• September 26, 2022

 Marketer and Entrepreneur- Eduardo Sonoda

The covid-19 pandemic has affected market trends across the globe. During the first quarter of the year, the market experienced a significant shift in consumer spending; the direction caused people to stock up on essentials. Several nations worldwide were in lockdown, forcing people to rely on online services, including entertainment, shopping, and other services. The changes in the market have paved the way for many different trends in the market. However, several factors affect market trends, as listed below.

Factors Affecting Marketing Trends and their Responses

There are two types of market trends that influence the market: external and internal markets trends. External Factors: there are several external factors as listed below

>Competition: competitors offering similar products affect the market trends and plans. Even though the competition is a challenge in business, it has the advantage of helping an investor to plan their market campaign to gain an advantage over their competitors.

>The economy: it helps in the shaping of the market trends as it has a direct effect on consumption. Social-Cultural Factors: social culture affects marketing trends, calling for social campaigns. Successful campaigns leverage the social culture factors to connect with customers and encourage consumption.

Internal factors: internal factors are financial and production. These factors can influence the market trends of a company and how people respond to the product.

Eduardo Sonoda is an experienced marketer and advisor. The entrepreneur has served in different organizations where he gained skills and experience. After years of serving in various capacities, Eduardo Sonoda decided to launch Eduardo Sonoda Agency’s advisory company. It was a humble beginning; when he began the advisory firm, he could only employ seven staff members. The marketer did not make the wrong choice, as the marketing agency expanded and became highly reputable in the marketing industry.

Eduardo Sonoda has served in several organizations holding different positions. Eduardo graduated from the University of East London, where he earned his degree in Business Management and London Digital Academy.

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