NuoDB Cloud Database Applications

NuoDB, originally known as NimbusDB, was founded in 2008. It was re-launched as NuoDB in 2011. The tech business currently focuses on cloud database management systems that access data using SQL technology.

Because of its reported “elasticity”, their technology has been labeled “NewSQL .” Its innovative design allows it to retain all the positive characteristics of past SQL technology while also permitting scaling. This changes the entire cloud-computer experience.

Cloud database apps can now interact with NuoDB cloud databases via SQL database injections. This provides reliability in the information exchange just like today’s relational databases make it possible to complete over one million transactions each second. Ah, but there’s a crucial difference.

NuoDB uses a tiered method. This technique uses storage managers (SM) and transaction engines (TE) which then makes data manageable. Additionally, should a user need to increase the size of a cloud database, he or she need only install additional transaction engines and storage managers.

NuoDB has other advantages too. Rather than having to replace its hardware as one must with the others, with NuoDB one simply increases the amount of servers. It is available in a free version, and a two-pack professional and business version.

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