Nick Vertucci Rags-to-Riches Story Draws More Students

Nick Vertucci is the founder, president and owner of NV Real Estate Academy in Santa Ana, California, and has become a sought-after mentor and coach, educating students with hands-on experience in wholesaling, rehabbing, and then flipping properties. Vertucci started his house-flipping career in 2007, after leading a rags to riches story.

Growing up in a working class family, Nick Vertucci learned early on to support himself. His downfall came during the dot com crash, when he suffered a dramatic financial spiral. In debt, living out of his van, and living paycheck to paycheck, Vertucci weathered the storm then apprehensively attended a real estate seminar. He admits, in hindsight, attending the course was the best decision he would ever make. This one real estate course put him on his path to wealth. He continued with his real estate studies, ultimately developing a system to teach his expertise. Today, he helps other entrepreneurial realtors how to follow his lead.

Teaching Wholesaling and Flipping

Wholesaling, or “flipping” properties is one of the easiest ways for a new real estate investor to go from zero to thousands in 30 to 45 days. It will not take long for you to get to the point where you are making tens of thousands of dollars each month, just by working a couple of hours a week. This is probably one of the biggest benefits you can find by doing wholesaling in real estate. Nick Vertucci shows students how to put his system on autopilot. Vertucci says in a wholesaling agreement, all you are really doing is getting control of the property, and in many cases, sell it to other investors who wish to take on the rehabbing project.

These are the investors who have the money to pay and who do not mind waiting six months to perform rehabilitation. These Rehabbers have no problem in paying an “allocation fee”, or the amount for which you negotiate your contract, because they understand that it is a cost to do business for them. Vertucci teaches all the ins-and-outs of both wholesaling and rehabbing properties for the best advantage. For more than 10 years, Nick Vertucci has been guiding student to get the results they desire.

Besides mentoring and teaching at his NV real estate academy, Vertucci continues to follow his passion in flipping, rehabbing properties, and building a rental portfolio.

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