• August 9, 2022

Ross Levinsohn Revolutionizes Sports Media

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn has an illustrious media career background and is now using that experience to move Sports Illustrated forward and revolutionize the publishing industry. In 2020, media brand Maven named Ross Levinsohn as its new CEO. Levinsohn rebranded Maven as The Arena Group. The brand’s new name is indicative of Levinsohn’s plans for the company. He plans to expand sports media in the technological sphere while also creating new media verticals.

Levinsohn came to his job as Sports Illustrated CEO with a vision for the future. Instead of writing off the magazine as a relic lost to a previous century, Levinsohn plans to bring the magazine and The Arena Group’s 40 other properties into the 21st century. With an audience of over 120 million, the brand has certainly bridged the gap between old and new media.

The brand focuses on creating verticals through acquiring new properties that fit into the sports and lifestyle niches. Levinsohn also hopes to reach a whole new audience, specifically Gen Z, through social media platforms.

Levinsohn comes to The Arena Group with years of industry experience. Levinsohn started in advertising and worked for HBO before joining CBS Sportsline in 1996, where he got his start in digital media. He went on to serve as senior vice president and general manager of Fox Sports Interactive Media.

He joined Yahoo as executive vice president of the Americas and also served as interim CEO. When passed over for the permanent job, he left and went to Guggenheim Digital Media where he managed publications like Billboard Magazine and the Hollywood Reporter. He even spent some time on-air with CNBC.

Levinsohn’s many experiences working for print, television and digital media make him uniquely qualified for his position as Sports Illustrated CEO. He’s seen the media industry from all angles and on both sides of the camera. He understands what Sports Illustrated and the Arena Group require to move them into the current century. More than any other leader, Levinsohn is capable of helping media companies like the Arena Group align themselves with what a modern audience wants and expects from their media experience.