Felipe Montoro Jens Chants a Futuristic Note about the Future of Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is an investor that has vividly observed the future of Brazil during best and harsh economic times. He explains the current situation of economy and offers tips on how Brazil can rescue itself. Brazil boasts of a strong economy in future. Initially, it has been dining with the likes of China. Things fell apart when there was need to privatize businesses due to a harsh economic situation. The debt crisis has been feeding on the people since the 1980s. Reports from the Confederation of Industry indicate that Brazil needed to up its economic game and participate in the development of infrastructure. This is the safest move towards modernization. In a different scenario, Felipe explains that Brazil needs to dine with the likes of China to reclaim its position at the table.

National Privatization of Businesses

In 1990, there was the national privatization program in Brazil. This marked the onset of economic reforms. Many platforms were formed with the agenda of instilling economic stability. Some of the participants of the privatization program include petrochemical, steel industry and aeronautical industries. Concessions were also generated from different industries including transport, sanitation and telecommunications. In 2004, the Brazil government granted the approval of public and private partnerships. This was a positive move that promoted business. In the deal, the telecommunications industry took the lead participating role.

Personal Profile of Felipe

Felipe Montero  is an experienced financial advisor. He serves via a broad spectrum as a controller, financial planner, treasure and manager for many divisions. Felipe has been in the industry for more than six years. He is well versed with the proceedings of these economic times. Felipe Montero Jens attended the famous Fundao Getlio Vergas University. He is also a holder of international management. He holds vital positions in the industry and is well versed with multiple managerial skills.

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