Securus Technologies Keeping Our Prison on Lock-Down

Each day that I get in my uniform to head to the prison to start my shift as a corrections officer, I need to be on my game because in the blink of an eye things can go very bad. The inmates in the prison that I am assigned to have a very bad record of violence, and lashing out at officers is just becoming part of the norm these days. To reduce the incidents of violence with inmates, my team has made use of some very intriguing technology to turn the tables and get back a degree of security in our facility.


Perhaps the biggest change in how we conduct business in the jail has to do with our new deal with Securus Technologies. This company has changed the way that officers can listen to how the inmates are talking on the jail phones. In the older days, my team would need to be sitting in a small call center while we monitored what inmates were saying to those on the outside. The LBS software scans the calls and can easily identify certain chatter about drugs, violence, or contraband.


Securus Technologies to date has this same phone call monitor in over 2,500 different jails around this country, and the one objective of the company is making sure the world is a little safer as a result of their hard work. Now me and my team are a full force again on the grounds and we jump when the LBS software sends out any alerts. If an inmate thinks they can get someone to sneak drugs to the visitor center, we make sure that doesn’t happen. If the inmates are planning an attack, we get the jump and make sure that all the active participants never get out of their cells that day to fight.

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