Investor Milan Kordestani

Milan Kordestani is the founder of Milan farms. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Milan Farms. A resident of Bay area, he joined Sacred Heart Preparatory located in California. He graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory in 2017. At the moment Milan Kordestani is still undertaking studies at the college level. Milan is also a Huffing Post writer and a national competing equestrian.

As an equestrian, he is very competent. In the Worlds Championship, 17 and the Under Park Division, he was ranked number three in the year 2015. In the World Championship in the 5-Gaited Show Pleasure division, he was ranked second in the year two thousand and sixteen. Milan Kordestani has a passion for agriculture. This has made him write about it at the Huffington Post and also create an agricultural farm. Other fields that Milan writes about are mental health and politics.

Milan farms were created in 2015. One of the primary objectives of the farm was to create an organic and more humane condition for poultry farming. The end target is a 100 percent pure saffron. Apart from Saffron, Milan Kordestani, through his company, sells organic eggs and mint. To make their products pure, poultry is fed with selections of feeds that are purely organic. Milan Kordestani believes that farms that claim to be producing natural should be very transparent. This improves consumer confidence in the products that are offered by the company.

The ever-increasing demand for organic food is good news for the company. The population is concerned about their health especially in areas where lifestyle diseases are rampant. Eating foods that are entirely natural guarantees that the consumer will experience no side effects. In 2016, Milan Kordestani launched the company brand and logo. Milan Farms distributes eggs in West Coast. Large parts of Colorado also get products from the company. Saffron is exported overseas.

Innovation and research are inculcated in the company by the CEO, Mr. Milan Kordestani. The company is using hydroponic and aquaponic techniques to grow their saffron. Experiments at different saline levels are still being conducted, but results are hopeful.


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