Equities First Holdings – The Provider of Stock-Based Loans

EFH (Equities First Holdings) has three business offices in Australia, which are located in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. The firm has continued to maintain its office locations with the objective of accommodating the growing business in Australia. EFH recently relocated one of its office in the middle of Melbourne Town. The location is more accessible to business people and regular clients of Equities First Holdings. According to Mr. Hopwood, the Managing Director of EFH, the reason for relocation was to look for space and room expansion that can accommodate ever growing business of the company.

Since it was founded in 2002, EFH (Equities First Holdings) has been providing its clients with alternative loans for business activities. Most of its customers are individual investors and business firms. EFH supplies business people with stock-based loans that can help them with business expansion and strategic investment. Stock based loans essential to entrepreneurs because they are non-recourse and unrestricted. These types of loans can be used for any business activity so long it is beneficial. Also, the loans are of the high-to-value type and offer low rates of fixed interest. Before it offers loans to its clients, EFH always evaluate the risks and EFH future performance that are associated with the bonds, treasuries, and stocks.

Moreover, Equities First Holdings is a global organization. Apart from the company’s headquarter office in Indiana, USA, EFH also has offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Thailand. With the many years of doing business, EFH has completed more than 600 transactions, which are approximated to be $1.4 billion.

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