• August 9, 2022

  Mahmoud Khattab Recap

The Arab Spring has been followed by the long Arab Winter of discontent. The Egyptian Revolution resulted in, then saw, the reassertion of military power. The Libyan Revolution saw the same reassertion, with Qaddafi’s death being a sideshow to the ongoing civil war and the proxy fight between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Syria’s Revolution has led to a horrifically bloody stalemate that shows no sign of abating. Finally, Yemen’s Revolution is ongoing but faces similar difficulties as elsewhere in the region; it is also facing Saudi-backed insurrection, which may precipitate a full-scale invasion.

Mahmoud Khattab shows in his business the Egyptian-Libyan conflict and how the Egyptian Revolution affected Libyans in Libya. The article describes how Libyans in the country reacted to the Egyptian Revolution. It continues to describe their feeling about Qaddafi, his regime, and his behavior towards Libyans. Mahmoud Khattab also mentions the role of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Conference in supporting the Revolution in Egypt. It also shows how Qaddafi tried to use the Arab League against Egypt.

Mahmoud Khattab’s article captures how Libyans were happy about the Egyptian Revolution. They were interested in overthrowing their dictator and tried to do something similar in Libya. His achievements include how Libyans were divided over the Libyan Revolution and Qaddafi’s response to the Egyptian Revolution.

The achievement was involved in the victory of Arab Spring. The role of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Conferences in supporting the Egyptian Revolution can be seen. In addition, it shows which nations supported Qaddafi’s regime during the Revolution. For example, Syria used its veto power in a meeting to stop other countries from supporting Egypt, while the Bahraini regime sent its soldiers to support the Qaddafi regime.

Arab Spring was an explosion that brought people of Arab countries happiness. They were all happy to see the victory of Arab Spring over their dictator.

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