Honey Birdette: Her Notable Efforts on Marriage Equality

Eloise Monaghan the founder and managing director of Lingerie brand Honey Birdette is no stranger to criticisms and controversies. ‘Flash mob’ which supports marriage equality is one of her brands that have come under criticism. Eloise believes that Marriage equality is a basic right and the government should not be put in the public referendum.

The inspiration of Flash Mob was born out of a controversy experienced by the company in one of its stores in Rundle Mall. In turn, the idea caused a stir out of two posters on the shop window featuring women in a new range of brand’s lingerie where one was too revealing showing the model’s nipple. This was not the first time Honey Birdette store to come under the spotlight, this being one of them that even led to it been vandalized. This experience led to the organization of flash mob with the aim of empowering her workers as well as support Marriage equality.

Flash mob was the fastest way to get Honey Birdette passionate group of women to get the message out and their feeling about Marriage equality. Though it drew both support and criticism from its customers, Eloise confesses it sparked a good debate about what’s happening out there.

Honey Birdette will continue to campaign for marriage equality through posters placed at its stores with flash mobs being put on hold, for business has to continue, says Monaghan. Their action and stand have not gone unnoticed. For instance, Angels Michelle, who is the Marketing Gamble director said that it would be prudent for businesses to support marriage. In the same quote, she praised Birdette and her brands for supporting marriage equality as a positive thing. Giving the fact that 70% of the population support marriage equality it would be safe for the companies.

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