OneLogin: Migrating To The Cloud

The growth in technology has brought significant changes in how people store data. More companies are opting for the use of cloud environment instead of on-premises to store their information because of the security it presents. However, this transition is not as smooth as people might think. It presents some challenges and companies have to work around these issues.

One major problem affecting businesses is the failure to adhere to security measures when making their cloud transition. Creating a secure transition process will go a long way in keeping any organization’s data safe from online hackers.

In a typical on-premises set up, IT specialists are responsible for managing hardware and not users. Moving to cloud environment robs the IT department any control of the endpoint user. That is why it is necessary for companies to manage their employees’ identity. Doing this will go a long way in helping the IT department.

Organizations need to ensure that they keep track of vital infrastructure during the cloud move. They should ensure that they invest more in employee identification. Being in control of the employees’ identity will allow the firm to keep track of the people using their systems. As a result, it is easier for them to sustain a more secure system.

About OneLogin

Founded in 2009, OneLogin is a cloud-based IAM provider. They seek to provide these services to organizations that are transitioning to the cloud environment. The company founders Thomas Pedersen and Christian Pedersen had experience on the on-demand help desk application, Zendesk. They decided to use this knowledge to start the company in San Francisco.

During their work with Zendesk, the brothers realized that many companies were facing major security issues during their cloud transition. They, therefore, came up with an identity and access management solution. They engineered this solution to help solve the security concerns. It is also user-friendly making it a favorite for many.

The company has managed to go beyond borders and break into the international market. Brad Brooks is the acting Chief Executive Officer, a position he attained in 2017.

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  1. Better initiatives are always available in the information technology sector and I think that OneLogin has taken advantage of the opportunities therein. Although it is not always easy because has always me to rethink some of the dreams that I have always had about life and now I now have to follow up the dreams of others in the IT business.

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