Equities First Holdings Doubles its Growth

Equities First Holdings is an international stock-based lender. The institution offers its full services to individual and commercial clients in different parts of the globe. The lending company is headquartered in the United Kingdom, and it has branches in various regions of the world. Just recently all the international company in the world announced that it had achieved a double-digit growth and global expansion since 2013. According to the financial statements in the organization, there was a forty-five percent increase in the closed loans. The institution has also grown by thirty percent in its annual rate since it was established in 2002.

Equities First Holdings has managed to accelerate its growth since 2013 because of several reasons. Its strategic partnership with the powerful Meridian Equity Partners, a well -known international advisory and investment firm that is based in Sydney and London. The international lending company has also announced that it has managed to open new offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, and Bangkok. The workforce in the global firm has also increased significantly over the years.

Al Christy is the chief executive officer of the international company. The successful businessman established the organization several years ago, and he says that the growth of the company has remained stable over the years. According to him, many have benefited from the stock-based loans provided by the firm. Businesses, individual investors and the executives in top companies use the loans acquired from the company to raise the much-needed capital. In most cases, the loans are used for business investments. The stock-based loans from the company allow the investors to unlock the value of their publicly traded stocks. This is achieved by accessing liquidity at very attractive conditions.

Al Christy says that the economy has been improving in the recent times, but the international community needs to have alternative sources of capital. Most of the lending institutions in different parts of the world have extremely tightened their lending criteria, and getting loans has become a very challenging task. The loans from Equities First Holdings, however, are easy to access, and they have very few limitations. As long as the client has stock that are publicly traded, they can get the loans processed in a short duration.

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