Meet A Successful American Investor; Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a famous American investor who has featured on numerous news channels while sharing his advice and broad knowledge.

Paul Mampilly founded a successful investment newsletter. The newsletter has over ninety thousand subscribers thus helping millions of individuals gain confidence and the necessary knowledge that is required in making wise investment decisions. Mampilly is a citizen of India. He traveled to the United States while he was still a young man.

His interest was mainly in finances, investment and mostly Wall Street. He has an experience of over twenty-five years in his career. Paul began his career from a very humble background when he journeyed into the investment world as a portfolio manager at the well-known Banker’s Trust in nineteen ninety-one. He has held numerous prominent positions in international institutions such as the Royal Bank of Scotland,ING, and several private institutions.

Paul Mampilly is also known for providing wise investment advice to other individuals who have big dreams. Mr. Mampilly has an impressive record of the personal investments that he had done on his own. He once invested in a drug treatment that was developed by Sarepta Therapeutics which gained him a profit of twenty-five hundred percent. Paul had faith in the company’s history of providing modern and high-quality medication therapies, and he decided to invest in it while it was still under establishment and it ended up earning him a huge profit in the end. Paul has made a stream of similar investment choices over the years based on the current market trends. Paul uses his vast knowledge to advice individuals in the investment industry on the decisions to make based on his experience.

Mr. Mampilly has been a hedge fund manager and has managed to win numerous awards such as the Templeton Foundation Investment competition. Over the years, he has been on numerous television broadcasts such as Bloomberg, CNBC e.t.c. Paul founded Profits Unlimited, and as he works with the company, he offers guidance to individuals interested in learning more about stocks to invest in and when divert from the stock market. Paul Mampilly has been an asset for the Kinetics International Fund since it thrived under the leadership of Paul.

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According To David Giertz, Retirees Should Be Flexible When It Comes To A Little Spending

An effective retirement plan entails saving money, creating a plan on how to spend the money and setting aside premiums for insurance. The retirement should not be uptight. It should be flexible has to space for spending savings that have accumulated over the years and also support an individual’s daily needs that require hours of exploring the little pleasures of life and fun.

Many people are caught in a never-ending cycle of saving money. This habit usually proves difficult to break among some people. On the onset setting aside a few shillings for the future proves to be a daunting task. But once the habit takes root with someone, it becomes routine, and then they are unable to break it.

People who have accumulated a fortune find it very hard to spend some of their savings because they are already used to a life that is not extravagant. But one thing people who have retired need to know is that it’s very okay to spend your money after years of working hard to accumulate it.

Even though most people tend to buy into the fallacy that most Americans do not have savings when they are nearing retirement, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most Americans manage to save small fortunes for the rainy days.

One of the many ways of ensuring that you leave a substantial amount of savings is overcoming the allure of specialty coffee in your favorite coffee shop and instead contend with a home-brewed alternative.

Sacrificing cups of coffee at a local coffee shop in exchange for drinking brewed coffee in their kitchens is only one of the many ways to save money. Of course, luck also plays its role in the lives of many people who are trying to save money for their retirement years. Savvy investors need to have a certain amount of luck to realize their goals.

According to one of the finest business leaders in the field of Insurance and financial services, one should not be so hard on themselves when it comes to enjoying the fruits of the labor in retirement.

David Giertz is one of the few business executives who’ve had a decorated career in the financial services industry. With the experience that spans over three decades, the President of Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution is a role model to many.

Honey Birdette Launching U.S. Dedicated E-Commerce Site for Better Consumer Experience


Honey Birdette is amongst the fastest growing lingerie brands in the world today and has a total of 55 boutiques in Australia. In the years to come, the company plans to open many more stores, not only in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom but at many other the main international destinations. As the demand for lingerie clothing has been increasing globally, people are looking for specialized lingerie designer and manufacturers like Honey Birdette to deliver exceptional quality products at an economical price.

The company has been expanding at a massive pace, nationally as well as internationally since the time of its inception in 2006. The company has been shipping to the United States for a while now. However, after it experienced a surge of over 374 percent in sales to the U.S., Honey Birdette planned to open its the United States dedicated e-commerce site recently. The company was started by Brisbane based entrepreneur named Eloise Monaghan. With the opening of U.S. based e-commerce site, Honey Birdette aims to provide U.S. customers with better customer services, faster shipping, easy returns, and extensive product portfolio. It would help in enhancing the consumer experience overall.

Shortly, Honey Birdette plans to open retail stores in the United States and extend the store count in the United Kingdom as well. By the end of 2018, the company intends to hit the number of 40 stores in the United Kingdom. In Australia, the company has a total of 55 stores. The company has been getting rave reviews from the users for the high-end quality of its products and economical price. As the demand for the products of Honey Birdette continues to increase, it was only matter of time for the launch of U.S. based e-commerce site. The company hopes that it would considerably add to its revenue and help in propelling the company’s growth trajectory forward in an accelerated manner.



Have you tried Lime Crime?

Yes, Lime Crime has a new look – Scandal – its latest addition to its cult-classic line of Velvetines. It is a beautiful, sultry, purple-violet hue lipstick. It will make your lips stand out – for sure!

This new color is touted to exude sexiness personified! There is even a ‘recommended way’ to apply the lipstick for the most stunning effect. First, one needs to apply lip balm at least 15 minutes before the actual application of Scandal. Then, one has to blot away the excess oils using a tissue. Once this step is complete, then you apply Scandal directly to the lips and use a lip brush to further define the edges. It is said to dry to a “velvety yet bullet-proof finish”, which can be removed with the help of waterproof makeup remover or oil. It sounds exciting and long-lasting.

Lime Crime is a Los Angeles, California based makeup company. Its CEO is Doe Deere who also hosts a Lime Crime blog. There is also internet presence on Lime Crime’s official Pinterest page as well. It has been said that the social media reach is over 2.6 million views.

The mind behind Lime Crime advocates the concept that makeup “isn’t just a way to cover up imperfections, but a form of freedom and self-expression”. This company is committed to creating innovative and top-quality products to the cosmetic scene. You can learn more about Lime Crime by visiting its website – as well as the Lime Crime blog –

Securus Technologies Believes In Innovation

The first name that comes to the mind of any prison officials or jail authorities with regard to security inside the Facilities is Securus Technologies. There are many reasons why this company enjoys such a reputation.

Security has become a part of the DNA of every employee in Securus Technologies. They also realize that this is a field that can survive only on innovation. In fact, they are always inviting their current as well as prospective customers to visit their test center. There are very few companies that are so open about what they manufacture and deliver.

Securus Technologies is focused on the customer. They are constantly asking for their feedback and providing them what they require. Hence they are modifying their current offerings as well as coming out with new products. But all this is a waste in case the customer is not aware of what all is being offered. This is why the company is constantly asking its customers to visit them

The company is focused on making the incarceration environment safe for all. It wants the jail inmates, their parents, friends, families, and the public to be safe. Hence innovation is a constant quest for all. Besides, they are also looking at reducing the crime rate both inside and outside the jails. Hence they are also helping the officials in solving cases. In addition, Securus Technologies has managed to reduce the inmates-on-inmates crimes this way. Hence the job of the jail authorities has become much simpler this way.

Securus Technologies understands what its customers need. Hence it tries to stay a step ahead. It knows that the inmates have access to technology too. Hence the only option is to remain ahead of them. This can be achieved only through innovation. Due to all these reasons, the company has managed to build a reputation for itself.

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association and its Commitment to Medical Excellence

In the same manner that anesthesiology is vital to medicine, the Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) is vital to those in need of this particular medical practice. Serving the Texas capital of Austin and surrounding communities, the CAA is considered one of the largest medical practices specifically dedicated to providing anesthetic services.

The CAA was established in 1973 and today employs some 80 medical doctors, all of whom have either been certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology or are striving for certification, and more than 100 registered nurse anesthetists. Its staff serves more than 20 hospitals, trauma centers and surgical facilities, providing the entire spectrum of anesthesiological services. These services include general anesthesia, “twilight sleep” procedures and care for children, the latter of which requires additional training and separate certification. Anesthesia makes possible surgery and other medical treatments by eliminating anxiety before and pain during and after the respective procedure.

The CAA is committed to providing the highest possible level of health care. This commitment is reflected by the fact that its services are constantly ranked near the top among anesthetic facilities in the United States. Additionally, the CAA works with the Anesthetic Quality Institute, which emphasizes education and data reporting, in order to guarantee the continued quality of its services. Backing up its clinical personnel is an administrative staff that is dedicated to providing customers with a smooth and effective billing process.

Outside of their medical services, CAA staff members are renowned for their involvement in a number of humanitarian organizations, including Eels on Wheels, Family Eldercare and Partnerships for Children.

Benefits of Screening in Association with Lifeline Screening Services

It is the desire of every human being to live a healthy life style. Everyone hates being in a doctor’s room, having a load of drugs, and injections to take. Living a life without all those obstacles of happiness possible. Lifeline screening gives you a chance of keeping up with your health condition through screening.

The lifelines screening mission is to make their patients aware of their health complications they know nothing about and seek medical help promptly. Lifeline screening is among the leading testing facilities in the USA. Their instruments are approved and aresimilar to the ones used in medical facilities.

The test results of lifeline screening are reliable and accurate. This is because after all the tests are taken, the results of the test are reviewed by a board of physicians to check on accuracy and credibility of the results.

Life line screenings have partnered with several insurance companies all, over the world, for using their preventive services with covered profits. The company is also an asset to some hospitals who use their services, for their customer care services.

Screening is essential to every individual. Screening can help detect developing cells that may lead to a chronic disease like cancer in their early stages and kill them or cut off the infected part. This will save you the trauma that comes with having to leave with a chronic disease and have to live under medication all your life. Also, it may save your family the stress of having to pour all their lifetime savings to settle your hospital bills.

Is screening necessary if you already have a chronic disease? Yes, testing is important to everyone. For an individual living with a chronic illness, it is important to undergo testing to know how your body is fairing. This will help you in deciding on the kind of diet you need and also the exercises you need to stay healthy.

It is correct to say that screening is a mandatory exercise for every individual. It is important to keep checking your health status, to be able to prevent developing diseases that could have otherwise be controlled.

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Honey Birdette: Her Notable Efforts on Marriage Equality

Eloise Monaghan the founder and managing director of Lingerie brand Honey Birdette is no stranger to criticisms and controversies. ‘Flash mob’ which supports marriage equality is one of her brands that have come under criticism. Eloise believes that Marriage equality is a basic right and the government should not be put in the public referendum.

The inspiration of Flash Mob was born out of a controversy experienced by the company in one of its stores in Rundle Mall. In turn, the idea caused a stir out of two posters on the shop window featuring women in a new range of brand’s lingerie where one was too revealing showing the model’s nipple. This was not the first time Honey Birdette store to come under the spotlight, this being one of them that even led to it been vandalized. This experience led to the organization of flash mob with the aim of empowering her workers as well as support Marriage equality.

Flash mob was the fastest way to get Honey Birdette passionate group of women to get the message out and their feeling about Marriage equality. Though it drew both support and criticism from its customers, Eloise confesses it sparked a good debate about what’s happening out there.

Honey Birdette will continue to campaign for marriage equality through posters placed at its stores with flash mobs being put on hold, for business has to continue, says Monaghan. Their action and stand have not gone unnoticed. For instance, Angels Michelle, who is the Marketing Gamble director said that it would be prudent for businesses to support marriage. In the same quote, she praised Birdette and her brands for supporting marriage equality as a positive thing. Giving the fact that 70% of the population support marriage equality it would be safe for the companies.

Highland Capital: Choosing A Reliable Investment Advisory Firm

Are you planning to start investing or grow your investment folio? Need someone to advise and guide you as you take steps toward financial independence? Maybe you want to find out if a financial planner or investment advisory firm can help.

A reliable investment advisory or wealth building advisor can render the advice or guidance you need to reach your goal.

At Highland Capital, a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals are available and ready to help you reach attain financial and investment success. Perhaps you have being told to check out Highland Capital for proper guidance. The company has produced numerous success stories and can help you obtain outstanding outcome.

While many of their clients are high-net-worth individuals, the Highland Capital also serves financial institutions, public pension plans, foundations and endowments and various governments and mutual fund investment clients.

Before you choose a company to provide you with investment or financial advisory service, you need to review your financial record and decide the level od success you want to achieve. An experienced financial or investment professional will want to know your expectations, and then determine the right strategy go address your situation.

During your consultation with an advisor, you will have a chance to present any concerns you may have. Be sure to have a list of your questions before meeting with a financial or investment way to guide you toward your desired financial goal.

Highland Capital Management comes highly recommended due to its reputation in the industry. The company has maintained a good track record and numerous clients rave about the superior service they have received.

Although there are many investment firms, money management advisors and financial planners out not all of them have the resources and expertise to meet your needs effectively. So before you decide on the best company for your needs, be sure to consider reputation, experience and quality of resources.

Many people choose Highland Capital Management and its team of professionals because of their excellent performance and positive reviews. Visit their website to learn more about their services.

For more information follow Highland Capital Management on Twitter.


Rocketship Education is bringing a revolution in American public charter schools learning. The Rocketship Education program aims at providing quality education to children from underprivileged homes who are attending schools which are not performing well. The education program has been supported by many personalities who support quality education. Some of them include Andre Agassi who is a renowned tennis player.

The star recently opened the new Rocketship Rise Academy in the Woodland Terrace in the southeast area of Washington D.C. Agassi thought of developing charter schools after an unproductive phase in his life. That is when he felt that unfortunate children lack the choice of developing in life because of the type of background they come from.

So far the talented tennis player has managed to build twelve charter schools in the Las Vegas area alone. Agassi collaborated with Robert Turner who is his partner, and together they formed the Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund. It is through this fund that they are able to pay for the charter schools across America. The new school is the 69th school that they have constructed through this fund and they plan to make many other schools.

The Rocketship Education Fund is also present in the San Jose area. The non-profit establishment has led to the construction of up to twenty-five public charter schools in the area. These schools are all performing well, and they are designed to prepare the child from the low-income communities with an equal opportunity in life. Some public schools in the area are even partnering with the Rocketship Education schools in order to boost the performance of their students.

Influential people in the San Jose society are also lending a hand in educating the local children. Reed Hastings has a hundred million dollars education fund that support education in the area. Mark Zuckerberg who is Facebook’s CEO and his spouse Priscilla Chan are also committed to supporting education funds.

About Rocketship Education:

The Rocketship Education is a public charter school based program based in California. The program operates within key values which enable them to be the shining example of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.These key values include empathy, respect, persistence, gratitude, and responsibility. These values provide the children with a vision of not only being better in school but also outside within their respective communities. The successful schools are run by an efficient curriculum that enhances each child’s experience.