NuoDB: Leading Industry Cloud Services

NuoDB has one thing on their minds and that is to become the cloud platform database leaders. To power and empower the cloud demands of today’s critical business software with NuoDB’s services and innovative batabase storage technology.
NuoDB’s focus was aimed at making a smarter database able to meet the flexing demand of today’s industry leading software. Developers that require high demand, state of the art platforms for their cloud based software.
As cloud based software companies turn to containers or public, private or hybrid technology to meet their demand. NuoDB meets all of these standards and more. With a single database running through NuoDB computers on one single platform. This helps them meet all the demand of these cloud based platforms that software companies demand today. Jim Starky, a leading database architect, made this possible in 2008. In 2010 oftware mogul Barry Morris and Jim launched NuoDB.
Fundamental to the founders the idea of building a database that builds upon the software of SQL to move from the past to the future to meet the growing demand for cloud interfaces that worked modernly and seamlessly.

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