Securus Technologies Helping Build Modern and Safer Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a leading firm in the corrections space that focuses on innovation, research, and technology. The correctional technology that the company has is the envy of its rivals, and Securus Technologies continues to develop new technologies that would help build modern and safer correctional facilities in the United States.


The wireless containment system is just the system that the correctional facilities were looking for the last couple of years. Even when the law enforcement agencies have put up so many security measures, the inmates have been able to get the contraband phones somehow. From the many in-house raids that have been conducted in the cabins of inmates, many contraband phones are found from time to time. It showcases the fact that the criminal network is highly operational and active in ensuring that the inmates get the contraband phones. The corruptions in some of the prison facilities can also be blamed for the contraband phones making its way inside the prison.


The wireless containment system by Securus Technologies would ensure that irrespective of how the contraband phones have made its way inside, they would not be useful to the inmates. It is because the wireless containment system would completely block these phones from being connected to the commercial network it is subscribed to. Any phone that is not registered with the correctional facility would not be able to make or receive a call from the prison premise. Such a system would ensure that illegal communication doesn’t happen from inside the prison. Securus Technologies believe that such technology is what the correctional facilities need to keep the crime rate low and officers and inmates safe.


The inmates use the contraband phones for making illegal communications while still being incarcerated. Such unlawful contact can be dangerous as it can put the lives of inmates and their families as well as that of the officers in danger. Many of the officers have been assaulted and even attacked due to the activities that were conducted on the order of inmates, which was coordinated using the contraband phones. One of the ex-corrections officers, Robert Johnson, who currently works as a consultant with Securus Technologies, was shot six times in his home. It was a hit that was ordered by one of the inmates using the contraband phones.


Robert Johnson had dedicated his entire life starting from when he was a correctional officer to now as a consultant at Securus Technologies, to ensure that the contraband phones are not used inside the prison. He believes that by ending the use of contraband phones inside the jail altogether, the crime rate would decrease drastically. It would also put many people out of danger, and the officers would be able to work without fear.

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