comes to the mind of any prison officials or jail authorities with regard to security inside the Facilities is Securus Technologies. There are many reasons why this company enjoys such a reputation.

Security has become a part of the DNA of every employee in Securus Technologies. They also realize that this is a field that can survive only on innovation. In fact, they are always inviting their current as well as prospective customers to visit their test center. There are very few companies that are so open about what they manufacture and deliver.

Securus Technologies is focused on the customer. They are constantly asking for their feedback and providing them what they require. Hence they are modifying their current offerings as well as coming out with new products. But all this is a waste in case the customer is not aware of what all is being offered. This is why the company is constantly asking its customers to visit them

The company is focused on making the incarceration environment safe for all. It wants the jail inmates, their parents, friends, families, and the public to be safe. Hence innovation is a constant quest for all. Besides, they are also looking at reducing the crime rate both inside and outside the jails. Hence they are also helping the officials in solving cases. In addition, Securus Technologies has managed to reduce the inmates-on-inmates crimes this way. Hence the job of the jail authorities has become much simpler this way.

Securus Technologies understands what its customers need. Hence it tries to stay a step ahead. It knows that the inmates have access to technology too. Hence the only option is to remain ahead of them. This can be achieved only through innovation. Due to all these reasons, the company has managed to build a reputation for itself.

Securus Technologies – Providing Cutting-Edge Technologies to Law Enforcement Agencies

The field of inmate communications is one of the fastest emerging industries, and while there are many companies out there that are trying to take the lead; Securus Technologies has emerged as a leader in the field of inmate communications and prison technology. There are many different types of services offered by Securus Technologies such as money transfer services, video services, video visitation, phone services, kiosks, government information management solutions, parolee tracking, calling cards, and more. Such services alleviate the stress from the lives of inmates to a great extent and make it easier for them to survive in an isolated environment inside the prison. It also helps in reducing the inmate-on-inmate and prison related crimes.


Securus Technologies is dedicated to modernizing and revolutionizing the incarceration experience through its comprehensive range of services. Moreover, the company also focuses on providing attentive and responsive customer service and has a separate department to take care of all the queries made by potential and existing customers. It helps the company to keep the customers happy and satisfied. The commitment of the company towards its clients can be seen in the fact that the firm was awarded the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service globally. At present, the company’s services reach out to over a million inmates and over 2,600 correctional facilities. The company’s workforce has over a thousand employees.


Securus Technologies shared the appreciation it receives from the law enforcement officers through the letters in a press release recently. In the letters sent by the law enforcement officers, they have mentioned how the company’s services make it easier to catch the culprits and gather the evidence necessary to convict the miscreants in the court of law. I feel that the Securus Technologies is doing a great job in keeping the prison and communities safe by building futuristic technology in the field it serves.


North America’s Leading Tech Solutions Provider, Securus Technologies, Gets Showered with Praises by its Customers.

Inmates’ life in North American correctional facilities has been getting better and better thanks to tech products developed by Securus Technologies. The Texas-based tech firm produces safety products for over 1.2 million inmates as well as investigative and monitoring products for more than 3,500 correctional and law enforcement facilities. Besides benefiting the inmates, Securus has also significantly helped officials in these facilities to monitor and manage everyday operations. Consequently, crime rates have been dwindling day after day thanks to the crime prevention mechanisms put in place by the facilities in conjunction with Securus Technologies.


Rick Smith, CEO and chairman of Securus, recently invited the company’s customers and the general public for a demonstration event in which the company will parade their products. In the open invitation, Rick included samples of messages he has been receiving from customers on behalf of the technology firm. The messages, which indicated customer satisfaction and gratitude towards Securus products, were published for people to see and share the glory with the company.


Clients’ Comments


One message came from an investigative officer who was happy that Securus’ investigative tools had helped him to arrest several security scares before they happened. He mentioned about a case where he had used the tools to follow up on a harassment syndicate and solved the issue as well.


Several clients had written to narrate of how the LBS software by Securus had done magic on their end. Case in point, a sheriff department head said that the software had helped officials in his department to intercept drugs and other illegal possessions in the jail. He acknowledged how such exercises would have been hard to undertake in the absence of LBS. In his words, their job in the department had never been that easy.


A facility official with a decade of experience using Securus’ products had also sent a letter to commend the company for walking with the facility in the facility improvement journey. He noted that the facility shared the same vision of revolutionizing correctional facilities with Securus.

The fantastic 11; Field Service Specialists from Securus attain BICSI Installer 1 Certification

On September 28, 2016, Securus announced that eleven of its field specialists had received an internationally recognized certification. Securus is a leading provider of technology solutions for Civil and Criminal systems. The aim is to provide services for public safety, investigations, monitoring and corrections.

The BICSI , which stands for the Building Industry and Consulting Service International, is a professional association which supports the ICT industry. The aspects of voice, data safety of electronics and audio and video technologies are covered under ICT. The members of the BICSI and other credential holders take care of the design, installation, management and maintenance of ICT related projects. These projects include distribution systems that are made of optical fiber along with pathways and spaces. It also involves the infrastructure that supports wireless based systems.

Securus Technologies on the other hand, are based in Dallas Texas. It is currently serving more than 3,450 law enforcement, public safety and correctional agencies across the country. The company provides service to more than 1.2 million inmates and offers other services such as management of incidences, self-service of the inmates, product monitoring services, biometric analysis, public information and communication.

Earlier this year, Securus also received another boost when BBB determined that it had reached their accreditation standards. The standards include a commitment to make a good faith effort in resoling any complaints that come from the customers. This is an indication that the company is being run in a manner that is responsive to the needs of the public and that they are always aiming to improve on this service delivery.