How Southridge Capital is Helping Companies Grow.

Southridge Capital has been offering structured financing and advisory services for over two decades now. It is committed to providing help to its different types of clients by presenting unique financial solutions that help in the achievement of set goals and objectives.


Southridge Capital has cemented its place in the financial sector all thanks to an executive bench that has a broad understanding of the different markets it operates. The team is well organized when it comes to planning and implementing the various financial strategies set up for clients.


The firm has been directly involved in investments of over $1.8 billion into growing corporate companies across the globe. Southridge has pumped capital into more than 250 public companies and is aware of the different problems that they go through. To help firms deal with the various struggles, Southridge Capital offers consulting services on corporate issues including mergers and acquisition, financial analysis, and legal settlements.


Southridge Capital has for years offered these services to numerous companies. Its team of strategists and advisors have the knowledge and skills that can turn around the fortunes of any enterprise. For example, the legal settlement services are dedicated to helping clients settle all legal issues that come up, while at the same time minimizing risks and expenses incurred. On mergers and acquisitions, Southridge helps clients get in touch with merger and acquisition candidates whose business portfolio align with the client’s model. Financial analysis entails designing probable financial statements that are harmonious with the operational and financial assumptions.


The management team at Southridge Capital is led by Stephen Hicks who is the founder of the corporation and also serves as the chief executive officer. The other members include Henry Sargent who is the General Counsel and COO, Narine Persaud as the CFO and Controller, Linda Carlsen, and Laurence Ditkoff who is the Director of Research. For more info you can visit



Southridge Capital is not just involved in matters finance; it takes part various philanthropic initiatives. It encourages giving back, volunteer work, and community leadership as a way of strengthening its position in the community. Stephen Hicks and his wife are the founders of the Daystar Foundation. A charitable organization involved in many initiatives around the United States.



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