Decoding Dog Food: Beneful

There are a variety of different dog foods out there, one of which is the brand Beneful. At first glance, this name is a bit unique. It’s not a word that’s used in other areas. Instead, Beneful gets its name from a desire to communicate the health benefits and nutrition found in its food.

Beneful’s first part of the name is similar to the word benefit. Dog owners want a dog food that provides nutrition to their four legged friends. It’s important to find a dog food that isn’t just filled with fillers and junk food. Instead, a dog food full of real food and nutrition will help dogs live healthier lives. The last part of Beneful; “ful” reflects that the dog food is, in fact, FULL of benefits. The dog food brand shows consumers that its dog food is literally full of nutritional benefits and is a great choice for dog food. To watch video click here.

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