Sentient AI E-commerce Customer Experience

Recent studies have revealed that Artificial Intelligence is sweeping all the industries and making disruptive changes in their operations, sales, and more. It has brought much great news for the industry players in terms of improved sales, customer engagement, enhanced profitability, and more. One of the industries that saw revolutionary changes with AI is none other E-commerce. It could offer widespread changes across all the business functions of the online retail industry from marketing to customer service. However, while coming to adding value, E-commerce customer experience is something that got real customer engagement and long-term relationship with each customers using the technology.


It should be noted that only a few online retailers have fully implemented AI into their system. Further, most online retailers have implemented AI in some capacity, though they are fully optimistic about the technology and invested heavily in R&D of AI, per a recent study by MIT Technology Review. Interestingly, most companies are employing the technology when it comes to improving the customer experience. The AI-enabled E-commerce customer experience offers two significant benefits. Initially, it provides efficiency, and then, it collects customer data and understand their issues or needs with few structured questions and help them to address those issues completely.


The technology offers a number of added options to the customers to make their purchase experience great. Many AI-enabled online retail platforms recently started supporting visual search. It means that people can take the image of a particular product and search for the same or similar products with online retailers. This is best suitable for fashion industries as people can take the pictures of their desired fashion product they saw somewhere and upload the same to the online retail website to get same or similar products. Interestingly, the visual searches have the power to bring more customer-centricity and customer experience in the long term.


Also, while coming to customer service, AI-enabled chatbots are addressing the needs of the customers. The chatbots interact with customers and help them to make the online shopping an enjoyable experience. Interestingly, it addresses the needs of the customers better, and most millennial customers are found to be positive towards the AI-enabled chatbots, compared to a human agent. As the AI-enabled E-commerce platforms analyze the customer data and purchase history, it helps the online retailers to recommend complementary products for each purchase and provide individualized offers to the customers, based on their interests. Altogether, the technology helps companies to acquire new customers efficiently by understanding their product choice and expectations better.

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