Nick Vertucci Shares His Investment Secrets through NVREA

Nick Vertucci started from humility to one of the most illustrious entrepreneurs the world has seen yet. He is the founder of the famed NV Real Estate Academy. It is reported that Nick Vertucci came from a family that could not make ends meet; at least not easily. His father died when he was still a boy of 10 years. Luckily for Nick, he was born with a strong will. Soon after he completed his basic education, he started a computer business which picked up until the computer crash of the year 2000 came calling. He lost most of his investments in the crisis. He still never gave up though.

How NV Real Estate Was Born

Nick says that he joined a Real Estate training program. Prior to that, he recalls losing his tech business which he had invested a significant amount of money in. He says it started with an invitation to attend a class about Real Estate. It was a 3-day class. He says that he picked useful ideas from the class and was encouraged to quit his tech industry ventures. He points out that he had fallen into debt by the millions. It is reported that he nearly lost his own house to his lenders. Vertucci was encouraged to join a real estate academy amidst efforts to recover from the downturn. He says he began investing in real estate in bits. He observes that he moved away from debt to being a stable businessman within 10 years. He says he started by investing in single units of the family residence. He also went for foreclosures which he could get at deal prices. He rehabbed or rented them out depending on the circumstances. Mr. Nick Vertucci even started his own radio show to market his real estate properties. Vertucci says that he decided to take what he calls “perfected investing strategies” to the common people by starting an investment academy he called NIVREA.

NIVREA Activities

The NIVREA Real Estate Academy was started by Nick Vertucci. It offers a wide range of online training in real estate investing and how to save to get started not only in real estate but in other ventures as well. The academy provides services to people from across the globe. It offers free registration; after which one gets a CD for free. According to the founder, it is a 3 step journey that could easily lead one to an immense fortune. The other two steps include attending a free workshop organized by the academy and finally moving to the field and purchasing one’s own first house.

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