Keith Mann Shares How To Plan A Career Path For The Youth

Keith Mann is the founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners launched in 2009. They work with firms that hold the designation of Alternative Investment Industry. His company assists businesses in finding the right people to staff departments in marketing, investments, and internal strategy professionals.

Dynamic Search Partners has spread their wings from the United States into Asia and Europe. The firm has placed more than two hundred people each year in key positions.


Keith Mann and his firm Dynamics Search Partners successfully raised $22,000 for the Uncommon Schools in New York. The funds are for the AP and PSAT Testing for the 2014-2015 school year at a new high school that will open in Brooklyn New York.

Dynamics Search Partners had dedicated $10,000 so the students testing needs would be met.


They have set goals for the students to learn practical and tactical skills that will lead to success while in college and after graduation.


Keith is a visionary who believes in being prepared and offers an alternative to walking into situations blind without the tools to solve the problems. He wants to give everybody a chance to succeed. Low-income students are offered the opportunity of coaching for school leaders, staff recruitment, professional development, management, and fundraising.


He’s toured the schools, viewed classes in action, and looked at their programming. He met with seniors that were excited and ready to tackle college. The students were ecstatic and wanted to learn about internships and what future careers lay ahead.


New York is the home base of the Uncommon Schools and their regional teams. They manage forty-two outstanding charter public schools threaded through New York City, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Their schools in Newark, Camden, New York, Rochester, Troy and Boston can focus on learning and teaching.


His experience, knowledge, hiring and staffing skills led him to become an expert in Hedge Fund Compensation and other areas of the financial industry.

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