• September 26, 2022

How Humanitarian Aid has helped Ukraine during the war

Humanitarian Aid is an organization that can help a group of people in crisis. They acknowledge disasters and also save lives. Humanitarian Aid also provides food, clean water, safe shelter and Emergency Nutrition Assistance to the affected group. Additionally, they Educate the church and communities to share disasters immediately to avoid greater losses.

Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine.

War in Ukraine started on 24th February 2022, when Russia attacked Ukraine and has led to a high number of Refugees, where more than 6.8 million people from Ukraine have left the country, and a third of the population have been displaced. Humanitarian aid reduce when needs grow in Southern and Eastern Ukraine with broad demolition of Electricity, Gas and Water supplies. On April 21, the Humanitarian Coordinator for Ukraine declared the deliverance of more funds to the NGOs and the UN to support them as they continue to enlarge their life-saving act considering the rise in the continued war.

Critical needs in Ukraine.

The Humanitarian aid aim in Ukraine is to help both individuals and families, including those in place and the Internally Displaced People. In addition, they support countries across Europe that accommodate the refugees and are also the answer to the Global Economic Fallout as it affects the world hunger due to the lack of exportation of food from Ukraine.

 Ways to help the Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine

A lot of funds have been released to help the organizations provide for the people’s needs. As with the disaster, cash donations are proposed by the experts. The donations are released to the local agents who identify the most affected areas and use them to help the people. Donors are requested to send their donations in cash instead of in-kind donations.