Glen Wakeman’s Influence On Entrepreneurship

For a successful business career, one is supposed to have the knowledge required for running it.

Glen Wakeman is the right person to source information from on how to take your company. He has worked for General Electric for twenty years, an experience that has since made him a dependable man to be looked upon by most entrepreneurs. Glen was exposed to helpful information concerning the business and how to move it to more significant levels. While still at GE, Glen has delegated a duty in creating GE Money Latin America, which later on saw a growth in the assets by 12 billion dollars and the staff members from one to 17000.

Ever since then, Glen decided to take another angle in his career to enlighten people about all what he learned. He formed Launchpad Company with hopes in its expansion plans. Entrepreneurs who will be in need of monetary support will now have a chance to benefit from Launchpad as it has plans to share its profits.

Glen Wakeman is the founder of the five most sensitive steps required for running any company which includes marketing, operational, talent, financial and risk management.

For marketing, he defines it as the art of giving details and explaining a company’s product and its importance to the customers. This gives them a reason as to why they should purchase the product.

Looking at the operational perspective is defined by how the company will work to provide the customers with a product that is to their expectation. Once the customer is satisfied with the products, then this means there will be high chances to maintain the customer business relationship.

The third aspect about talent places the entrepreneur in a state where they are required to assess the ability of how well a person can do something or create a product with perfection and sell it. An entrepreneur with such kind of information can judge the fate of the goods to be produced.

For financial, one has to base on what amount of cash they have at hand and not forgetting how much will be needed to reach the set goals.

What more does one require to ensure the success of their business than what Glen has offered?

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