• May 23, 2022

IM Academy: Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know

Entrepreneurs Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre are the creators and owners of IM Academy, a Forex educational subscription service. IM Academy provides an online platform to teach the essentials of Forex (foreign exchange) trading skills. The platform offers interactive GoLive sessions to work with IM Educators in 13 languages. IM’s platform also provides its 225,000 subscribers with a live interactive library of essential pre-recorded and app-based data tools necessary to become traders.

Forex Traders must complete the four IM learning academies but offers an Elite Academy and optional add-ons to become successful traders. Each IM learning academy costs $234 for the initial subscription, followed by a $174.00 monthly fee. The Elite Academy costs $324.00 for the initial subscription, followed by a $274.00 monthly fee. IBOs receive help from IM Academy through their sales support and 24/7 customer service team via chat.

IM Academy is a multi-level marketing network that builds its network through independent sales representatives (IBOs). IBOs can work as independent sales agents or choose to build a team or downline to take advantage of indirect commission earnings by IBOs on their team. IBOs are essential in recruiting, sponsoring, and mentoring new IBOs. In addition to the online learning platform, the academy provides internet support, magazines, sales and marketing materials, and events and training opportunities to support learning and trading goals.

IBOs will receive a global compensation plan or consolidated commission in their home country for their independent sells and sales made by members in their downline. IM Academy does not sell regulated financial products or services and not required to be a registered or licensed broker in any country or market.

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For Android users, visit their app on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.growthengineering.imarket