Raj Fernando’s Unique Way of Recruitment

At the scene of the 3000-feet office space lies over 10 tennis tables, six poker joints and about 15 weight lifts. This is how Chopper Trading office looks like. Though it may seem peculiar and ludicrous for such a respected company, over 150 employees find this unique office arrangement beneficial. After a long day of hustle and bustle associated with work, the employees usually find relief by resorting to exercise and gaming.

Raj Fernando, former Chopper Trading CEO, acknowledges the stress associated with the nature of business. That is why his company wants to keep the work environment as pleasant as possible. As a result, Fernando has a unique methodology when it comes to getting new employees. According to him, an employee should make working less miserable for others. He or she should create an enabling environment at the workplace to enhance productivity on a larger scale. His approach is different. It is thorough and lengthy, which tends to contradict significantly with the conventional methods of hiring.

About Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is the founder and CEO of Scouthead, a firm that provides internet solutions to hundreds of individuals and corporate organizations in the United States. Before forming Scouthead in early 2016, Fernando worked as the CEO of Chopper Trading until he sold it in late 2015. He was also the founder of Chopper Trading. He transformed the company from a small fixed income startup to a multi-million dollar venture with over ten branches and 200 employees across the country. His vast knowledge and interest in technology made him a pillar at Chopper Trading. Everybody looked up to him for advice and direction. The company has since expanded its scope of business to attract over 10,000 clients from different parts of the country.

Before he became an entrepreneur, Raj Fernando worked at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer. He worked is way up the career ladder to become one of the senior board members at Chicago Board of Trade from 1991 to 2001.

Eric Pulier’s Success in Multiple Disciplines and Engagements

Eric Pulier’s reputation is preceded by his involvement and accomplishments in a myriad of activities and disciplines. As such, he is not only known as a shrewd entrepreneur but also as an avid writer, charitable giver, as well as public speaker.

Academic Background

Pulier’s knack for computer programming manifested while pursuing his high school diploma at the Teaneck High School situated in the New Jersey area. As a result, Pulier designed a computer database firm while in the fourth grade. As a bright student, he made it to one of the globally renowned institutions of higher learning, Harvard University, where he pursued an undergraduate degree in both English and American literature. While studying at Harvard, Eric Pulier was involved in other activities and interests such as writing a column or article for The Harvard Crimson as well as taking classes at MIT, which neighbors Harvard.

Business Involvement

Over the years, Pulier has been involved in founding, co-founding and financing various companies as well as startups. Some of the companies associated with his involvement include Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, ServiceMesh, Digital Evolution, Akana, Desktone, US Interactive as well as Media Platform. Further, Pulier holds an impressive track record in investing in charitable organizations and venture capital funds. Trident Capital, Monitor Ventures eCompanies among others area just some of the companies that Pulier has invested in terms of VC funding.

Charity Work

Pulier boasts of a vast track record in philanthropy. As such, he was honored in 2010’s US Doctor for Africa benefit ceremony held in New York City for his significant effort in providing technical innovation to meet Africa’s health care needs. In the past, he was also an active member of the Clinton Global Initiative whereby he headed the follow-up exploration on an initiative that delivered affordable cloud-computing resources to various under-served communities.

Pulier’s Career as a Writer

Pulier is recognized as a writer due to various publications such as Understanding Enterprise SOA, which he wrote with the help of Hugh Taylor, the Co-author, and Manning Publications. The book derives inferences from actual experiences of existing companies in a myriad of industries.

Talk Fusion Steps Up

The number of people that have discovered Talk Fusion is growing. This is a brand that has managed to become much more in tune with the needs of a lot of people that want communication software that is exciting and cutting edge. This company has been in the top of the software programs for many years, and it has already won the award for the top video chat program of the year.

This is something that a lot of users are not surprised about. They already know that that this is good software. The company is constantly growing and there is even another site called Talk Fusion Instant Pay that builds on the original Talk Fusion platform. The great thing about getting the award is that it does 2 things. The first thing it does is reaffirm and boost brand loyalty. People that are that are already using the product are less likely to use something else because they know that they are using the best. The second thing that this award does is pique the interest of all of those that have never used this software before. The award-winning platform has provided a nice way for Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina to market the company without spending more money on marketing.

Talk Fusion was a company that started small with a single idea of sending video through email. This is what Bob Reina wanted to do, but he the company would expand into so much more. Video chat and video newsletters will never be the same, and Bob Reina and his team are the reason for that.  It has become the crisp and clear solution to video email and marketing in a way that people did not know existed. This has become a brand that is now used in more than 140 different countries. Talk Fusion has stepped up as the leader in video technology.

James Dondero Discusses the Importance of Philanthropy

James Dondero, the internationally renowned financial advisor and founder of Highland Capital Management, recently discussed the importance of philanthropic efforts on behalf of business professionals. The CEO was interviewed by Forbes Magazine to discuss the recent success of his company’s new product line. During the interview, James Dondero was asked to discuss his recent donation to several non-profit organizations in the Dallas, Texas area. The executive gave insight on his decision-making process as they apply to charitable donations. Dander also discussed they unique ways in which he hopes to affect change in the local community through the allocation of excess funds to local business and projects.

During his Forbes interview, James Dondero stated that he believed that businesses and corporations were the lifeblood of America. Dondero briefly discussed the many ways that business owners help the American economy before engaging in a slightly longer dialogue about the necessity of philanthropic efforts in local communities. James Dondero is known for choosing organizations that support educational and economic advancement opportunities. Dondero described his process for choosing the organizations that will receive his company’s funding by stating that he carefully reviews the public actions of the organizations before deciding to partner with them. By carefully vetting various local organizations and entities, Dondero is able to select programs that are beneficial to the community at large.

James Dondero believes that his contributions to local programs will ultimately create a positive ripple effect in the Dallas area. The businessman discussed this point at length and suggested that the effort to combat poor socio-economic standards in the American society can be substantially improved if more business owners chose to expand their philanthropic efforts. Dondero hopes that his contributions to organizations and programs that are committed to the systematic improvement of educational programs, assistance for the poor, and the expansion of arts programs for inner city communities will ultimately help to create a better life for thousands of American citizens. Dondero also stated that he has initiated a investment-based program which will focus on teaching other business leaders to budget any major philanthropic efforts without losing company finances in the process. More information regarding James Dondero’s efforts to serve the Dallas community can be found here.

John Goullet expertise helping DIVERSANT LLC grow to new heights.

John Goullet as an entrepreneur has contributed significantly to the development of many highly successful ventures in the field of IT. His career begun as an IT consultant before changing to IT staffing in 1994. He has an exceptional ability that enables him to understand emerging markets. It was due to these skills that he created Info Technologies, which was an IT staffing company that gives solutions to mainly Fortune 500 companies in the United States.

John Goullet helped Info Technologies grow to $30 million in just five years. At one time the company was ranked 8th by Inc. Magazine 500 fast-growing private companies. The company later merged with DIVERSANT Inc. to become DIVERSANT, LLC.

Goulet continues to develop new ways to handle challenges that face the IT marketplace as it continues to grow. He currently serves as a Principle at DIVERSANT, LLC. Mr. Goullet experience and expertise has helped the company scale new heights. They have acquiring industrial leaders as part of the company’s team. He has also facilitated the company revenue growth with lucrative deals that have made the company grow further.

DIVERSANT is a Minority Owned Business and is fully certified. The company presently has the largest IT staffing in the US. DIVERSANT, LLC provides innovative diversity solutions, IT staffing augmentation, and direct hire.  Thus, the clients and the associate’s needs are at all times satisfied.

DIVERSANT uses consultative approach to help solve clients’ problems. The company also offers consultations and innovative solutions. The company diversity is designed to give their clients bigger opportunities. The top leadership at DIVERSANT, include John Goullet, Gene Waddy, and Jim Yoshimura.

His experience will help the new company to continue enjoying success for many years to come. Mr. Goullet has without a doubt been a key individual and DIVERSANT, LLC. accomplishments are partly because of his input. The company promises tailor made solutions to all its clients and with Goullet on the team all that is possible.

About Medicare Advantage Plans – How Medicare Advantage Saves On Medical Expenses

Medicare advantage plans are there for those individuals whom are of Medicare age but whom are also looking to have a private insurance plan. Essentially, these plans come with certain little perks just for enrolling in a private plan. Some of these perks are enjoyed by many senior citizens, which include the silver sneakers program. These substitute for the traditional Medicare plans, and offer a wide range of different benefits and responsibilities. Most seniors like Medicare Advantage plans because they provide a wider range of options than traditional health insurance plans. For that reason, many seniors opt for Medicare Advantage plans in favor of traditional insurance plans.

Medicare Advantage plans work similarly to the same Employer-offered health insurance plans that most individuals are all-too accustomed. Medicare Advantage plans typically have $15.00 co-pays attached to office visits and other services. There is also a network of physicians/hospitals that you’ll have to work with when you enroll with a Medicare advantage plan. Medicare Advantage plans also offer the added benefit of covering the often out-of-pocket expenses in some cases which are never covered under any circumstances by the traditional Medicare plans. Medicare Advantage plans according to Penelope Kokkinides also cover the prescription drugs which most senior citizens have a hard time paying for out of pocket. In most cases, you’re required to pay a premium for insurance each month, but this is relatively small as the Medicare system covers most of the costs for the Medicare plans.

Read more: InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC: Private Company Information

Innovacare Health is a company which provides Medicare Advantage plans as well as healthcare management services to physician’s practices. The company has a patient-centric attitude toward all of the activities that it performs on a daily basis. They understand that patients are the lifeblood of the business, so everything that the company does is in the best interest of the patient. Rick Shinto believe in empowering teams of physicians to do good work, and achieve results-oriented outcomes.

InnovaCare Health is also in the business of providing the fastest-growing set of Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico.  The company has been certified in the areas of quality assurance as being a top provider of Medicare advantage plans in the world. InnovaCare Health only wants to make sure that their customers are highly satisfied with the results and outcomes associated with their health plans, and works to make improvements on a daily basis.

The Positive Classroom Innovation of ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an application which has focused on connecting teachers and parents, teachers, and students. While before communication between the parent and teacher during parent-teacher conferences, now it is able to be on a constant, daily basis. Before the things posted have been entirely by the teacher and the responding parents. Now students are being given a voice by ClassDojo. In July, ClassDojo added a feature called Student Stories which allows students to added images and videos to their ClassDojo to be shared with their families.

This means they will be able to enter anything that is class related such as a poem, story, classwork, or an essay; or even a video of a some class project or play. The possibilities are almost endless. To do this, the students don’t haven’t to know any personal login specifics. They just have to scan the class QR code.

Teachers who use ClassDojo love the idea because it makes the class more student-centric and it will increase family involvement in their child’s education. Liam Don, cofounder and chief product officer at ClassDojo, says his company was inspired with this idea after extensive research in which they interviewed a wide range of teachers and parents. Teachers have already been allowed to show videos and photos of their class and class projects. This will allow parents to see stuff specifically about their child with the material actually chosen and posted by their child.

Many teachers love ClassDojo so much that they loudly proclaim that it is going to be drastically revolutionizing education in the future. It is giving an unprecedented meeting ground for teachers, parents, and students. It is bringing these three groups into a community of shared conviction and passion for education. ClassDojo is so popular worldwide that it has become the fastest growing educational technology company in the world. The ClassDojo team is made up of a network of engineers, designers, and educators from all over the world.


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Seigall Steers Seattle Genetics to Industry Success

With the rise of illness and its effect on the global population, innovation and research are among the new approaches enforced by biotechnology companies today. Among those in the forefront in the fight against cancer is a Seattle-based biotech company, Seattle Genetics. Led by faithful President and CEO Clay Siegall, the company continues to prosper making strides in pharmaceutical advancements to eradicate terminal disease.
With a Ph.D. in Genetics, Clay Siegall had his start in the pharmaceutical industry from as early as 1988 where he worked in the National Institutes of Health. Up to ten years later, he co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998 that specializes in antibody drug coagulates (ADC). The drug’s sole purpose once administered to cancer patients is to target cancerous cells killing them effectively. The drugs provide the lifesaving benefits of cancer therapy without the deadly effects of chemotherapy. A passion for saving lives propels the organization and their research to ensure the medication manufactured makes life easier for cancer patients. In the course of his career, Clay Siegall has had 15 patents, in addition to 70 publications drawing from his experience and extensive research in the pharmaceutical sector in the hopes of bettering the lives of the ailing.
With Siegall at the helm as CEO, he continues to apply industry knowledge to steer Seattle Genetics to success. Apart from being publicly traded on NASDAQ and SGEN, the corporation has seen success outside of the United States of America. Distributed in at least 11 countries, Seattle Genetics continues to produce drugs to remedy the many patients that suffer from the debilitating effects of cancer. Collaborating with large pharmaceutical companies, he raised capital to create financing for the researching, testing, and production of drugs. Among some of the most profitable licensing partnerships were formed with pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline. Though the fight continues to a cancer-free world, Seattle Genetics continues to learn from their clinical trials to develop better drugs. As the organization makes progress in providing a cure to cancer, Seattle Genetics’ 650 employees lead by its passionate leader Seigall work tirelessly to eradicate cancer in the near future.

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Ken Goodrich: Knows How to Build a Winner

Someone like Ken Goodrich knows what it takes to build a winner. They know how to have their pulse on a company and they can see things that others might miss. That is why he has been successful for so long and made so many businesses profitable. He knows what to look for when he hires people and he knows how to hire the right people for the job. Oftentimes, as soon as they walk in the room, he knows whether they have it or not, and whether they are built for the job. It is a gift and he was born with it. He, of course, has honed it over the years and it has only gotten better.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation

Let me tell you, when he bought Goettl Air Conditioning back in 2012, a lot of people wondered whether he had lost his touch and wondered just what the heck he was doing and what he saw in the company. They saw a company that was on its way out and had no hope for a bright future. They saw no chance of it ever regaining its status. They had burned too many bridges, made too many customers angry, and they had poor employees. How was Ken Goodrich going to fix this and make it better?

People should know better than to doubt Ken Goodrich, however, as his track record speaks for itself. He doesn’t shy away from the challenge. In fact, he is the opposite of most people. When most people see something like Goettl Air Conditioning, they go running 100 feet in the opposite direction.

He started by having a new staff and a new vision. Ken Goodrich can only do so much. He is a smart and wise man but he can’t be in 100 places at once. He needs employees he can trust and people he can count on to do the job the right way. He hired people that cared, had passion, and were ready to work. He also laid out the vision of where he saw the company. Now, the company has almost doubled its profits from 2012 in only 18 months. Maybe they should call Ken Goodrich, The Magic Man with his skills.

Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

Securus Technologies Puts GTLs Integrity On Trail

The first in a series of reports regarding an investigation conducted by Securus Technologies, a civil and criminal justice firm has been released. The report is the first in series said to include reports and facts about the wrongdoing of inmate communications provider Global Tel Link. The integrity of Global Tel Link was brought to question when records show that they deliberately overcharged inmates for phone calls causing inmates a major loss in talk time with loved ones.

Securus plans to review the reports over the next six months, and determine the best way to hold GTL accountable for their wrongdoings. Based on the report, Global Tel Link overcharged prisoners and taxpayers by roughly $1,243,000. A formal page order that was issued in January of 1998 by the Louisiana Public Service Commission stated that GTL had been under investigations for the corruption in the past. GTL was given a chance to correct the breech, and rebuild their values. Richard Smith is Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, he believes their constant act of corruption is offensive to the entire system. Inmates and families should be able to trust their communications provider, as money is scare for inmates and families are often supporting a life on the outside as well.

Securus Technologies is deeply committed to providing a system built on honesty and integrity. Tricking prisoners and their families into paying higher rates is simply wrong. Richard Smith is dedicated to making sure that although the corruption of Global Tel Link was once overlooked, the company will soon be faced with demanding questions about their actions.

Securus is based in Dallas, Texas and serves over 3,400 government agencies and more than 1,200,000 inmates across the U.S. The company was founded in 1986 as a for-profit prison technology provider.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.