Class Dojo For Parents, Teachers and Students

Class Dojo is an interactive app that can be installed on a tablet or smart phone. Class Dojo accounts can also be created and viewed from a standard desk top. The goal of Class Dojo is to connect teachers, parents and students.

Teachers who utilize Class Dojo create accounts for their students with student ID’s and passwords. This information is sent home to the students parents and/or guardians. The parents can then set up a free account by either installing the app or creating a web based account to be checked via desk top or lap top computer. Once the account is established then each individual student can customize their own “monster“. These are a lot of fun for the children to create. The monster can be a variety of colors with different facial features as well as accessories. Parents can upload a picture of their child or themselves for the account as well.

Once the Dojo app is activated teachers can openly communicate with parents and students. Teachers can share photos and send messages back and forth with the parents. In addition to messaging and photo sharing, the app also has a daily and weekly progress tracker. This will show how a student is performing in various tasks through out the day by displaying performance in percentages. While one day may be a 100% positive performance day, another day may only be a 70% positive performance day. When parents see this they can then communicate with their children about why they were not at their peak performance and communicate with the educator about what they believe caused the lack in performance that day. A weekly performance progress report is listed on the dojo app as well. Class Dojo is a informative information tool for parents, students and teachers.

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