Lime Crime Teases Fans’ Cravings For New Venus 3 Palette Eyeshadow Kit

There are obsessed makeup fans and then, truly obsessed fans. Lime Crime happens to have some of the most addicted makeup junkies on the planet, and they’re all freaking out about the newest “birth of Venus.”

Lime Crime has been teasing their makeup followers about a possible addition to the cult favorite Venus Palettes, according to an item in Pop Sugar. The grunge-style makeup for the eyes is expanding their beauty family with the Venus 3 Palette, and the new kit is launching on April 24.

For those who fell hard for the other Venus Palettes, it’s easy to see why. The Venus grunge shadows are beautifully pigmented and elegantly creamy. The makeup is easy to apply to the eyes and delivers knockout beauty every time.

The original Venus kit wowed fans with its reddish brown, burgundy and brick shades with pigments like bruised fruit.

The Venus 3 has been playfully teased at the company’s popular Instagram page with a photo of the eyeshadow kit awash in a blaze of purple and rosy lilac. Fans have gone bonkers waiting for the Venus 3 Palette to drop.

The eight-shadow and mirrored kit retails for $38 and comes packaged in a cool design with the iconic Botticelli painting “The Birth of Venus” on the front of the makeup kit.

The new Venus eyeshadow kit is elegant and said to favor a purple theme and tone with added shades of rose gold, lilac, mauve and earthy browns. The shadows look chicly sexy on their own or blended for a total Venus look.

The new Venus Palette is more delicate than the other three versions out there but definitely a lovely one to add to the collection.

Check out the action here.

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