Don Ressler’s Illustrious Career In Business

Don Ressler is the man behind the TechStyle and Fabletics brand names. He has partnered up with Adam Goldenberg to originally create TechStyle, and it’s incredible what the brand has done for him over the years. This company became one of the first to create a subscription-based online store that would offer top of the line fashion on bargain prices to women. The brands have become such a huge success, and it’s incredible to see what the company has done for the fashion world over the years. Don Ressler has clearly been in the business longer than most people are even aware of.

Before the beauty world became a successful thing for Don and his business partner, he has been in the world of start-ups for countless years. His very first start-up was a website that was bought by Intermex Media back in 2001. Eventually the young 19 year old Don partnered up with that company and worked on a multitude of businesses with them. Don met Adam while working for Intermix, and together they brought their ideas into one place and created JustFab, which became such a huge success. They created different business ideas on, but JustFab is the one that really took them to a whole new level of business.

Their brand Intelligent Beauty launched a third brand company to their lineup, Just Fab. Receiving more than $33 million funding via the Matrix Funders to create this brand, it was clear that they had a solid business plan in place to help get the brand to the next level at Kimora Lee Simmons joined the company as the Creative Director and President of the brand, and they had become one of the biggest online stores in the world. Today, Fabletics is the additional business on top of the JustFab, now TechStyle brand name.

Back in 2014, the company received about $85 million in funding from the Passport Special Opportunity Fund. their total capitalization of more than $250 million is what helped the company become what it is today. TechStyle is the new name for this brand, and it’s crazy what they have accomplished over the years with what they do. Today, Don Ressler is a millionaire with his business partner as they help bring Fabletics to the forefront of the world of fashion. They continue to make change in this market by coming up with innovative strategies that develop results and create success for users.

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